Airports in India

"To travel is to live,” is a popular saying and it holds true for all avid travellers. It is therapeutic and reaching your destination within hours is a luxury. That's when airports come as a haven for travellers and ensures safety. Whether you have a long layover, or catching flights to Goa, the ultimate beach destination, or flights to Mumbai, the popular metropolis of India, the state airports of India act as a miniature version of a mall. It has ample space for relaxation, pampering with spas therapy, resting in hotels till your flight arrives, savouring food in different restaurants, and shopping duty-free, and much more. 

Each state airport in India serves as a sneak peek into its culture, its people, and its spirit. The moment you deboard a plane and enter the terminal, you will get a glimpse of the culture of the state. The flights to Guwahati display beautiful artworks and statues of one-horned rhinos in the airport, and the flight to Delhi, showcases miniature artworks of popular heritage sites. While some airports in India are popular for providing unparalleled services, there are few whose aesthetic appeal is sure to delight the eyes. If you are planning to visit India with comfort, make sure to choose ‘6Exclusive Fare’ and avail up to 10% off on your IndiGo flight booking. So, the next time you're jetting off to explore this incredible country, take a moment to soak in the vibe of the state airport of India.



      Domestic Airports (India)

Here is a list of the state airports in India

1. Delhi

Delhi is the capital and one of the most popular cities. Book flights to Delhi for an ultimate vacation and explore many historical attractions and lush parks to rekindle with nature and history, starting right from the moment you touch down at the airport in Delhi.

2. Goa

Booking flights to Goa has always been on everyone's mind, it is after all the top coastal destination in India. There are two airports in Goa but whichever you choose, one thing is for sure, the beaches, the markets, the water activities are all waiting for you. So go and soak in the beauty of Goa.

3. Chandigarh 

Designed by the legendary Le Corbusier, this meticulously planned city called Chandigarh seamlessly blends nature with innovation, boasting wide boulevards, lush greenery, and avant-garde structures. Come and book your flights to Chandigarh and explore the tranquil expanse of Sukhna Lake, vibrant bustle of Sector 17, and more. There are several flights that offer direct routes from across India to the airport in Chandigarh as a hassle-free journey.

4. Kerala

Kerala, often referred to as "God's Own Country," is a picturesque state surrounded by lush greenery, tranquil backwaters, and palm-fringed beaches, thus, creating a mesmerising setting. IndiGo flies to several airports in Kerala offering access to these breathtaking cities. So, get your IndiGo flights to Kerala and delve into its rich history, vibrant culture, and Ayurvedic traditions. 

5. Gujarat

Situated in western India, Gujarat boasts a medley of cultural diversity, historic sites, and breathtaking landscapes. From the intricately carved temples of Somnath and Dwarka to the vibrant markets of Ahmedabad. IndiGo flies to several airports in Gujarat including Rajkot, Surat and more. So book your flights to Gujarat and be a part of their vibrant festivals, try delectable cuisine, and explore beautiful sites.

6. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is home to the iconic landmarks like the Taj Mahal, and a place where the vibrant festivals like Kumbh Mela takes place. Uttar Pradesh truly encapsulates the essence of India. Book flights to Uttar Pradesh and soak in its dynamic cities, rural landscapes, and spiritual significance that offer a captivating experience. There are several airports in Uttar Pradesh that make it easy for travellers to explore these stunning cities and their attractions.

7. Tamil Nadu

Your vacation begins from the gates of the airports in Tamil Nadu. The state is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful houseboats, majestic temples, and mouthwatering cuisine. Get on a flight to Tamil Nadu and venture into the bustling streets, explore iconic landmarks, sunbathe at the serene shores of Marina Beach, roam around the beautiful Pondicherry and more. 

8. Himachal Pradesh

Surrounded by snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and gushing rivers, this northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh offers a breathtaking landscape that leaves visitors in awe. If you're seeking adventure amidst the towering mountains or serenity in the quaint hillside villages, book your flights to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. IndiGo offers several flights to the airport in Himachal Pradesh from Delhi and Chandigarh, helping you save your travel time.

