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Amritsar to Bahrain Flights

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Get on enjoyable IndiGo Amritsar to Bahrain flights!

Bahrain is undoubtedly one of the most interesting island countries in the Middle East that attracts thousands of tourists from every nook and corner of the world. From several historical monuments to religious sites, this Gulf country has a lot to offer its visitors.

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Important details about Amritsar to Bahrain flights

  • Amritsar to Bahrain aerial distance: The aerial distance between Amritsar to Bahrain is 2434 km.
  • Amritsar to Bahrain flight timings: The approximate travel time taken by an Amritsar to Bahrain flight to reach the destination is around 9 hours.
  • Amritsar to Bahrain flight ticket price: The lowest ticket price for Amritsar to Bahrain flight is ₹14,000. Further, you can save more on flight fares by booking your tickets in advance.
  • Amritsar to Bahrain flights: At present, there are only connecting flights to Bahrain from Amritsar. Most IndiGo flights to Bahrain go via Mumbai. IndiGo also offers round trips, so if you need information on Bahrain to Amritsar flights you can visit the IndiGo website.

Why choose IndiGo Amritsar to Bahrain Flights?

IndiGo is the most preferred airline for both domestic and international travel. It is known for offering affordable airfares and excellent services. Below are some other reasons to fly in IndiGo Amritsar to Bahrain flights:

  • Lowest fare flights from Amritsar to Bahrain
  • Smooth and Hassle-free flying experience
  • Widest connectivity
  • Safety
  • Freedom to choose airfares
  • Discounts and EMI options are available
  • Zero convenience fee on cancellation
  • No unnecessary delays

Along with these perks, IndiGo is also known for providing the best services that enhance the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Some of these are as follows:

  • Quickboard Service: This service allows you to board at your convenience.
  • Fast Forward Service: With this service, you can get priority testament for check-in and baggage handling.
  • 6E Prime: This service allows you to enjoy perks like selecting your favourite seat, and snack combo, along with heavy discounts on flight ticket prices.
  • 6E Rewards: You can redeem these rewards for benefits like discounts, additional perks, etc.

Travel tips for flying from Amritsar to Bahrain

  • Don't overpack your bags as there are many amazing markets to shop in Bahrain. This will save you from paying extra baggage charges.
  • Book your stay only after comparing it with others to save on the cost.
  • Make sure to plan your trip, and hire a local driver to take you around.
  • Avoid waiting in queues by buying your entry passes in advance online.

About Bahrain

Officially known as the kingdom of Bahrain, Bahrain is a popular country situated in Western Asia. It is an island country with a total of around 84 islands. Interestingly, 33 out of these are artificial or man-made islands that are adding to the beauty of this wonderful nation. Talking about its location, it is situated between the northeast coast of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

A list of the finest things to do in Bahrain

Here are some things you can do to make your trip to Bahrain trip more fun and memorable:

  • Visit International Circuit House: Located around 39 km from the airport, International Circuit House is a must-visit place for Formula 1 lovers. Although F1 matches happen during March, you can plan a guided tour of the circuit any time you visit Bahrain.
  • Shop some spices in Manama Souq: Islands and historic sites aren't the only things Bahrain is known for. For those who don't know, the country is also famous for its variety of flavorful spices. You can pick up some spices, and even delicious desserts like halwa. Manama Souq building is 9.2 km from the airport.
  • Visit the largest mosque: Al Fateh Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the country. If you want to learn about the Islam culture, then you must visit this wonderful religious site. From its doors to floors, everything has an interesting story behind it. You will surely be amazed. The distance of this mosque from Bahrain International Airport is 10.2 km.
  • Purchase souvenirs from the A’Ali pottery district: If you want to remember your Bahrain trip for a lifetime, then don't forget to pick a nice souvenir. The best place for this purpose is the A’Ali pottery district. Here, you will find all sorts of pottery by master craftsmen. You can even buy some traditional ceramic items. The distance between Bahrain Airport and A’Ali Pottery District in Avenue 42 is 28.1km.
  • Visit Hawar Island: Hawar island is undoubtedly the most beautiful island in Bahrain. With shiny warm sandy beaches, clear blue waters, lush greenery, and beautiful views, Hawar is one of the most picturesque locations in Bahrain. Besides its beauty, the island is famous for being a gathering spot for unique and rare birds. You can easily spot amazing birds strolling on the beaches.

Bahrain airport details

Bahrain International Airport is the major airport in Bahrain. It serves all the regions surrounding it. The airport is situated near Manama, the capital, on Muharraq Island. It is one of the oldest airports in the country which was established around 1927. The code given by IATA to Bahrain airport is BAH and the distance between this airport and the city centre is 13.6 km.

About Amritsar

Amritsar is a well-known city in the northern region of the Punjab state. It is situated about 25 km east of Pakistan. Not only it is the largest city in Punjab, but also the commercial, transportation, and cultural centre. It is also one of the biggest religious centres for Sikhs. Sikhs from all over the country and world visit Amritsar to seek the blessings of Harmindar Sahib at Golden Temple.

Amritsar Airport Details

Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is the main airport in Amritsar. It is located near the village of Raja Sansi. This airport serves the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and some regions of Jammu and Kashmir. The distance between the airport and the city centre is 12.9 km. It is situated on Ajnala Rd, opp. Hotel Blue Radisson, Raja Sansi, Punjab. Moreover, its PIN code and IATA code are 143101 and ATQ, respectively.

FAQs about Amritsar to Bahrain flights

How many days in advance should I book my flight tickets to Bahrain?

If you want to book the cheapest flights to Bahrain, you should book your tickets at least a couple of months in advance. This will help you save a lot of money.

What is the flight duration from India to Bahrain?

Bahrain is around 3 hours and 58 mins away from India. But in the case of connecting flights, you may take a little longer to reach Bahrain.

How many airports are there in Bahrain?

There are three airports in Bahrain, but the busiest of them all is Bahrain International Airport. It is the main exit/entry point to the country.

How to book the lowest fare flights from Amritsar to Bahrain?

To book the lowest fare flights from Amritsar to Bahrain, visit the IndiGo website and apply available coupons for heavy discounts on the ticket price. Find out more on IndiGo’s official website.

Can I book inflight services on my Amritsar to Bahrain flight?

Yes, you can add in-flight services at the time of booking your tickets. Currently, IndiGo offers an in-flight tiffin service for passengers. You can use it to order snacks or food items in advance.

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