Bahrain International Airport (BAH)

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Find below all the necessary details about Bahrain Airport: 

  • Bahrain International Airport is one of the oldest airports that came into existence in 1932.
  • The IATA code of Bahrain International Airport is BAH.
  • The busiest airport in Bahrain in 2019 was Bahrain International Airport (BAH), which handled 9,578,797 passengers.
  • Manama, the capital of Bahrain and the city centre is 8 km away from Bahrain Airport.
  • The airport offers numerous car-parking options for short stays and long stays at an affordable price

Some of the basic facilities provided by Bahrain International Airport include:

  • Baggage wrapping
  • Car rental
  • Currency exchange
  • VAT refund
  • Valet and limousine services

Airport Terminal information

Bahrain is one of the busiest airports in the Middle East. The vicinity of neighbouring countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Qatar make Bahrain International Airport a significant halt. By 2020, Bahrain had 2 terminals. Since the inauguration of the New Terminal in 2020, the airport proudly presents 2 terminals — old terminal and new terminal.

Airport New Terminal information

The new terminal is almost four times larger than the old terminal. Majority of the flights operating in this airport fly from and to the new terminal. All the major cities in India are connected to this terminal. IndiGo has a prominent presence in the Bahrain International Airport. If you are planning to pay a visit to this exquisite country, choose to fly with IndiGo for the best flight services


Bahrain Airport details - Pin code and address

Bahrain International Airport is one of the oldest airports that came into existence in 1932. You can find significant destinations around the airport, making it easy to discover.

  • Address/locationRd 2404, Muharraq, Bahrain
  • IATA CodeThe IATA code of Bahrain International Airport is BAH.
  • Airport code2404
  • Flight trackerCheck your flight status for real-time updates

International Airport facilities

The Bahrain Airport was refurbished with a new terminal in 2020. You will get all the necessary international amenities and ultramodern facilities at the Bahrain International Airport. A description of the available airport facilities is given below:

  • Prayer room: Bahrain International Airport offers two sacred prayer rooms for Muslim passengers. One can locate these prayer rooms at Gate 14 and Gate 19 near the departure and arrival sections.
  • ATM and cash machine: You will be able to find numerous ATMs and cash machines throughout the airport. Particularly, if you are at the new terminal, you will be able to avail all the modern cash machine facilities.
  • Medical support: Protecting the health and wellness of all of the passengers is a top responsibility practised by the Bahrain International Airport Authority. At the airport clinic, a committed team of healthcare specialists is available around-the-clock to offer the highest quality medical care. The three floors of the eastern pier contain well-equipped facilities.
  • Car rental service: At the Bahrain International Airport, you will come across a brilliant car rental service facility. Top 11 car service providing agencies in Bahrain have extended their assistance to create a seamless car rental system at the airport. You can choose a car of your preference from a list of various categories such as luxury cars, family cars, economy cars, etc.
  • Designated smoking rooms: Bahrain International Airport is officially a smoking-free zone. However, you will come across a couple of designated smoking corners. One is located between Gate 14 and Gate 15 and another one is between Gate 18 and Gate 19.
  • VAT refund: One of the key facilities provided by Bahrain International Airport is the VAT refund. You can claim your VAT refunds on your shopping items at the airport information counter. Both cash and card payment methods are available at the airport.
  • Baby care zone: There is a special nursing room for babies at the Bahrain Airport. These beautifully decorated and lively nursing rooms offer privacy and comfort to little travellers.
  • Currency exchange: Currency exchange is a major issue that foreigners face in numerous overseas countries. However, Bahrain offers a well-organised currency exchange system at the airport itself. There are multiple currency exchange booths and kiosks available throughout the Bahrain Airport. You can have your currency exchanged at internationally accredited rates here at the airport.
  • Fast Track facility: This service is available at the Bahrain International Airport which enables travellers to go through the immigration procedure quickly. The seamless ‘Fast Track’ procedure will allow you to complete all your formalities related to customs and immigration very fast.
  • Kids’ play zone: Visit the kids’ play zone while you're waiting for your flight to keep the kids entertained and happy. There are engaging games, interactive toys, climbing domes, and cosy seating options. From toddlers to teens, as well as parents, can use it. However, the Covid-19 restrictions have led the area to close for an uncertain period.
  • Public Wi-Fi: Bahrain International Airport offers free Wi-Fi services to passengers to stay connected to the rest of the world. Simply search for Bahrain Airport in your gadget (available network options) and use the Wi-Fi service. You would not require a password or a formal registration. Enjoy the smooth net service completely free of cost.
  • Telephone calls: There are multiple telephone services available at information desks at the Bahrain Airport. You can make a local, as well as international call, free of cost from these information desks.
  • Changing rooms and showers: Get refreshed at the Bahrain Airport, thanks to numerous changing rooms and showers. There are designated changing rooms for male and female travellers.
  • Information desks: Multiple information desks are available throughout the Bahrain Airport to resolve your queries within a minute.
  • Bus service: You can avail the Bahrain bus service at the airport. Bahrain Public Transport Company (BPTC) operates at Gate 3 and Gate 4, which is the most convenient way to reach the city centre and places, like Manama, at an affordable cost.
  • Taxi service: The Bahrain taxi service is run by esteemed operators such as the Bahrain Taxi Group, Arabian Taxi, and Speedy Motors. You can rent a taxi to reach your hotel within a few minutes.
  • Baggage wrapping: The Hala Bahrain Hospitality has a major prominence at the Bahrain Airport. The organisation helps you wrap your luggage quickly at an affordable price. You can locate their kiosk near the check-in zone of the departure area.
  • Free trolleys: They are located at the baggage claim areas for arrivals and departures on the inner and outer baggage reclaim nests.
  • Valet and limousine service: If you want to travel in style in Bahrain, you have to accept the humble offering of Hala Bahrain in the form of valet and limousine service. Choose your favourite car and rent it for an affordable price.

