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Terms and Conditions for Pre-Booking Alcoholic Beverages for Consumption on board IndiGo

international flights:

  • Pre-bookings for alcoholic beverages for consumption on board IndiGo flights must be made 72 (seventy-two) hours prior to departure.
  • By making any pre-booking for alcoholic beverage, the passenger confirms that he/she is of legal age to purchase and consume alcoholic beverage on board IndiGo’s flights. IndiGo reserves the right to require passengers to furnish necessary supporting documentation as proof of age prior to service of alcoholic beverage.
  • Alcoholic beverage will not be served to any person suffering from any mental disorder or epilepsy.
  • Pre-booking for alcoholic beverages is limited to 1 (one) order per passenger. Each order will contain 2 alcoholic beverages of the same type. Illustration: If a passenger pre-books 1 (one) order of beer, he/she will be served 2 (two) beer cans only.
  • For group bookings, pre-booking for alcoholic beverages is limited to 5 (five) pre-booked orders per PNR. Illustration: If 9 (nine) passengers are travelling on 1 (one) PNR, a maximum of 5 (five) pre-booked orders shall be permissible for that PNR.
  • Pre-booking for alcoholic beverage is only permitted for IndiGo’s international flights.
  • Any pre-booking for alcoholic beverage is final, and cannot be changed or cancelled by passengers. No refund shall be made in the event any pre-booked alcoholic beverage is not consumed by a passenger.
  • All alcoholic beverage prices are inclusive of applicable taxes.
  • Pre-booked alcoholic beverage is only for consumption on board IndiGo’s flights. Carrying any unconsumed alcoholic beverage off the aircraft is strictly prohibited.
  • All product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.
  • All products are subject to availability and may be changed, varied or withdrawn at any time, without prior notice.
  • Service of alcoholic beverages, including any pre-booked alcoholic beverage, to passengers on board shall be at IndiGo’s sole discretion. IndiGo reserves the right to restrict or discontinue alcoholic beverage service to any passenger, in its sole discretion.
  • Passengers conduct on board IndiGo’s aircraft shall at times be subject to applicable law, including but not limited to the Aircraft Rules, 1937.
  • For any circumstances beyond those stated above, final discretion shall rest with IndiGo. IndiGo reserves the right to amend (add, delete or modify) these terms and conditions, prospectively or retrospectively, at its discretion and without prior notice.
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