RPWD-Equal Opportunity Policy

Preamble and Overview

At IndiGo, we recognise the value of a diverse workforce. We are committed to providing equal opportunities in employment and creating an inclusive workplace and work culture in which all employees are treated with respect and dignity.

We consider workforce diversity to be a business imperative. We will strive to ensure that our workforce is representative of all sections of the society. We believe that, by doing so, we would be better equipped to develop and deliver accessible and inclusive products and services. In this way, we hope to be able to meet the needs of our clients and customers better thus producing business excellence.

This Equal Opportunity Policy is in accordance with the provisions of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

Policy Statement

At IndiGo, we continuously strive to ensure that all our facilities, technologies, information, and privileges are accessible to persons with disabilities.

We encourage candidates with different disabilities to apply. Our decisions on employment, career progression, training or any other benefits are solely based on merit. We follow an inclusive evaluation process by ensuring that a person with disability is provided with any suitable flexibility and accommodation that may be required so that they may be evaluated fairly. Any information shared by employee on disability/medical condition will remain confidential.


The above policy covers all persons with disabilities. They could be job applicants, full time/part time employees, interns/trainees, contractual employees, including temporary employees. It also covers those employees who acquire disability during their work tenure. This policy also applies to all aspects of employment, be it recruitment, training, working conditions, salaries, transfers, employee benefits and career advancement.

Policy Details

1. Facilities and amenities

IndiGo aims to provide all necessary infrastructure to its employees to create a conducive workplace, all required facilities, including assistive devices, amenities and trainings, (post hiring programs, other trainings including are provided to ensure that the employee may execute their duties effectively. During the training period, outside the employee’s home base, IndiGo ensures reasonable accommodation, including all required facilities to ensure that the employee has a hassle-free learning experience without discrimination. Our leave policy is crafted as per governing laws and employees are provided leave without discrimination. An employee facing accessibility, leave or any other work-related issue should report the same to their reporting manager and HR partner at their location or write to the Liaison Officer.

2. List of positions identified

At IndiGo, hiring is purely based on merit and the candidates are evaluated based upon their skills and competence. Flexibility will be provided to persons with disabilities on an individual basis as detailed in the subsequent section. Applicants can contact our HR team or the Liaison Officer for specific assistance with respect to suitable positions in compliance with applicable regulations.

3. Manner of selection

a) Vacancy advertisement and application

  • Wherever possible, all vacancies will be advertised internally and externally.
  • Selection criteria (job description and employee specification) will be kept under constant review to ensure that they are non-discriminatory and that they relate purely to the skills needed for the job and nothing else.

b) Selection Process

  • Our job openings and requirements are mentioned on our career page for all employees to apply
  • All candidates are hired through a fair and transparent selection process (as laid down by the regulatory authorities).
  • If a person with disability needs any specific reasonable accommodation for the interview, they should write to the recruiter or the Liaison Officer.
  • Each interviewer is mandated to record their comments on the candidate’s role fitment in the Interview Evaluation Form. Reasons for rejection should be objective and not related to the person’s disability, unless/otherwise directed by the regulatory authorities
  • Wherever possible, more than one person would be involved in the selection interview and recruitment process, and all should have received appropriate training on the topic of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Liaison Officer

IndiGo has appointed Pratik Arjun Sen – Director - Customer Experience as a Liaison Officer, email ID: redressalofficer@goindigo.in  who will be responsible for taking initiative and providing the requisite support needed to realise the goals of an inclusive and accessible workplace and reasonable accommodation to address the perveances of persons with disabilities The Liaison Officer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all concerned employees are made aware through the HR partners of their duties and rights in relation to the Equal Employment Opportunity policy.
  • Developing proactive strategies to prevent discrimination and harassment.

All employees have the responsibility to comply with the Equal Opportunity Policy. Managers and team members need to monitor the work environment to ensure that it is free from discrimination and harassment and encourages inclusion and respect for others.

All employees are encouraged to report any incidents of violation of this policy to their reporting manager and the reporting manager must notify in writing to the Liaison Officer.

Maintenance of Records

IndiGo will collect and maintain data regarding employees with disabilities in relation to their employment, facilities provided and other necessary information as per The RPWD Act.

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