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Bhubaneswar to Bahrain Flights

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Have a hassle-free flying experience with IndiGo on Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flights

Bahrain, the island country, is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in southern Asia. It has a vibrant culture and rich heritage. From over 83 natural as well as man-made islands to hundreds of magnificent historical and religious sites, Bahrain has a lot to offer its visitors. If you are planning to visit this amazing country from Bhubaneswar, then be ready to have a wonderful time. And, if you haven't booked a flight yet, don't worry because we've got you covered!

Book a Bhubaneswar to Bahrain IndiGo flight today to get the most affordable flight fare. IndiGo offers a safe and comfortable international flying experience to its passengers. Check out other details of Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flights below.

Important details about Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flights

  • Bhubaneswar to Bahrain distance: The aerial distance between Bhubaneswar to Bahrain is 3,653 km.
  • Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flight timings: IndiGo offers multiple flights to Bahrain from Bhubaneswar at various timings. You can book any flight as per your convenience.
  • Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flight ticket price: The lowest Bhubaneswar to Bahrain IndiGo flight ticket price is ₹10,000. Further, you can apply for offers to get cashback and discounts.
  • Bhubaneswar to Bahrain baggage allowance: The baggage allowance for all IndiGo international flights is:
  • Check-in: 20 kg
  • Cabin: 7 kg

Further, you can carry 10 kg extra check-in baggage in case you have booked double seats. Also, no separate baggage allowance is provided for children. An additional handbag is permitted, and a pram (<= 7 kg) for passengers travelling with an infant.

About Bahrain

Bahrain is famous for its natural landscape and rich heritage. Its capital city is Manama, a centre of commerce, culture, and transportation. Many heritage sites and religious centres are there in Bahrain. Some of these include the largest Al Fateh Grand Mosque and Sheikh Isa bin Ali House. Apart from these heritage sites, there are around 80 islands in the country, of which 53 are natural islands and the rest are artificial. These islands not only offer great views and pleasant environments, but also have luxurious resorts, restaurants, shopping malls, and entertainment centres. It is safe to say that these islands act as tourist magnets in the country.

Things to do in Bahrain

While you are in Bahrain, here is a list of things you can do to have the most fun:

  • Visit Heritage Sites: One of the best things to do in Bahrain is to explore its history and culture. There are heritage sites and religious centres you can include in your plan. Best places to visit include the great Al Fateh Mosque, Shaikh Isa bin Ali House, Qal’at al-Bahrain, and Arad Fort, to name a few. The heritage, as well as religious sites in Bahrain, display state-of-the-art ancient architecture and rich history. You will surely learn a lot by exploring these sites.
  • Shopping in Bahrain: Bahrain is a paradise for shopping lovers. There are many great malls and shopping centres offering branded and country-made products. From clothes, jewellery, and electronics to flavourful Bahrain spices, you can find almost anything here. If you want to shop for some unique spices, then visit the A’Ali Souk building on Avenue 42, which is 28.1 km from the city centre.
  • Explore Islands: As discussed above, there are more than 83 islands in Bahrain which are known for their picturesque views and landscapes.
  • Eat Local: When in Bahrain, you have to try the amazing cuisine, which is a mix of Middle-eastern and Asian flavours.
  • Visit Manama Capital: Manama is the capital of Bahrain. It is one of the most advanced cities in the country and an important centre of commerce and culture. From the tallest skyscrapers to numerous tourist attractions, shopping malls, restaurants, and cafés, Manama has a lot to offer. You can consider spending a couple of days in this beautiful city.

Bahrain Airport Details

Bahrain International Airport is one of the main airports in the country. It was established in 1927, making it the oldest airport in Bahrain. It is around 13.6 km from the city centre and situated on Muharraq Island, near Manama. The IATA code for the airport is BAH.

Why book an IndiGo Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flight?

IndiGo provides affordable and hassle-free domestic as well as international flying services. It has a broad network that connects major destinations in the world. Below are some facilities you can opt for if you fly with IndiGo:

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Important things to remember while travelling to Bahrain

Following are some useful tips to follow to have the best time in the island country:

  • Book your flight tickets and accommodation in advance to avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • Wear appropriate clothes when visiting religious sites.
  • Carry all the necessary documents.
  • Take care of your personal belongings like your wallet and phone.
  • Carry all necessary health and travel insurance documents.

About Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is a popular city in the Indian state of Odisha. It is also known as the ‘City of Temples’ due to the presence of numerous ancient temples and religious sites. From various cultural and religious sites to magnificent natural landscapes, the city of Bhubaneswar has a lot to offer.

Bhubaneswar Airport Details

The main airport in Bhubaneswar is Biju Patnaik International Airport. It is also popular as Bhubaneswar Airport and serves the city of Odisha. The airport is about 6 km from the city centre and 4 km from the Bhubaneswar railway station. Its IATA Code is BBI.

FAQs about Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flights

Is it mandatory to web check-in for the IndiGo flights?

Yes, according to the latest guidelines issued by the Government of India, it is mandatory to web check-in for both domestic and international flights. For domestic flights, you need to check-in at least 60 minutes to 48 hours before your scheduled domestic flight and at least 75 minutes to 24 hours before your international flight. 

How can I get the lowest fare flights from Bhubaneswar to Bahrain?

The best way to get the lowest fare flights from Bhubaneswar to Bahrain is to book your tickets several months in advance. Further, IndiGo offers multiple discounts that can help you book your ticket for a minimum price. Check out for more information. 

How many hours before can I book Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flights?

You can book your IndiGo Bhubaneswar to Bahrain flights up to 2 hours before the departure for domestic travel and at least 4 hours in advance for an international journey. 

Can I check my flight status online?

Yes, you can easily check your flight status online by visiting the IndiGo website or app.

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