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Ahmedabad to Bahrain Flights

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Fly safe with IndiGo Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights

Bahrain is one of the most popular island countries located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. It is best known for its rich history and culture. Every year, thousands of visitors plan trips to this island country to explore its ancient monuments and heritage sites. One of the best ways to reach Bahrain is by taking an IndiGo flight. You can easily find several Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights online.

IndiGo has been passengers' favourite for domestic and international travels for a very long time. It is known for its speed, undisturbed routine, affordable fare, safety, and hospitality. Along with the wide connectivity between destinations, IndiGo also ensures the best service is provided to all passengers to make their trip memorable. It delivers all that is needed and more to ensure customer satisfaction.

About Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights

Here are some details about Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights:

  • Ahmedabad to Bahrain aerial distance: The aerial distance between Bahrain and Ahmedabad is about 2,416.74 km.
  • Ahmedabad to Bahrain flight timings: The shortest time taken by an IndiGo flight to reach Bahrain is 7 hours and 35 minutes from Ahmedabad.
  • Ahmedabad to Bahrain flight ticket price: The prices of Ahmedabad to Bahrain IndiGo flights start from as low as ₹12,000. Further, you can apply available coupons and offers to avail extra discounts on flight fares.
  • Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights: There are more than 35 flights that fly from Ahmedabad to Bahrain. Note, there are only connecting flights to Bahrain from Ahmedabad. The same goes for Bahrain to Ahmedabad flights and you can book both of them together for a better price.
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About Bahrain

An archipelago of 84 natural and artificial islands, Bahrain is one of the most interesting tourist destinations located near the Saudi Arabian Coast. The island country boasts a fusion of Arabian and Persian cultures, and is known as the Pearl of the Persian Gulf. Further, it has some of the most popular monuments in the world including Muharraq’s Siyadi House, Al-Khamis Mosque, Sheikh Isa bin Ali Al Khali, and many more. Moreover, the country is known for its world-class sports facilities like Gravity Indoor Skydiving, Aldoy International Sports & Martial Arts Centre, Let’s Padel, and more.

List of fun things to do in Bahrain

A visit to Bahrain will be incomplete without doing the following things:

  • Visit Bahrain International Circuit: If you're a fan of Formula 1, then you must visit Bahrain International Circuit which offers a fun experience for all car racing enthusiasts. Although the F1 event takes place in March, you can enjoy a guided tour throughout the year.
  • Attend international music festival: Another great experience in Bahrain is attending the soulful international music festival that takes place every year in the month of October. Some of the top bands perform at this week-long festival.
  • Explore historical monuments and religious sites: Visit famous historical monuments like Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Al Khalis Mosque, Muharraq's Siyadi House, and more. Also, don't forget to see the 500-year-old Tree of Life.
  • Try different cuisines: Besides Arab and Mughalai cuisines, this island country also offers dishes from different Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Philippines, and Pakistan, to name a few. Bahraini cuisine is a blend of rustic and spicy flavours.
  • Spend a few days on the islands: There is a reason why Bahrain is known as the country of islands. From Bahrain island to the most luxurious Amwaj and Hawar islands, there are many options to plan an island vacation of your dreams. These islands are not only known for breathtaking beauty, but they all offer a range of activities and facilities such as desert camping, scuba diving, horse riding, and more to keep guests entertained. Apart from these, there are many other great islands, like Al Dar Island, Amwaj Island, and Diyar Al Muharraq Island.

Bahrain Airport

The airport in Bahrain is known as Bahrain International Airport. It is situated on Muharraq Island, near the capital of Manama. It was established in 1927, making it the oldest airport in the country. It goes by the IATA code BAH.

Why choose IndiGo Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights?

IndiGo is one of the most established airlines in India offering domestic and international flights. It is a trusted carrier that is known for its affordable rates and comfortable travel experience.

  • With IndiGo, you can get the lowest fare flights from Ahmedabad to Bahrain. There are several offers on flight tickets, including instant discounts, cashbacks, and coupons.
  • IndiGo is a trusted airline by passengers because of its timely departure and arrival. It has a vast flight network.
  • Another advantage of travelling via IndiGo is getting several flight options for a single destination.
  • It offers 6E Prime benefits, using which you can get your preferred seat and meal combo with up to 40% discount when on-board a flight.
  • Flexi Fare further helps you make multiple changes to your flight at your convenience.
  • You can carry your sports equipment so that you travel without worrying about handling them on your own.
  • IndiGo offers pre-booking for luggage exceeding the standard weight limit.

Other reasons to choose IndiGo include the following:

  • 6E Quickboard service: This saves you from worrying about your boarding time. By availing this service, you're allowed to board any time before the gate closes.
  • Fast Forward: Enjoy priority treatment for check-in and baggage handling.

Important points to keep in mind while travelling to Bahrain from Ahmedabad

  • Bahrain offers several types of visa options - business, visitors, tourist, 72-hour, and 7-day visa. You must apply for the right visa depending on the purpose of your trip.
  • The place is very specific regarding the attire of people. You must dress modestly when you are within Bahrain borders.
  • Carry your photographic identification with you at all times.

About Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the largest and most populous place in Gujarat, which came into existence in the 15th century. It is one of the busiest business districts of the state and a popular centre for information technology, education, and various commercial sectors. This city is a beautiful amalgamation of old and new India. It has some of the most interesting attractions such as Bhadra Fort, Shaking Minarets, Qutbuddin Mosque, Rani no Hajiro, and many more, which one must explore on their visit to the city.

Ahmedabad airport details

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is the main airport in Ahmedabad. It is one of the busiest airports that serves two major cities of Gujarat - Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. It is located in Hansol, which is about 9 km to the north of the city. Further, the IATA code for Ahmedabad Airport is AMD.

FAQs about Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights

What is the time taken by an Ahmedabad to Bahrain IndiGo flight?

Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights take around 7 hours and 35 minutes to reach the destination. 

What is the best time to visit Bahrain?

The best time to visit Bahrain is from November to February. During this time, the weather is pleasant. 

How can I book the lowest fare flights to Bahrain?

You can easily book the lowest fare flights to Bahrain from the official website of IndiGo. 

Can I bring food on Ahmedabad to Bahrain IndiGo flights?

Yes, IndiGo allows you to bring food on-board the flight. This includes cold snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Further, you can order from the on-board menu which consists of a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options. 

What are the facilities provided at the Ahmedabad Airport?

Ahmedabad Airport provides free trolleys, luggage wrapping, ATM and cash machines, currency exchange, child care room, medical facilities, free wheelchair, car rental, and taxi services.

How can I avail discounts on the ticket prices on IndiGo?

You can book your flights by applying the discount and coupons available on the IndiGo website. Once you reach the payment page, select and apply the available offer.  

What is the baggage allowance offered by IndiGo Ahmedabad to Bahrain flights?

For all international travel, the baggage allowance is 7kg for cabin baggage and 20kg for check-in baggage. Further, if you have a toddler, you're allowed to carry extra cabin baggage along with one stroller or pram. 

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