Itanagar Airport (HGI) or Itanagar Airport

Start your journey off well with IndiGo at Donyi Polo airport, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. From checking in and departure at the airport, to airport services and important arrival details, we have got you covered with all the crucial information you would need during your journey to and from Itanagar, in Arunachal Pradesh.

Itanagar, the state's capital, is now just a few miles away from to Donyi Polo Airport, which is also the first airport in Arunachal Pradesh; making it much easier for travellers from around the world to reach the city.

  • The state of Arunachal Pradesh, often known as the ‘land of the dawn-lit mountains’, is bursting at the seams with breathtaking sights to behold and exciting adventures to experience.
  • The Donyi Polo Airport, Itanagar is the newest of several smaller airports being built across India. IndiGo operates hassle-free flights to Itanagar and It will improve Arunachal Pradesh's access to the rest of the country via air and will make travelling much easier.
  • It is the first full-fledged airport in the state, meaning Donyi Polo Airport in Arunachal Pradesh has all the necessary infrastructure to function with complete facilities.

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How to reach Donyi Polo Airport?

The Donyi Polo Airport is around 15 km south of the capital to where the airport is located. There are eight ticket counters and a runway that's 2300 m long. The size of the terminal is approximately 4,100 sq. m. It spans around 685 acres in size.

  • By cab, taxi or car: Donyi Polo Airport is approximately 35 minutes (22 km) from Itanagar via car, taxi or cab. There are plenty of taxi and cab services in Itanagar that can take you to Donyi Polo Airport.
  • By metro: At the moment, there is no metro line connecting Donyi Polo Airport to the capital city of Itanagar.
  • By bus: There are buses available in Itanagar that will take you to the airport in no time. Even the airport area has several buses that operate from Donyi Polo Airport to Itanagar and nearby places.
  • By rail: Naharlagun Railway Station in Arunachal Pradesh is the closest one to reach Itanagar (around 15 km). Harmuti Junction in Assam is the next nearest railway station at a distance of around 40 km. North Lakhimpur would be an easy way to go to Itanagar (around 70 km). North Lakhimpur trains link to Guwahati, which is well connected to the majority of the country's big cities.

Donyi Polo Airport details - Pin code, IATA code, and address

The brand new greenfield airport in Arunachal Pradesh, is officially known as Donyi Polo Airport. The airport is located around 15 km from Itanagar and will facilitate air travel within the state. 

Donyi Polo Airport terminal information

Airport infrastructure, including the terminal building, city side works, pavements, and airside work, has been created by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). Aircraft of the A321 category may use the airport.

The maximum number of daily passengers that can use the airport is 200. The airport features eight check-in counters and an area of 4,100 sq. m. Every passenger-friendly convenience will be available at the airport as well.

The terminal is a sustainable structure with a rainwater harvesting system and green landscaping.


Donyi Polo Airport facilities

ATM and cash machines.
Free trolleys.
Assistance for differently-abled/elderly passengers.
Luggage wrapping, storage, and lockers.
Lost and found baggage services.
Car rental services, pre-paid taxi service.
Wi-Fi and charging services.
Smoking area.
Medical centre.
Fire station.

Things to do at Donyi Polo Airport

  • You can indulge in-store shopping from a wide selection of popular brands
  • You can also enjoy various offers from cafés and restaurants at the airport.
  • Additionally, you can relax your mind and body at the lounges present at the airport.

Hotels near Donyi Polo Airport

  • Cygnett Inn Trendz
  • Hotel Blue Pine
  • Hotel Golden Orchid
  • Itanagar Guest House cum Home Stay
  • Hotel Subansiri
  • Waii International Hotel
  • Hotel Pybss
  • Radjum Hotel

Places to visit near Donyi Polo Airport

  1. Ita Fort (around 30 km): Ita Fort, located in Itanagar, was constructed somewhere between the 14th and 15th centuries. The city of Itanagar is supposed to have been named after the fort. Ramachandra, a monarch of the Jitari dynasty, constructed the fort in an asymmetrical design.
  2. Indira Gandhi Park (around 30 km): This park in Itanagar is one of the best places to get some fresh air or to do exercise or yoga, and it is also one of the city's most-visited spots. The garden here is a tranquil place, with its plants and trees and well-defined grassy spaces and walks. You may set up a picnic, go for a run or stroll, or just relax. Fairs and festivals are frequently held here.
  3. Gompa Temple (around 30 km): This is Itanagar and Arunachal Pradesh's most popular tourist attraction. The bright yellow colour of the temple's roof is its defining feature, making it instantly recognisable from a distance. The green carpets around the shrine provide a striking contrast to the red tile ceiling. The main attraction for sightseers and devotees is the Buddha statue.
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum (around 30 km): The Jawaharlal Nehru State Museum was founded in the 1980s and it exhibits many facets of Arunachal Pradesh's indigenous culture. Itanagar's history is on display, making this landmark a must-see for every visitor to the city. In this museum, you may see a plethora of things — from wooden sculptures to woven musical instruments.
  5. Itanagar Zoological Park (26 km): The well-kept Itanagar Zoo is a popular tourist destination and a great place to introduce the kids to some exotic animals and birds. It is home to the endangered Himalayan black bear, panther, leopard, Royal Bengal tiger, Great Indian hornbill, and many more species. Tourists and locals alike recognise the park as one of the city's most noteworthy landmarks.
  6. Polo Park (around 40 km): It is another must-see destination for vacationers. This landmark has made significant contributions to Itanagar and serves as the state's primary botanical garden. The park's principal attractions are its varied flowering plants, orchids, and cane thickets. In addition to its other attractions, Itanagar's Polo Park is home to a small zoo where visitors may see guinea pigs, rabbits, and a variety of snakes.
  7. Ganga Lake (around 30 km): Popular amongst both locals and visitors, this landmark is also known as Gekar Sinyi. It is the city's most popular destination due to its picturesque waterway, calm environment, and proximity to verdant mountains. The lake's beauty is accentuated by its crystal blue water and the shadows cast by the surrounding Himalayas.
  8. Namdapha National Park: Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh is the third-largest national park in India in terms of land area. This national park is a real treasure for anyone who appreciates natural beauty. With elevations ranging from 200 to 4500 m, it is home to some of the country's richest and most unique flora and fauna. Snow leopards, clouded leopards, and tigers may all be seen here.

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