Airports in Tripura

Tripura is one of the states in Northeast India, which is served by the Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, also known as Agartala International Airport. Located near the capital city, Agartala, this airport plays a crucial role in connecting Tripura to other parts of the country. The airport is named after Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya Bahadur, a former ruler of Tripura.

The airport serves as a gateway for both business and leisure travellers visiting Tripura, contributing to the economic and tourism sectors of the state. Travellers can expect standard airport facilities, including check-in counters, baggage services, security checks, and waiting lounges. To make your travel even better, you can select ‘6Exclusive Fare’ when booking on the IndiGo app and get up to 10% off.

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1. Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport

Agartala International Airport, also known as Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport, is the main aviation hub in the state of Tripura. It is located approximately 12 km from the city with convenient transport options like local or prepaid taxi, and bus services. This Tripura airport consists of a single terminal with two boarding gates, 14 check-in counters, one immigration counter, and four security-check booths that can handle up to 250 passengers during arrival and departure. 

  • Airport address: Usha Bazar, Agartala
  • Airport code: IXA

What is Tripura famous for?

Tripura is renowned for its rich culture, historical landmarks, and natural beauty. Two of the most famous landmarks in Tripura are the Ujjayanta Palace and the majestic Neermahal. Along with that, the handicrafts and handloom industry thrive, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of bamboo and cane products, tribal jewellery, and traditional textiles. Moreover, Tripura is a significant producer of bamboo and agarwood. 

Places to visit in Tripura

  • Agartala: Agartala, the capital city of Tripura, captivates with its cultural richness and historical landmarks. The Ujjayanta Palace stands as an architectural marvel, reflecting the royal heritage. This vibrant city boasts traditional dance forms, a bustling market in the old town, and the serene Neermahal palace on Rudrasagar Lake.
  • Udaipur: A quaint town in Tripura, Udaipur graces the banks of the Gomati River with timeless charm. Known for the Matabari and Tripura Sundari Temple, a sacred abode with rich history, this town offers a spiritual retreat. Its serene ambiance, ancient temples, and cultural heritage make it a captivating destination in Northeast India.
  • Ambassa: Ambassa, a serene town nestled amid picturesque hills in Tripura, captivates visitors with its tranquil ambiance and cultural richness. The town is adorned with ancient temples like Manu and Kamaleshwari, providing insights into the local heritage. Ambassa offers a peaceful escape, inviting exploration of its historical and spiritual landmarks.
  • Kailasahar: Kailasahar, nestled in the verdant landscapes of Tripura, is a picturesque town celebrated for its natural beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery, the town is a gateway to the fascinating Unakoti archaeological site, known for its ancient rock-cut sculptures and intricate carvings, offering a glimpse into the region's rich historical and cultural heritage.
  • Belonia: Belonia, a town in southern Tripura near the India-Bangladesh border, offers a fascinating blend of cultural diversity and natural beauty. Known for its proximity to wildlife sanctuaries like Sepahijala and Gondacherra, Belonia provides a tranquil escape. The town showcases a unique cultural tapestry influenced by its strategic location and historical significance.

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IndiGo flights to Tripura across India

IndiGo operates flights to Agartala on a regular basis. When planning a trip to Tripura, or any other destination, it's advisable to check for the latest flight schedules, ticket prices, and any travel restrictions that may be in place. IndiGo updates the routes and schedules on the website and mobile app.

  • Flights to Agartala: Planning flights to Tripura? Get on the next IndiGo flight to the state capital Agartala and discover the cultural city. Whether you're drawn to the Ujjayanta Palace or the Neermahal Water Palace, flights to Agartala offer a gateway to history and natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which airports serve Tripura?

The main airport in Tripura is Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IXA) in Agartala.

Are there direct flights to Tripura from major cities in India?

Yes, IndiGo offers regular flights from major cities like Kolkata and Guwahati to Agartala.

What is the best time to visit Tripura?

The best time to visit Tripura is between the months of October to February. During this time, the weather remains pleasant.

How long is the flight to Tripura from major cities in India?

The duration of flights varies depending on the departure city and whether it's a direct or connecting flight. Check IndiGo’s website or mobile app for all the details.

What amenities are available at Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport?

Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport provides basic facilities like lounges, baggage services, and dining options. Check the airport's official website for the latest information.

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