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Book affordable flight tickets from Hubli to Bahrain with IndiGo

The island nation of Bahrain, also known as the Kingdom of Bahrain, is located in the Middle East, in the Persian Gulf between the countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The country of Bahrain is an archipelago that is made up of 33 islands, making it the most beautiful tourist destination in the Middle East. Book IndiGo's Hubli to Bahrain flight to enjoy your vacation in the most cost-effective way.

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Hubli to Bahrain IndiGo flights information

  • Distance: The distance from Hubli to Bahrain, when measured in kilometres by air, is about 2,810 km. It takes about 13 hours to reach Bahrain from Hubli via Mumbai. Hubli is in India. Bahrain is in the Middle East.
  • Flight details: Your journey to Bahrain from Hubli can be made easier with the wonderful connecting flights to Bahrain provided by IndiGo. You have the option of travelling through Mumbai.
  • Flight timings: Every day, there are various flight options available on IndiGo from Hubli to Bahrain. The flight from Hubli to Bahrain, which takes the least amount of time to complete, takes off from the Hubli airport at 12:45 in the afternoon and arrives in Bahrain after 13 hours.
  • Flight ticket price: You may take advantage of the low-cost flights starting from approximately ₹ 18,000 from Hubli to Bahrain without sacrificing the level of service you receive. Further, you can book the lowest fare flights from Hubli to Bahrain along with your preferred Bahrain to Hubli return flights with IndiGo for round-trip deals.

About Bahrain

Bahrain, the beautiful island nation, is a tourist magnet in the Middle East. It is highly recommended that you go sightseeing in the Arab state of Bahrain. This undiscovered treasure in the heart of the Middle East is the ideal destination for anyone seeking a serene and peaceful break.

The island nation of Bahrain is undeniably a centre of culture that you shouldn't miss out on because it is home to numerous sites that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as many more attractions. People travel to Bahrain for a variety of reasons, including the most remarkable attraction which is the National Museum and theatre. Let's not overlook the mouthwatering selections available for meals? You will enjoy all of it, whether it is traditional Bahraini cuisine or delicious food that is prepared on the streets.

Things to do in Bahrain

  • Amwaj Island: It is commonly believed that the neighbourhood of Juffair is only an additional continuation of the urban sprawl in Manama. However, this area of Bahrain was historically considered to be an entirely distinct territory. One of the primary reasons to visit here is to witness the extraordinary rate at which this city is developing.
  • The Bahrain pearling trail: The locations in Bahrain that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List provide a look into the past and reveal how Bahrain was once home to a thriving pearl trade throughout its history. You can plan a visit to these sites to turn some pages of the country's history.
  • Royal camel farm: The late Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salman Al Khalifa, uncle to Bahrain's current monarch, established the Royal Camel Farm on the outskirts of Manama. The farm is named after the late Sheikh. It's a hobby farm, which means the animals aren't kept for competition, and the royal family owns all the camels that live here.
  • Indulge in shopping: Don't go back home without buying some interesting souvenirs from the vibrant bazaars of Bahrain. From jewellery and antiques, to spices and sweets, you'll get everything you can think of.
  • Street food tasting: Street food in Bahrain needs an honourable mention. Famous street foods like Samosa, Falafel, Luqaimat, Shawarma, and Machboos will thrill your taste buds.

Bahrain Airport

With the IATA code BAH, the primary access point to the city of Manama in the Kingdom of Bahrain is the Bahrain International Airport, which is found on a small island to the north of the nation's capital. Gulf Air's primary operations centre is located at Bahrain International Airport.

Benefits of booking your flight with IndiGo?

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  • Services like Quickboard, Fast Forward, 6E Bagport, and 6E Rewards Program are continuously offering the best-in-class experience to IndiGo customers.
  • The high service rating considers both the cabin and ground employees.
  • Cabin comfort, cost of checked baggage and seats, quality of the food and beverages served on-board, and the level of cleanliness is top-notch.

Important things to know when travelling on Hubli to Bahrain flights

  • Make all of your bookings in advance.
  • Have the right travel insurance.
  • Invest in a good health insurance cover.
  • Dress properly, especially when visiting religious sites.
  • Be friendly with the locals.
  • Take good care of your personal belongings.
  • Follow the rules and regulations.

About Hubli

Hubli is a city that is recognized for its traditions and culture. It is known for being peaceful and well organised, with various organisational set-ups and a thoroughly developed lifestyle. This city ensures the growth of both personal and professional endeavours. Moreover, the city of Hubli is well-known for the exquisite handloom textiles that are produced there, in addition to its status as a major centre for the trade of iron and cotton.

Hubli Airport

Both Hubli and Dharwad, located in the Indian state of Karnataka, are served by the Hubli Airport (IATA code: HBX). On Gokul Road, the airport may be found at a distance of 8 kilometres to the west of Hubli city. It has a total land area of 369 acres. At this airport, there is one terminal. The terminal at Hubli International Airport is 368 sq. ft. in size. There is only one boarding gate at this airport.

FAQs about Hubli to Bahrain flights

If you miss your flight from Hubli to Bahrain, will you be charged for it?

There are significant exceptions to the rule that states airlines must issue a new ticket to passengers who miss their connecting trip. But you need to be quick and efficient if you want to be eligible for this. If you give the airline a call in the hours leading up to your trip, you can considerably improve your chances of being rebooked for the next flight at no extra cost.

Is it allowed to bring your food on a Hubli to Bahrain flight?

You are permitted to transport cold food items in either your carry-on or checked-in bags; however, liquids and gels are not permitted.

What exactly does the 311 rule refer to?

Each passenger is permitted to bring 3.4 ounces or 100 millilitres of travel-size containers of beverages, gels, and aerosols on board the aircraft. There is a one-quart bag restriction for liquids, gels, and aerosols that each passenger is allowed to bring on board.

Is it possible to change the date or time of travel on my airline ticket?

You can change the time of your Hubli to Bahrain flight or even cancel it altogether. However, depending on the airline that you choose and the fare class of your ticket, you may be required to pay a fee to make any changes or to cancel your reservation.

Is it possible to bring a water bottle on board?

Liquids beyond 100 ml cannot be taken on flights. IndiGo provides water for free on all its flights.

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