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More than anything else, travelling is one of the most fun and adventurous parts of anyone’s life. Deep down the heart all of us love to travel to experience a new horizon and discover the hidden treasures. Isn’t it? But, when it comes to travelling, the first and foremost thing that pops in our mind is the best mode of commuting.

Any journey becomes more splendid when the mode of travel is perfect. Interestingly, the demand for air travel has increased rapidly as it beats all the other modes when it comes to comfort. Travelling by air not only saves a lot of time but also makes it very convenient to explore every corner of the world.

Thanks to the top-class airports that are spread across the different corners of the world to help travellers live their dreams. Choosing airways for travelling means fun and excitement throughout the journey. The friendly ambience coupled with the best of facilities available at the airport helps to kick start any journey in the best manner. Some of the airports across the world are so aesthetic in their appeal that travellers are spellbound.

So, to ease travelling, we have curated a handy list of country-wise airports in the world to which IndiGo operates.

Airports in the World - List of country-wise airports

Following are the countries in which India’s largest airline, IndiGo operates direct and codeshare flights. So, here is a list of airports that ensure great connectivity within these countries and help the tourists in travelling to and fro.

1. India

Being famous as one of the popular tourist destinations for international travellers, airways in India help a lot in facilitating the needs of all. India is home to both domestic and international airports which has also resulted in a boom in air travel. IndiGo has flights to 71 airports in India, some of which are Indira Gandhi International Airport, Kempegowda International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, etc.

Quick facts:

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport is the busiest airport in India.
  • The Airports Authority of India looks after most of the airports in India.
  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the biggest airport in terms of area in India.

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2. Nepal

The land of sherpas, Nepal is home to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. Apart from this Nepal is also popular for its ancient temples, making it a mesmerizing tourist destination. To cater to this tourist need, Nepal has as many as 43 airports. While most of the airports in Nepal serve only domestic flights, the Tribhuvan International Airport offers both international and domestic flights.

Quick facts:

  • Tribhuvan International Airport is the oldest airport in Nepal.
  • IndiGo only operates at Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal.
  • The Lukla Airport is very close to Mount Everest and is thus one of the most dangerous airports in the world.

Flights to Nepal:

3. Oman

A popular tourist attraction in the Middle East, Oman offers plenty of reasons to catch the attention of tourists. From indulging in a desert safari to admiring the beauty of cultural heritage sites, there’s a lot to do in Oman. Talking about the network of airports in Oman, Muscat International Airport remains the primary one in bringing tourists from all over. Besides, it also has some small airports to manage the passenger traffic efficiently.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates only at Muscat International Airport in Oman.
  • Oman has a total of 5 airports that are open for commercial operations.

Flights to Oman:

4. Qatar

There are a few airports in the world that are no less than a destination itself. The airports in Qatar are one of those where the astounding appeal leaves all the travellers mesmerized. Qatar has 4 airports in total, out of which only 3 are open for commercial operations. When it comes to international airports in Qatar, Hamad International Airport is the only one that replaced the former Doha Airport.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates only at Hamad International Airport.
  • The Doha Airport in Qatar is all set to be refurbished for the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Flights to Qatar:

5. Singapore

Decorated with architectural masterpieces like Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Tanjong Beach, S.E.A. Aquarium and more makes Singapore one of the best tourist destinations. So, to bring tourists from all over the world, the air travel industry in Singapore has expanded leaps and bounds to treat the passengers with the best of facilities and spend long layovers luxuriously. The two notable airports in Singapore are - Singapore Changi Airport and Seletar Airport.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates only at the Singapore Changi Airport.
  • Singapore Changi Airport is awarded for being World’s Best Airport.
  • Singapore Changi Airport is also recognized as the first garden airport in the world.

Flights to Singapore:

6. Thailand

Over the years, the air travel picture has transformed in a lot of ways. The dreamy and ultra-touristy destination Thailand too has done a lot to make the 38 airports in the country more equipped and accessible. The airports in Thailand are managed by Airports of Thailand PCL. These airports give access to discover the best of Thailand by exploring James Bond Island, Floating Market, Madame Tussauds and so many more.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates at Phuket International Airport and Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
  • Don Mueang International Airport is the oldest airport in Thailand.

Flights to Thailand:

7. UAE

With a large number of tourists visiting the country of luxuries, UAE every year, the focus has immensely been shifted to promote tourism. Interestingly, the airports in UAE have helped a lot in making tourists experience a serene journey. The 9 airports in the UAE are managed by the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority. Dubai International Airport is the major airport of all the airports in the UAE.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates at 3 airports in UAE - Dubai airport, Sharjah airport and Abu Dhabi airport.
  • Dubai International Airport ranks as the busiest airport in the world in terms of international passenger traffic.

Flights to UAE:

8. Sri Lanka

Well-known for its rich culture and heritage, Sri Lanka has grown as a major hub for tourism in South Asia. Equipped with both international and domestic airports, Sri Lanka is easily accessible to travellers from different parts of the world.

