Varna Airport (VAR) or Varna International Airport

Varna is a fascinating city in Bulgaria. It is the third largest city and is one of the oldest civilisations in the European continent. Book flights to Varna and explore this coastal city in its prime time. Bulgarians in this city are very welcoming. You can seek some rare golden artefacts in the Natural Science Museum. Varna has a rich Roman and Ottoman history with magnificent architecture. Some of the buildings and cathedrals are part of UNESCO world heritage. You can also book flights from India to Bulgaria to explore mouth-watering dishes. Bhuti, Kavarma, special cheese, and Mish-mash are a few of the most relished dishes in this coastal city. The city has a few of the most aesthetic beaches and natural locations. The Stone Forest is a prime example of that. India to Varna flights with IndiGo can help you make the most of your trip to this diverse Bulgarian city.

Varna is also culturally eclectic. Several artistic and cultural exhibitions make this city filled with values and surprises. Music, ballet, opera, and animated picture presentations make this an intriguing and dynamic place for people of all ages. There is an influence of secularism on these events and exhibitions. Hence, there is a lot to adapt and learn from this city.

Airport Hours

Varna Airport (VAR) offers round-the-clock arrivals and departures worldwide. The operations at the airport are fairly smooth and lively. It is one of the most efficiently managed airports in the country.

How to reach Varna Airport?

Varna International Airport (VAR) is one of the significant communications hubs in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located 7 km from the city centre and is easily accessible and connected to the rest of the city. There are different ways to reach the airport. Taxis, buses, and railways are readily available.

  • By Bus: The journey from Airport to the city centre by bus should not take at most 20 minutes. Several buses arrive at the gate of Terminal 2 every hour. They are convenient and reliable. 
  • By Taxi: A 24-hour taxi service is available around the airport. You can easily contact them and reach your desired destination. You can also go ahead and book them online. They await you at the gate of Terminal 2. 
  • By Train: Varna station is located almost 10 minutes from the airport. You can book a taxi from there and then reach your destination by train. Train routes are well-connected and available round the clock.

Varna Airport details - Pin code and address

Varna international airport (VAR) is almost 20 minutes from the city centre. It is well-connected to the rest of the locations in the city. You can book flights to the Varna Airport worldwide as it is affiliated with them. Several airlines connect to this airport.

Terminal Information

Varna Airport (VAR) currently has two Terminals. Terminal 1 was closed last decade, and only the VIP section is used now. Terminal 3 was opened in the year 2007 and is occasionally in use. Terminal 2 is currently the operational one for passenger airlines. It opened in August 2013 and has various facilities and services.


Airport Facilities

Car Rental
Car Parking
Conference and Business
Communication Facilities
Disabled Facilities
Food and Beverage
Luggage Counter
Baby-changing Room

Things to do in Varna airport

While you wait for the flight, there are several activities you can do within the airport. Some of them are:

  • Shopping at the Terminal 2 shops.
  • Eating something at the Food and Beverage counter.
  • Working or attending a meeting by using the free Wifi.
  • Relaxing or reading a book.
  • Watching a movie if you are bored.

Hotels near Varna airport

There are several hotels near the Varna airport. They are within the range of a few km and are some of the best in the city. Some of the hotels near the airport are:

  • Aqua Hotel
  • Hotel Adamo
  • Hotel Dionis
  • M Hostel Musala
  • Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel

Visa and Immigration

Indian citizens require a Bulgaria Visa to enter Varna. You can apply for the Bulgarian Visa online. Basic documents like passports, tickets, and financial proof are needed. However, Indian diplomats and official passport holders do not require a visa on arrival. Holders of Schengen visas are also allowed to stay in Bulgaria for a period of 3 months. They can stay within six months from the date of their first entry into the country. The Schengen Visa should not be completely utilised at arrival as that becomes invalid. A single-entry Schengen Visa also becomes invalid to enter the Varna International Airport.

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