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Bagdogra to Bahrain Flights

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Must-know Bagdogra to Bahrain flights ticket deals with IndiGo

Your goal of traveling to Bahrain can now come true with Bagdogra to Bahrain flights. Bahrain is an excellent weekend getaway. This island nation situated in the Persian Gulf, is often regarded as one of the most stunning countries in the entire globe.

With Bagdogra to Bahrain flights from IndiGo, you can explore all the amazing destinations in Bahrain and make your trip a reality. Worried about the high flight ticket price? Well, don't, because IndiGo has got your back. Known for the cheapest international flights, IndiGo is the most popular choice when it comes to international flights. Its innovative services like baggage home delivery and priority check-in make it even more enticing for travellers.

Details about Bagdogra to Bahrain flights

  • Distance between Bagdogra and Bahrain: The distance between Bagdogra and Bahrain is 3740 km.
  • Bagdogra to Bahrain flights: At present, there are only connecting flights to Bahrain from Bagdogra. Most IndiGo flights to Bahrain go via Mumbai. IndiGo also offers round trips, so if you need information on Bahrain to Bagdogra flights you can visit the IndiGo website. This flight roughly takes around 14 hours to reach your destination.
  • Bagdogra to Bahrain flight timings: IndiGo provides two daily flight choices from Bagdogra to Bahrain. The quickest flight leaves Bagdogra at night and arrives in Bahrain 14 hrs and 35 mins later.
  • Bagdogra to Bahrain flight ticket price: You can grab the lowest fare flights from Bagdogra to Bahrain with IndiGo. You'll be thrilled to know that the cheapest flights to Bahrain from Bagdogra start from ₹18,000. Further, you can also check out Bahrain to Bagdogra flights for round-trip deals.

Why book a Bagdogra to Bahrain flight with IndiGo?

Whenever you book Bagdogra to Bahrain flight, you can be sure that you will arrive at your destination without making any unnecessary halts, on time, every time, and every day. Below are some other reasons why you should book Bagdogra to Bahrain flight:

  • Get the best available rates for booking and cancellation fees, one-of-a-kind deals, add-ons, and other amenities for a stress-free journey.
  • IndiGo holds the position of the seventh-largest airline in all of Asia.
  • Easy booking.
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  • Fast Forward service for priority check-in.
  • 6E Rewards Program.

Useful travel tips for Bahrain

  • Booking your entry tickets and flights in advance will save you a lot of hassle.
  • Understand the guidelines and stick to them before visiting any attraction.
  • Dress modestly as the locals believe in the same culture and you would not want to hurt their sentiments.
  • Investing in a health insurance policy is always a good idea while travelling abroad.
  • Keep your IDs and other documents in check.

All about Bahrain

Bahrain is a small Arab country that is placed on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf, nestled in a harbour. There are approximately 30 smaller islands that are part of this archipelago, which also includes Bahrain Island. The name derives from the Arabic word al-barayn, which can be translated as "two seas."

Even though it is located within one of the most important oil-producing areas of the world, Bahrain itself has very few petroleum reserves. Instead, its economy has traditionally been based on the refining of crude oil imported from nations that are geographically close by. In more recent years, however, the tourist, commercial services, and financial sectors have all experienced significant expansion.

List of awesome things to do in Bahrain

  • Gold souq: Shop for gold at the glittering Manama Souq and revel in the spectacular experience. Several gold vendors can be seen dotted along one of the lanes in the market. They sell 22- and 24-carat gold, which is of superior purity and quality compared to the 18-carat gold that is most commonly found in the west.
  • Tree of Life Park: A trip to Tree of Life Park is highly recommended for everyone interested in learning more about the history of the nation. This historic site was established in 1976, and since then, it has undergone a great deal of refurbishment. Only natural pearls are available for sale to tourists in Bahrain at this time. During your time here, you will have access to a wide variety of both outdoor and indoor activities to choose from.
  • Bahrain National Museum: The Bahrain National Museum is the best place to learn about just the country's long and eventful history, which may be found there in its entirety. This place of interest features a plethora of exhibitions, each of which can be browsed according to a certain theme, such as traditions or trades as well as crafts.
  • Stroll on the streets of A’Ali: For a laid-back evening, you can plan to explore the streets of A’Ali. Here you'll find multiple shops, cafés, brand outlets, and more.
  • Eat Bahraini delicacies: You'll be amazed by the cuisine of Bahrain. There are numerous great restaurants and eating outlets that serve authentic dishes and delicacies in the country. You can also find many other cuisines to explore in Bahrain, including Indian, Portuguese, etc.

Bahrain airport information

The primary airport serving the Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the northeastern part of the country, somewhat to the northeast of Manama, the nation's capital city. The King Fahd Causeway is a road that leads to the town of Khobar, which is situated in the Saudi Arabian country that is adjacent to Bahrain. The airport has been given the code BAH by the International Air Transport Association.

The airport is home to both an old terminal and a contemporary terminal, both of which are available for passenger use. The modern new terminal, which opened in 2020, is more than three times the dimensions of the older terminal that was there. The New Terminal at Bahrain International Airport serves as the primary location for most of the airport's flight operations.

About Bagdogra

Bagdogra is a scenic hill town in West Bengal that is approximately 90 km away from Darjeeling and gives a magnificent view of the snow-covered Himalayas. At the beginning of the 20th century, the tea gardens in the foothills of Darjeeling were thriving, which increased the demand for labourers. This was because the region is filled with green tea plantations & natural marvels such as rivers, lakes, as well as mountains. Throughout that period, numerous Chotanagpur-originating tribes moved to the Terai plains and, eventually, established permanent settlements in the area of the region surrounding Bagdogra. Beliefs from both the Catholic as well as Buddhist traditions have merged to form this area's rich culture.

Bagdogra airport information

Bagdogra Airport is an essential base for travellers since it is widely recognised as the airport that serves as the entrance to the hill regions of Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, and Mirik, in addition to other areas of North Bengal. It was once utilised solely by the Indian Air Force, but it has since been converted into a fully-operational commercial airport. Also, the IATA code for Bagdogra airport is IXB.

FAQs about Bagdogra to Bahrain flights

What is the allowed baggage capacity for IndiGo Bagdogra to Bahrain flights?

Every passenger is allowed to take a single carry-on bag onto the aircraft with them, but the total weight of the bag cannot exceed 7 kg, and its dimensions cannot exceed 55 cm by 35 cm by 25 cm. On international flights, each passenger is allowed to bring along one piece of luggage weighing up to 20 kg. If your baggage weighs more than the permitted maximum, additional fees will apply.

Does IndiGo offer any kind of choice for pre-arranged seating?

All seats on an IndiGo flight are pre-assigned. However, passengers who are members of the IndiGo Plus club can choose their seats up until the point of departure.

What about the pets on Bagdogra to Bahrain flights?

On any flights operated by IndiGo, animals of any kind are not allowed. Exceptions are given for guide dogs. It would be helpful if you could get in touch with the airline well in advance to make the required arrangements.

What are IndiGo's requirements for passengers who wish to check in?

For domestic flights, travellers can start checking in 2 hours before their flight's departure. Note that check-in goes until 45 minutes before departure. Passengers can check-in for domestic flights using the online check-in option via the IndiGo app or website. It begins 48 hours before travel and continues up to two hours before departure.

What are the regions served by Bahrain Airport? 

The busiest destinations served by Bahrain International Airport include Dubai, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Jeddah, Dammam, Istanbul, Sharjah, and London.

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