  • Airports in Sri Lanka - It is home to 22 airports in total, out of which only 5 airports fulfil the need for international flights.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo offers flights to Colombo Airport in Sri Lanka.
  • Ratmalana Airport is the oldest international airport in Sri Lanka.

Flights to Sri Lanka:

9. Bangladesh

From lush-green mangrove forests to Chittagong hill tracts, there’s so much to explore in Bangladesh. With so much to offer, it is no surprise that Bangladesh is blessed with airports for travellers to commute easily. Some of the popular airports in Bangladesh are Dhaka Airport, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Saidpur Airport and a few more. 

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to only Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh.
  • Tejgaon Airport was the first civil airport in Bangladesh.

Flights to Bangladesh:

10. China

Ranked as the most populated country in the world, China is also the home to almost 200 airports. Some of the airports in China even find a place in the world rankings and are so appealing that they appear no less than a destination in itself. A few places to explore in China are the Great Wall of China, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Disneyland Park and more. 

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates in the three major airports in China - Hong Kong International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport.
  • According to 2020 rankings, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport has been ranked as the busiest airport in the world. 

Flights to China:

11. Malaysia

Famed for its unparalleled beauty and charm, Malaysia is the place to soak in the best views of nature. It is home to numerous tourist attractions and the aviation industry in Malaysia has helped a lot in catering to this booming tourism. Blessed with about 66 commercial airports, Malaysian airports make for hassle-free travels for all.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates at Kuala Lumpur International Airport only.
  • Taiping Airport is the oldest airport in Malaysia.

Flights to Malaysia:

12. Kuwait

The next on the list of countries to which IndiGo offers flights is Kuwait. This gulf country is served by only one major airport in Kuwait - Kuwait International Airport. The Kuwait International Airport functions as the gateway for tourists to come and explore some of the best places in Kuwait such as the National Museum of Kuwait, Messilah Beach, Mirror House and so many more.

Flights to Kuwait:

13. Maldives

Home to almost 1200 islands, this archipelago has endless things to offer to its incoming tourists. Maldives is one of the best holiday destinations and is well connected to other parts of the world through the airports in Maldives. With these airports, holidaymakers, solo travellers, are easily given access to be a part of Malldives’s spellbinding beauty. 

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to only Velana International Airport in the Maldives.

Flights to Maldives:

14. Saudi Arabia

Blessed with the largest airport in the world, Saudi Arabia is also famed as the richest country in the Middle East. This ultra-touristy destination has so many places to visit such as Kingdom Centre Tower, desert safari, Dammam Corniche, etc that tourists will never have a dull moment here. Talking about the airports in Saudi Arabia, it has a total of 35 airports which also are a major source of tourism in the country.

Quick facts: 

  • Riyadh King Khalid Airport, Dammam King Fahd International Airport and Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport are the only airports to which IndiGo operates.
  • Riyadh King Khalid Airport is the largest airport in Saudi Arabia.

15. Netherlands

The land of tulips, Netherlands is served by a total of 15 airports which includes both domestic and international airports. The airports in the Netherlands are blessed with the best of facilities and are so well-planned that tourists can easily amble through these airports. Some of the best cities to visit in the Netherlands are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, etc.

Quick facts:

16. Hungary

To find the perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity, Hungary is one of the best places to visit. The historical cities of Hungary such as Budapest, Eger, Tihany are a delight for all avid travellers.

  • Airports in Hungary - Hungary has a total number of six international airports that make it super convenient for travellers to have the best of their trip. 

Quick facts:

17. Greece

Travelling abroad always requires a lot of planning and when it comes to Greece, the best way to travel is, of course, the airways. While airports in Greece play a vital role in making the overall journey to Greece memorable, it is the enticing beauty of Greece that adds a lot of vim and vigour to the trip. A few of the places where you can visit to satiate your travel junkie in Greece are Acropolis, Meteora, Mount Olympus and the list continues.

Quick facts:

  • Athens International Airport is where passengers can get IndiGo flights.
  • Ellinikon International Airport is the oldest international airport in Greece. 

18. Republic of Malta

Drenched in a rich cultural heritage, the Republic of Malta is a city that never fails to come up to the expectations of the travellers. More than anything else, the airport in the country offers some of the best views. Though the country has only one commercial airport, it is this very airport that makes it easier for tourists to plan a trip to the Republic of Malta.

Quick facts:

19. Belgium

Owing to some of the best tourist attractions such as the Tintin Museum, Grand Palace, Folklore Museum, etc, Belgium has been receiving a huge tourist footfall. The place is also a paradise for all the foodies to enjoy a delectable time. With such a diverse ambience, the airports in Belgium do a great job to promote the travel industry. The number of commercial airports in Belgium is 5.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to Brussels Airport in Belgium. 
  • Liege Airport is the 22nd biggest airport in the world when it comes to cargo traffic. 

