Delayed and Lost Baggage Protection Service

About the service

Baggage Delayed & Lost Protection service, powered by Blue Ribbon Bags tracks and expedites the return of the delayed baggage. You get a compensation of ₹19,000 for domestic and ₹66,000 for international travel if your baggage is declared lost or is not returned within 96 hrs from the time your flight lands. It also gives you real-time status updates via SMS and e-mail.


How it works?

  • A fee of ₹95 for domestic and ₹330 for international travel will be charged.
  • If the baggage is missing/delayed up to 96 hrs upon filing a report, the passenger will be compensated ₹19,000 per bag for domestic travel and ₹66,000 for international travel, up to two bags by Blue Ribbon Bags.

Frequently asked questions

  • It is an extra piece of mind and protection for you when travelling. The service is provided by Blue Ribbon Bags will track and expedite the return of your delayed baggage for 96 hrs while sending you real-time updates via email and SMS regarding its status. If Blue Ribbon Bags cannot locate the bag within 96 hr of the flight’s landing time, you will receive ₹19,000 per bag for domestic and ₹66,000 for international travel regardless of contents or receipts

  • All you have to do is purchase the service on the IndiGo platform and all your bags are protected, roundtrip, even those last-minute gate checks. Should your bags not accompany you to your final destination, please see question 4, below. 

  • You will automatically receive an email confirmation of the Baggage Delayed & Lost Protection within 24 hr of completing your flight purchase. If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hr of your flight purchase, please write to for assistance. 

    1. File a claim directly with IndiGo at your destination and obtain an airline tracking reference (PIR Report or File Reference Number)
    2. File a mishandled baggage report with Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hrs of the flight landing. This can be done 24/7 via this link ( or by calling +1-888-BAGGAGE
    3. Blue Ribbon Bags will begin tracking and expediting the return of the bag. You will receive an email/SMS notification every time there is a change to the status of the bags.
    4. Blue Ribbon Bags will either find your bag within 96 hrs of landing or will send you ₹19,000 per bag for domestic and ₹66,000 for international travel.
  • Your Blue Ribbon Bags service agreement number will be listed on the initial email you receive, and it will be identical to your airline confirmation number from IndiGo.

    1. Your checked bag does not arrive at your destination
    2. You file a lost baggage claim with IndiGo and are given a file reference number or File locator number from IndiGo
    3. You report a mishandled bag to Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hrs of your flight’s arrival
    4. Your baggage is not located within four (4) days of your flight’s arrival date, as documented by IndiGo
  • Blue Ribbon Bags will pay you directly, and you have the option to receive funds via direct deposit (wire transfer) or PayPal. You can choose which option you prefer when completing the mishandled baggage report during the filing process.

  • All passengers within the booking will receive the service if it is added. There is no need to add it on a per passenger basis. 

  • Baggage Delayed & Lost Protection service, powered by Blue Ribbon Bags is fully refundable but must be cancelled prior to your flight's scheduled departure. To cancel, please contact the IndiGo Customer Support Team. 

    1. One purchase covers all baggage checked in at the airport, including the last minute baggage checked at the gate. 
    2. Baggage Delayed & Lost Protection can be purchased up until the minute before your flight’s departure
    3. A claim must be filed with the airline before reporting your mishandled bags to Blue Ribbon Bags
    4. Undelivered bags must be reported within 24 hrs of flights arrival. Blue Ribbon Bags services will not be honoured for bags reported after the 24-hrs deadline
    5. Automatic email and SMS notifications will be sent to the passenger every time they change their bags' status. Passengers do not need to contact the airline to know the status of their luggage
    6. Proof of baggage contents value (receipts) are not required to receive payment
    7. Payouts are limited to 2 undelivered bags per person
    8. Payments are guaranteed, even if your bags show up at any point after the 95 hr deadline
    9. Theft, missing contents, or damaged baggage are not included in this service.
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