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With IndiGo, you can book flights to Bahrain and experience the splendour of the Middle East!

The desert country of Bahrain awaits a list of exciting experiences that you should not miss out on. If you are planning a trip down there, then IndiGo is your ideal travel partner. One of India’s largest domestic airline companies is now venturing into international routes as well. You can now book Bahrain flight tickets at the most competitive prices by visiting

Flying with IndiGo also brings its own set of advantages, which include different amenities such as complimentary web check-in, generating baggage tags, and many more. Also, with the notable discounts and offers, IndiGo flights to Bahrain from India are affordable and pocket-friendly.

What is Bahrain famous for?

Bahrain is an island nation in the Persian Gulf, which is made up of more than 30 islands. It offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its visitors. The deep turquoise water, surrounded by desert, makes this a fascinating place to visit.

There are theories that Bahrain is the historical site where the Dilmun Empire thrived. In the 1700s, the Al-Khalifa royal family began ruling Bahrain, which signed a series of accords with the British Empire and became a British protectorate. Bahrain claimed independence in 1971 and left the Emirates in 2002. Thus, it became an independent kingdom.

This desert island country is well known for its various tourist attractions like the Bahrain Fort, the Dilmun Water Park, the Bahrain National Museum, and the Al-Fateh Mosque, to name a few.

Things to do in Bahrain

  • Visiting the Bahrain International Circuit: If you are a fan of motorsport, then do not forget to take a trip to the Bahrain International Circuit. On a race day, under the floodlights, visiting this track is an experience in itself. Additionally, you can pay a nominal fee and take a tour of the Sakhir Tower.
  • Unearth the history of thepearl trade at Bahrain Pearl Trail: Bahrain has a glorious history of pearl trading, and you can witness the remains of that time with this tour. This place is easily accessible through local transport, but you should keep the timings in mind.
  • Visit Dar Islands: Dar Island has some of the best beaches in Bahrain, and spending a day here is the ideal way of exploring what this place has to offer. Fishing and kayaking are two of the notable activities on this island but don’t miss the local food here.
  • Visit the Riffa Fort: A standing example of Bahraini architecture, this is a place that should be on your itinerary. It has a small museum that will give you a glimpse of Bahrain’s history. Also, don’t forget to visit the café on the rooftop.
  • Catch a show at the Bahrain International Theatre: One of the largest theatres in the Middle East, this place is a sight to behold. At night, under artificial light, this is one of the most picturesque locations in the whole country. So, during your stay, pay a visit here and, if possible, catch a show in this magnificent building.
  • Experience the Manama Skyline: The city of Manama has one of the best skylines. The Bahrain World Trade Centre (also known as the twin tower complex) is one of the notable buildings here. However, the best place to experience it is from the lounges of the hotels around here. Usually, they have an open glass window that will give you a sight like no other.
  • Go to the Al Fateh Grand Mosque: One of the largest mosques in the Middle East, every aspect of the Al Fateh Grand Mosque has a history behind it. Naturally, it attracts tourists as much as the natives and the believers of the Islamic faith.
  • Visit the Tree of Life: Talking about the wonders of Bahrain, the Tree of Life is one of them. This tree is almost a century old. It is in the middle of the desert, and you will not find any vegetation around it. This unique site is also a great place for camping.
  • Attend the Bahrain International Music Festival: If you are a music enthusiast, then this is an event that you should not miss out on. This annual festival brings in musicians and performers from across the globe. Moreover, the festival lasts for at least a week inand around the month of October. So, book your Mumbai to Bahrain flight in advance if you want to indulge yourself in the magic of music.
  • Feeding the baby camels: If you love animals, then this is the perfect place for you. You can visit the Royal Camel Farm and spend a day among these lovely creatures. You can feed them, ride them, and see how they go about their daily activities.
  • Experience indoorskydiving: This is a great place for all adventure junkies. Go to the Gravity Indoor Skydiving Centre to try this and experience the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping from a plane. Also, try out the café there for some great meals.
  • Explore BeitSheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa: Another great thing to do while in Bahrain is to explore the history of Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa. Located on Muharraq Island, this is one of the oldest houses in Bahrain, built in the 1800s. It was the former residence of the ruler, but now this building is an ethnographic museum. There are guided tours to help you understand the history and significance of this area.

Best time to visit Bahrain

The ideal time to visit Bahrain is between December and March. The temperature remains pleasant during this period. The slight breeze, along with occasional showers, offers ideal weather to visit the city. So, book your India to Bahrain flight ticket accordingly.

International flights to Bahrain

Currently, direct IndiGo flight to Bahrain from India is available through the Mumbai Airport. It takes about 3 hr and 50 mins to reach Bahrain from the Mumbai Airport.

You can book your Mumbai to Bahrain as well as Bahrain to Mumbai return flight tickets, as per your requirements, from the official website of IndiGo.

List of International flights to/from Bahrain

About Bahrain airport

Bahrain International Airport is the primary international airport in this country. It has been rated the best in the Gulf for its services. It is also the oldest international airport in the Persian Gulf, which can annually handle up to 14 million passengers. The airport address is Road 2404, Al Muharraq district of Bahrain, and the IATA code is BAH.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the lowest fare flight from Mumbai to Bahrain?

The cheapest fare for the Mumbai to Bahrain and the return flight can range anywhere between ₹20,000 and ₹21,000. Please check the IndiGo website for more details.

What is the aerial distance between Mumbai and Bahrain?

The aerial distance between Mumbai and Bahrain is 2414 km.

Is there an online check-in option available for the Mumbai to Bahrain flight?

Yes, passengers can get an online check-in option through the website or at the airport.

Can I avail the web check-in option for Mumbai to Bahrain flights?

For Mumbai to Bahrain flights, the airline carrier offers the web check-in option for the added convenience of the travellers.

How many terminals are there at Bahrain International Airport?

There are two terminals at Bahrain International Airport.

Do Indians need visa to Bahrain?

Yes, Indian national need a visa to visit Bahrain. You require an eVisa or can take one on arrival.

How much are return flights from Indira Gandhi International to Bahrain?

The return flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport to Bahrain depends on the season and date of flight booking.

What is the time difference between India and Bahrain?

India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Bahrain.

How many seats can be booked at one time?

You can book up to 9 passengers per PNR at one time.

How can I cancel my flight booking?

Visit IndiGo website and enter your PNR/booking reference number, mention your email ID/Last name and proceed for cancellation.

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