20. Czechia

Czechia or Czech Republic is another hub in Europe to which India’s budget airline, IndiGo operates. With the aid of airports in Czech Republic, tourists from different corners of the world come and discover the best places in Czechia such as Prague Castle, Javoricko Caves, Charles Bridge, St. Nicholas Church and so many more. 

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo operates only to the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague.
  • Ostrava Airport in Czechia is the site for NATO Days in Czechia. 

21. Denmark

Why prolong a trip to Denmark when the airports in the country welcome tourists with great hospitality and warmth. The airports in Denmark such as Copenhagen International Airport, Vagar Airport, Billund Airport, etc are operational day and night for the comfort of the travellers. The country has a plethora of cathedrals, museums, historical sites and more for the excitement of tourists.

Quick facts:

  • Copenhagen International Airport is the only airport to which IndiGo operates.
  • Copenhagen International Airport is one of the oldest civil airports in the world. 

22. France

Travelling is everyone’s dream and when it comes to deciding the best destination, it is France that often tops the list for its ethereal beauty. Home to the iconic Eiffel Tower, France has an endless number of things for tourists to experience the best days. With the aid of airports in France, it becomes even more convenient for tourists to live their French dreams to the fullest. The country is home to airports like Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris Orly Airport, Strasbourg Airport and more.

Quick facts:

23. Israel

The holy country which welcomes pilgrims from all over, Israel, is well-connected to other parts of the world through the airports. The holy land is the birthplace of Jesus Christ and is also dotted with many sun-kissed beaches, deserts and historical sites. Furthermore, the three commercial airports in Israel makes it all the easier for passengers to commute.

Quick facts:

24. Switzerland

Decorated with snow-capped Alps ranges and pristine lakes, Switzerland is no less than a paradise for all nature admirers. Moreover, the countryside views add more fun to the Swiss trip and with the help of the airports, everything becomes much easier. Some of the best airports in Switzerland are Kloten International Airport, Lugano Airport, Bern Airport, etc.

Quick facts:

25. Republic of Ireland

The ultra-touristy destination, the Republic of Ireland needs no introduction. This country takes the tourists through the historical cities of the Republic of Ireland such as Dublin, Cork City, Sligo, Waterford and many more.

  • Airports in Ireland - With airports like Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Kerry Airport and more, tourists from different corners can easily fly to this iconic country.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to Dublin Airport only.
  • Donegal Airport in the Republic of Ireland has been awarded for “world’s most scenic landing spot”.

26. Turkey

Planning a trip to Turkey and wondering the best for travelling? Hold on, with the provision of well-planned airports in Turkey, travelling to this hidden gem in Europe has become no less than a cakewalk. The noteworthy airports in Turkey such as Istanbul Airport, Konya Airport, Adana Airport, etc are some of the airports that contribute immensely to the growing tourism of the place.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to Istanbul Airport only.
  • The Konya Airport in Turkey is used by NATO. 

Flights to Turkey:

27. Myanmar

Dotted with thousands of pagodas, Myanmar is a country that attracts a number of tourists who want to witness the divine aura of Buddha. Now, wondering how to commute to Myanmar. Don’t worry as from Yangon Airport to Nay Pyi Taw International Airport, Myanmar has a good network of airports in the country for all those who prefer air travel. 

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to the Yangon Airport only.
  • A new airport - Hanthawaddy International Airport is being constructed to manage the huge tourist footfall. 

Flights to Myanmar:

28. Vietnam

Served by a total of 33 airports makes Vietnam well connected to the rest part of the world. The airports in Vietnam has fostered tourism and helped tourists to discover the best places of Vietnam such as Thin Mu Pagoda, Temple of Literature, Ha Long Bay and so many more.

Quick facts:

  • IndiGo has flights to Noi Bai International Airport and Tan Son Nhat Airport only.
  • The Noi Bai International Airport was awarded the “World’s most improved airport award” by Skytrax.

Flights to Vietnam:

29. Austria

The demand for air travel has increased to manifolds which is evident from how different countries have been blessed with airports, Austria is one of them. Some of the airports in Austria are Vienna International Airport, Salzburg Airport, Innsbruck Airport and many more. A few places to visit in Austria are St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Tyrolean State Museum, Lake Constance and many more.

Quick facts:

30. England

England is one of those destinations that is on the bucket list of a number of travellers. Every year millions of tourists visit the country to explore the awe-inspiring tourist attractions such as Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Glasgow and so many more.

  • Airports in England - In order to cater to the tourists, England has a total of 40 commercial airports. Some of the airports such as Gatwick and Heathrow also find a place in world rankings.

Quick facts:

  • Heathrow Airport is the largest airport in England.
  • IndiGo operates codeshare flights to Gatwick Airport and Heathrow Airport
  • England’s capital, London alone has 6 airports.
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