9. Jammu and Kashmir

Located in the northernmost region of India, Jammu and Kashmir is a land of breathtaking beauty, with snow-capped peaks, serene valleys, and pristine lakes. Once you book your flights to Srinagar or flights to Jammu, you can explore its picturesque landscapes, experience diverse cultures, and soak in the spiritual significance. Get on your flight and exit the airports in Jammu and Kashmir for adventure, tranquillity, and cultural discoveries.

10. Karnataka

Karnataka is a vibrant state boasting a rich medley of history, culture, and natural beauty. Get your flights to Karnataka and explore the majestic ruins of Hampi, the serene beaches of Gokarna, and the bustling streets of Bangalore. The airports in Karnataka are a gateway to a diverse array of experiences that captivate travellers from around the world. 

11. Odisha

Odisha boasts the iconic Jagannath Temple in Puri and the Sun Temple in Konark, making it one of the best places for pilgrims and history lovers. Even the airports in Odisha offer a glimpse into the culture as soon as you arrive. So, book flights to Bhubaneswar if you enjoy architectural marvels, pristine beaches, tribal villages, and vibrant festivals.

12. Andhra Pradesh

A treasure trove of cultural diversity, historical marvels, and natural beauty, the airports in Andhra Pradesh offer access to all that and much more. The state is renowned for its delectable cuisine, colourful festivals, and iconic landmarks like the ancient ruins of Hampi and the majestic Tirupati Temple. Book flights to Andhra Pradesh, a state that welcomes visitors with open arms, promising an unforgettable journey through its enchanting landscapes and rich heritage.

13. Madhya Pradesh

Often called the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh offers a whole new world filled with stunning attractions. Book flights to Bhopal and explore the rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and flights to Indore for breathtaking natural beauty. From the majestic temples of Khajuraho to the wildlife sanctuaries of Bandhavgarh and Kanha. There are several airports in Madhya Pradesh that provide easy access to discover these stunning sites. 

14. Ladakh

Ladakh is a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The airport in Ladakh is surrounded by rugged terrain, immediately capturing the travellers. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas to serene monasteries perched on barren hills. So book your flights to Leh and explore a unique blend of cultural richness and awe-inspiring natural wonders.

15. Punjab

Punjab exudes a vibrant and spirited essence that captivates all who visit. The airport in Punjab paves way to some of the stunning attractions like the Golden Temple and the international border of Attari border. This state is also renowned for its hearty cuisine, lively music, and colourful festivals like Baisakhi. Your flights to Amritsar will invite travellers to immerse in its warmth and vitality. 

16. West Bengal

Book flights to West Bengal and explore the bustling streets of Kolkata, the serene beauty of the Sundarbans, and the beautiful hill stations of Darjeeling, all easily accessible through popular airports in West Bengal like Kolkata International Airport and Bagdogra Airport.

17. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, a paradise of natural beauty and spiritual serenity, beckons with its majestic peaks of the Garhwal and Kumaon ranges, tranquil lakes, and sacred rivers like the Ganges, all accessible through airports in Uttarakhand. So book flights to Dehradun and prepare to be mesmerised by its breathtaking vistas.

18. Assam

The airports in Assam give you access to stunning cities, from the capital city of Dispur to the largest city in Assam, Guwahati. It is a land surrounded by lush tea gardens, biodiverse forests, Majuli Island, and the mighty Brahmaputra River. Its vibrant culture is reflected in the colourful Bihu festivals, traditional silk weaving, and delectable cuisine. Book your flights to Assam and enjoy scenic beauty and wildlife sanctuaries and more.To get here, there are several airports in Assam with direct and connecting flights from across India.

19. Arunachal Pradesh

Located in the Northeast part of India, the airport in Arunachal Pradesh will give you access to some of the breathtaking landmarks. Get your flights to Itanagar and be one with nature and its unique culture. The state offers adventurous treks, serene landscapes, and rich tribal heritage, making it a captivating destination.

20. Maharashtra

One of the popular states of India, Maharashtra serves as a vibrant gateway to India. The state offers many gems and UNESCO sites along with easy access with several airports in Maharashtra. Book your IndiGo flights to Mumbai, Nashik, Pune and more and explore majestic forts, serene beaches, and more.

