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Make your journey a breeze with IndiGo Coimbatore to Bahrain flight

Bahrain, is an island country in the Persian Gulf, and a popular tourist destination. The small yet stunning country comprises around 51 islands, adding to its natural beauty. If you love exploring travel destinations with rich cultural history, then Bahrain with its stunning architectural buildings, museums, mosques, and traditional markets is the perfect place for you.

If you live in Coimbatore, visiting Bahrain will be easy. There are several Coimbatore to Bahrain flights and IndiGo offers some of the lowest fares from Coimbatore to Bahrain. Also, booking in advance will help you save more money on the tickets. Book the best Coimbatore to Bahrain flight ticket from IndiGo's official website and enjoy discounts and perks like 6E Rewards, priority services like Fast Forward, and much more.

Important details about Coimbatore to Bahrain

  • Coimbatore to Bahrain aerial distance: The aerial distance between Coimbatore and Bahrain is approximately 3,409 km.
  • Coimbatore to Bahrain flight details: Flights to Bahrain from Coimbatore are connecting flights. You can book your Bahrain to Coimbatore flight at the same time for round-trip discounts.
  • Coimbatore to Bahrain flight timings: The flight timings for Coimbatore to Bahrain are 6:40 am and 9:05 pm respectively, both connecting via Mumbai airport.
  • Coimbatore to Bahrain flight ticket price: The lowest fare flights from Coimbatore to Bahrain will cost you somewhere around ₹18,000. If you book the tickets in advance, you can save a little more on this ticket price.
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About Bahrain

Bahrain is known as the island country located north of Qatar and east of Saudi Arabia. Beaches, breath-taking architecture, and fun activities sum up Bahrain. It is a great place for your next holiday. Along with common tourist attractions like religious and historical places, amusement or water parks, and great restaurants and street food, Bahrain also offers all the visitors a beautiful skyline and a unique cultural experience. From indulging in the famous Bahraini cuisine to learning about pearl trading history, you can do it all here.

No matter what your idea of enjoyment is, Bahrain will have something or the other in store for you.

Things to do in Bahrain

  • Bahrain International Circuit- This is a place of attraction for Formula 1 enthusiasts. You can experience all the excitement of the sport here. The best time to visit here is in March. But if you cannot find the time to be here in March, you can also enjoy a guided tour of the circuit.
  • Fateh Grand Mosque- The AL Fateh Grand Mosque is one of the most prominent tourist spots in Bahrain. It houses the history of Islam in the country. Hire a good guide to learn about the history and significance of this mosque. Besides an educational tour, you can simply marvel at the architecture.
  • AL Dar Island- AL Dar Island is a hub of activities like kayaking, surfing, dolphin watching, and much more. You can have a great weekend here. Therefore, do not forget to visit this spot. It is a great place to indulge in multiple activities and thus a must-visit destination.
  • Tree of Life- Heard of the Norse mythic tree Yggdrasil? The Tree of Life is about a hundred years old, but the unique aspect of this tree is that it grows in an area that is barren except the Tree of Life. Besides witnessing this miracle, you can also camp in this region.
  • Dive Bahrain- If you love water and love exploring new entertainment parks at every destination, Dive Bahrain should definitely be on your list. This special underwater theme park is the largest in the world and has activities to keep the entire family or group of friends entertained.

Bahrain airport details

Bahrain International Airport is 10 km away from the city centre and is one of the oldest airports in the Gulf region. Established in 1927, it also acts as the centre for Gulf carriers and connects several important places in the country. The IATA code for the airport is BAH.

Why choose IndiGo flights to Bahrain from Coimbatore?

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Things to remember when travelling to Bahrain

  • The first important thing to do is to apply for the right visa when flying from Coimbatore to Bahrain. There are multiple visa categories; so choose the one most suited for your trip and apply in advance.
  • On most days, Bahrain has pleasant weather so pack lightweight and comfortable clothes to go around and explore the city to the fullest. Also, dress modestly when visiting religious places.
  • Always carry your identity proof.
  • Beware of the local rules of tourism in the city to avoid any unnecessary and stressful situations.

About Coimbatore

Coimbatore is an important city in Tamil Nadu. It is a major commercial hub as well as a great tourist spot. It is famous for its cotton industries and is thus called the 'Manchester of South India'. It is surrounded by both hills and the sea, making it an ideal place for a holiday. If you are looking to explore a fresh cultural side of Coimbatore, you can book yourself a Kathakali show or travel up to the Mudumalai waterfalls or Marudhamalai temple to witness the beautiful art and culture of the place first-hand.

Coimbatore airport details

Coimbatore International Airport serves Tiruppur and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. It is 10 km away from the city centre. Its IATA code is CJB and it has multiple connecting flights to both domestic and international destinations.

FAQs about Coimbatore to Bahrain flights

Can I cancel my IndiGo Coimbatore to Bahrain flight ticket? 

Yes, you can cancel your ticket easily through the online portal of IndiGo without paying convenience fees. However, you need to cancel your ticket four hours before the departure time for international flights to claim your refund. 

Can I book flight tickets to Bahrain in advance? 

Yes, you can book your tickets in advance. By booking in advance, you might also get tickets at a lower rate. It is very convenient for planned holidays as you can travel without having to splurge your money on flight tickets. 

What is the aerial distance between Coimbatore and Bahrain?  

The aerial distance between Coimbatore and Bahrain is around 3,409 km. This distance can be covered in about 7 hours via a direct flight.

Can I get snacks on an IndiGo flight? 

IndiGo gives its passengers multiple snack options on the plane, but you can also go ahead and pre-book your favourite item on the menu during web check-in and enjoy your meal. 

What if I have more than 20 kg of baggage? 

While the standard maximum check-in baggage is 20 kg, you can carry more by paying a set amount per kg over the stipulated weight. 

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