Things to do in Bahrain Airport

You can do a lot of refreshing and enriching things at the Bahrain International Airport. There are designated shopping areas, restaurants and bars, art galleries, and comfortable lounges at the airport to make your journey ever so smooth.

  • Munch on the best items: Bahrain International Airport offers something for everyone, whether you're in the mood for a quick snack, hungry for a filling dinner, or want to experience regional delicacies from Bahrain. Both the arrival and departure areas conveniently include a variety of food and beverage shops. Starbucks, Mcdonald's, Crepafe, ALBAIK, TGI Fridays, Jaipur Cafe, Lumee, and Crepafe are among the best eateries at the Bahrain Airport.
  • Shop your souvenir: In the retail areas of the airport, you may purchase Bahraini trinkets, the newest styles, and much more as the memoir of your unforgettable trip to Bahrain. Cosmetics, perfumes and fragrances, pharmacies, gadgets, and antiques are offered by the best international retailers. For book lovers, Relay has a special book corner where you can find all the major works of internationally acclaimed authors
  • Explore the cultural heritage: Passengers may now gladly explore Bahrain's artistic legacy without ever leaving Bahrain International Airport, thanks to the wide variety of local artistry and relics on exhibit there. The art galleries at the airport celebrate the unique character of the kingdom and feature the work of great Bahraini artists from the past and today. You will be able to explore the sculptures, paintings, glass art, and cultural heritage of Bahrain at the art galleries of Bahrain International Airport.
  • Relax in the cosiest lounges: There are multiple lounges to be found at the Bahrain Airport that will make your waiting time cosy and comfortable. Pearl Lounge in the departure and arrival area, Falcon Gold Lounge (by Gulf Air), and Unaccompanied Minors Lounge are three major international lounges at the Bahrain Airport. The Bahrain Airport Hotel offers transit passengers a wide range of facilities for a short relaxation and refreshment.

Visa and Immigration

Visa and immigration are important procedures for international travellers. Bahrain International Airport offers seamless immigration, courtesy of Fast Track. All your formalities, related to customs and immigration, are taken care of immediately without detaining you at the airport for a long time.

Keep your passport, visa, and other official documents such as proof of return ticket, hotel booking, travel itinerary, etc. handy for a quick check-up.

To ensure hassle-free and seamless travel, here is detailed information about the Bahrain visa at

Hotels near Bahrain Airport

  • Four Seasons, Manama: Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay in Manama is the best place to stay near the airport. This is for luxury seekers who want to live in Bahrain in style. Choose the best suites for the most memorable experience in one of the best hotels in Bahrain.
  • Movenpick Hotel, Airport: The hotel is only a 2-minute walk from the Bahrain Airport. You will find all the necessary amenities and facilities in this hotel. The key attraction of the hotel is a large swimming pool that offers you respite after a long journey to Bahrain.
  • Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort, Manama: Novotel is another group that has a prominent presence in Bahrain. The accommodations offered by the Novotel group are simply beyond comparison. You can avail the best accommodation facilities near the airport at Novotel Bahrain Al Dana Resort, located right at the heart of the capital, Manama.
  • Meshal Hotel, Manama: Meshal Hotel is yet another superb accommodation in Manama. Manama itself is only a few minutes away from the airport. You can enjoy your stay in the capital of Bahrain at the Meshai Hotel.
  • Bahrain Airport Hotel, Airport: This one is for transit passengers who are flying through Bahrain. You need not step out of the airport to enjoy the lavish accommodation here at the Bahrain Airport Hotel. You will have refreshments and relaxation facilities to rejuvenate yourself for the next flight.  

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