21. Jharkhand

Your flights to Jharkhand offer a unique blend of natural beauty and industrial development. From the cascading waterfalls of Ranchi to the ancient temples of Deoghar, Jharkhand mesmerises visitors with its untamed charm. You can get several flights to different airports in Jharkhand with IndiGo. Open our website to know more. 

22. Rajasthan

Rajasthan, often synonyms with the land of kings, enchants with its opulent palaces, golden deserts, and vibrant culture. After booking flights to Rajasthan, you can explore the majestic forts of Jaipur and the romantic lakes of Udaipur, every corner reveals a tale of valour and royalty. With colourful festivals and traditional music, Rajasthan embodies the essence of regal India. It is a hassle-free journey to this state as there are many airports in Rajasthan that provide easy access into these Rajasthani cities.

23. Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a land of misty mountains, lush greenery, and cascading waterfalls that seem to flow straight out of a fairytale. Shillong has an airport in Meghalaya with connecting flights from the rest of India. It offers easy access to this captivating state home to the living root bridges of Cherrapunji, the wettest place on Earth. Add a layer of allure, with colourful festivals, traditional music, and warm hospitality by booking flights to Meghalaya that welcome visitors with open arms. 

24. Bihar

Bihar is home to the ancient Nalanda University and the sacred city of Bodh Gaya. To witness these Buddhist heritage sites, you need to book flights to Bihar. This state offers a unique blend of spirituality and rural charm with its scenic rivers, fertile plains, and vibrant festivals. To get here, there are several airports in Bihar with direct and connecting flights from across the India.

25. Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh’s diverse landscape offers adventure seekers thrilling experiences like trekking through the rugged terrains of Bastar or exploring the mystical caves of Kanger Valley. Its traditional music, dance forms, and colourful festivals provide a glimpse into the soul of this enchanting land. Whether you're a nature lover, history enthusiast, or cultural aficionado, a flight to Raipur promises an unforgettable journey filled with surprises at every turn. IndiGo has several flights to the airport in Chhattisgarh from Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Indore and more.

26. Telangana

Providing historical and modern marvels, the airports in Telangana is a gateway to magnificent architectural sites, such as the iconic Charminar and the majestic Golconda Fort. You can book flights to Hyderabad and explore the verdant landscapes, including lush forests and serene lakes that offer a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. 

27. Tripura

One of the states in Northeast India, Tripura is a land of enchanting beauty and rich cultural heritage. You can book flights to Agartala and explore its lush green hills, its tranquil lakes and majestic palaces. Whether exploring the intricately carved temples of Udaipur or trekking through the dense forests of Jampui Hills, every corner of Tripura promises an unforgettable adventure. The airport in Tripura offers direct and connecting flights from India.

28. Nagaland

The state of Nagaland is a land of vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. Home to diverse indigenous tribes, each with its own unique traditions and customs. Your flights to Nagaland will offer a unique experience of festivals and culture from the vibrant Hornbill Festival. From the airport in Nagaland, you can travel to the hills and explore the beauty and charm of this state.

29. Manipur

Get on a flight and arrive in the airport in Manipur to begin your vacation. The state captivates travellers with its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes. It is known as the "Jewel of India," as it boasts lush valleys, serene lakes, and verdant hills. You can book flights to Imphal and experience its vibrant festivals, buy exquisite handicrafts, and savour diverse cuisine. 

30. Mizoram

Mizoram captivates travellers with its lush green hills, cascading waterfalls, and vibrant cultural mixture. Known as the "Land of the Highlanders," the airports in Mizoram offer access to attractions that are associated with diverse ethnic groups. So book flights to Aizawl and explore the serene landscapes and experience warm hospitality.

31. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a tropical paradise boasting pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant marine life. It has one airport in Andaman and Nicobar Islands surrounded by crystal-clear waters. This place is perfect for diving and snorkelling, coupled with rich cultural heritage and colonial history. Book flights to Port Blair because it's a haven for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

32. Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its picturesque beaches, historic forts, and Portuguese colonial charm, this union territory invites travellers to unwind amidst serene coastal landscapes. The airport in Daman and Diu is small with several flights from across India. You can book your flights to Diu and stroll along the palm-fringed shores of Devka Beach or explore the centuries-old architecture of Diu Fort, visitors visiting here are treated to a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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