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Bahrain to Chennai Flights

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Fly comfortably with IndiGo on Bahrain to Chennai flights

Chennai is a city like no other. If you are looking for flights from Bahrain to Chennai or Chennai to Bahrain, then IndiGo is the ideal airline to consider. Catering to millions of passengers regularly, IndiGo has both the experience and facilities to make your journey comfortable.

You can now avail the lowest fare flights from Bahrain to Chennai directly from the IndiGo website. You will also have the option to customise your ticket and can add several services to it. For more information on flights to Chennai, please visit

Things to know when travelling from Bahrain to Chennai

If you are looking for Bahrain to Chennai flights, here are some of the things that you need to know:

  • Distance between Bahrain to Chennai: The aerial distance between the two cities is 3,421 km.
  • Bahrain to Chennai flights: IndiGo offers several connecting flights from Bahrain to Chennai. You can visit the IndiGo website if you need more information on Chennai to Bahrain flights.
  • Bahrain to Chennai duration and timings: A connecting flight from Bahrain to Chennai via IndiGo will take around 8 to 20 hours. The layover time depends on the flight you choose. For more information on the duration of the flight, please visit
  • Flight ticket price: A Bahrain to Chennai flight ticket will cost you around ₹16,000.
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About Chennai

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and is often referred to as the gateway to southern India. It is home to several temples, mosques, and churches that reflect the diversity of the city. Chennai is nearly 400 years old and was one of the prime centres for the British during the colonial era. Chennai, originally known as Madras, is located along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and has the River Cooum flowing through its centre. The northern side is mostly used as an industrial zone featuring textile mills, automobile factories, and technology hubs. The main residential area is located on the southern side of the city. You can find several skyscrapers in this zone. The predominant language spoken in the city is Tamil, followed by English and Hindi.

Chennai’s climate is warm and humid. Rainfall and mild showers mostly occur during the winters. January is the best time to visit Chennai as the weather is comfortable.

Places to visit in Chennai

Chennai is one of the most beautiful cities in the southern part of India. From delicious cuisines to amazing people, the city has it all. If you are looking to travel to Chennai you must be wondering about the places that you can visit during your stay. Do not worry as we have compiled a list of the must-visit places for you to choose from, making your task easier. The places include the following:

  • Marina Beach: The Marina beach is the best place to relax and have fun. It is located alongside the eastern coast facing the Bay of Bengal and serves as the perfect place to go on a walk. With soft sand and calm waters, the place is open to tourists throughout the day. You can also find small stalls along the beach where you can purchase some local jewellery and mementoes.
  • Vallur Kotam: A temple built in honour of a great poet, Vallur Kotam, serves as an ideal location for history buffs and the people who appreciate contemporary architecture. It is located near the Nungambakkam Lake Area.
  • Elliot’s Beach: Elliot Beach is one of the more underrated beaches in India. It was named after Sir Edward Elliot, the Chief Magistrate and Superintendent of Madras during the British era. It features a clean seaside that has a certain calmness to it. You can sunbathe, relax, or go for a swim during your visit to Elliot Beach. It is open to tourists throughout the day.
  • The Government Museum: If you have a knack for ancient heritage and artefacts, Chennai’s Government Museum just might be the right place for you. It features historical pieces that are centuries old. The marble sculptures depicting the life of Gautam Budhha date back to the second century. It is located by Pantheon Road in Egmore, Chennai.
  • Guindy National Park: For the animal lovers out there, Chennai has something in store for you as well. The Guindy National Park is home to over 500 different species of birds and animals. It is the perfect place to bring your friends and family. The park is located in Rangeguindy, Chennai.

Chennai International Airport

The Chennai International Airport is the principal airport serving the capital city. The airport sees over 90,000 aircraft movements and deals with nearly 3,50,000 tonnes of cargo. The Chennai International Airport is located in Tirusulam and its IATA code is MAA.

Why should you book your flights with IndiGo?

IndiGo is enhancing the experience of its customers by providing them with timely flights and excellent service. They take charge of your journey, allowing you to relax and have a stress-free flight.

IndiGo offers several benefits to its customers including:

  • Online flight booking and web check-in are the basic services provided by IndiGo.
  • The Fast Forward service of IndiGo allows you to avail priority check-in and baggage drop.

About Bahrain

Bahrain is a small Arab state located in a bay that faces the south-western coast of the Persian Gulf. It comprises 30 different islands and has been named after the Arabic term Al-Bahrayn, meaning two seas. Even though the country is located in the richest oil-producing zone in the world, it only has a few petroleum reserves to its name. Bahrain might not be the biggest oil-producing nation in the world, but it serves as a centre for international banking. This attracts businessmen and professionals from all over the world making Bahrain a popular place for official meetings. Bahrain also has several attractions for tourists, ranging from amusement parks to monuments. The country is home to over 200 species of desert vegetation that grow in the arid region of Bahrain. The primary language spoken in the country is Arabic and the religion in practice is Islam.

Bahrain has extremely hot summers and cold winters. Rainfall is almost negligible and occurs mostly during the winter months. December to March is the best time to visit Bahrain as the weather is cooler, making it much more enjoyable than summers. The influx of tourists is high during this time of the year.

Bahrain International Airport

The Bahrain International Airport was established in 1927. It serves as the principal airport in the country. The airport serves as the hub for multiple airlines, and deals with around 10 million passengers annually and over 90,000 aircraft movements. The annual cargo change is around 3,00,000 tonnes which makes it one of the busiest airports in the Middle East. The airport also features lounges, prayer rooms, and gift shops. It also has a well-established parking zone with a capacity to accommodate over 7,000 automobiles. The Bahrain International Airport is located on Muharraq Island and the IATA code for the same is BAH.

FAQs about Bahrain to Chennai flights

How to book my flight via IndiGo?

You can log on to and book your flight and add services according to your needs. You can also do it via the IndiGo mobile app.

Can I cancel my flight ticket?

Yes, IndiGo provides you with the option to cancel your ticket.

Which cities have the 6E Bagport service?

Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai offer IndiGo’s 6E Bagport services.

Can I get vegan food on flights?

Yes, IndiGo provides its passengers with plenty of vegan food items to choose from.

What to do if my IndiGo flight gets cancelled?

If your flight gets cancelled then IndiGo will reschedule a flight for you. If that is not available then a refund shall be provided to you.

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