Airports in Chandigarh

Chandigarh International Airport serves as a vital aviation hub for the northern region of India. Located approximately 20 kilometres from the heart of Chandigarh, the airport provides convenient access to the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. Designed to meet international standards, the airport features modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and efficient services. With a contemporary terminal building, the airport caters to domestic and a few international flights, connecting Chandigarh to key destinations such as Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, and more. Travellers passing through the airport can enjoy amenities such as lounges, duty-free shops, restaurants, and car rental services. The airport's strategic location and well-maintained facilities make it a significant gateway for business and leisure travellers in the northern part of India. If you are planning to travel with comfort, make sure to choose ‘6Exclusive Fare’ and avail up to 10% off on your flight to the airport in Chandigarh.

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1. Chandigarh International Airport

Chandigarh is charming with its many lakes and gardens, grand civic buildings, public monuments, and elegant boulevards. To visit this city by flight, you need to arrive at Chandigarh International Airport. It is approx. 19 kilometres away from the city.

  • Airport address: Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh International Airport Limited, Mohali
  • IATA Code: IXC

What is Chandigarh famous for?

Chandigarh, often hailed as India's first planned city, is renowned for its unique blend of modern urban planning and natural beauty. Designed by the renowned architect Le Corbusier, the city is famous for its well-organised sectors, wide tree-lined avenues, and picturesque gardens. The Rock Garden of Chandigarh, an artistic marvel crafted from industrial and home waste, stands as a testament to the city's creativity and innovation. Sukhna Lake, an artificial reservoir, adds to the city's charm with its serene surroundings, offering a popular spot for leisure activities. 

Places to visit in Chandigarh

  • Rock Garden: Created by Nek Chand using industrial and home waste, the Rock Garden is a unique sculpture garden that showcases the artistic potential of recycled materials.
  • Sukhna Lake: A serene artificial reservoir at the foothills of the Himalayas, Sukhna Lake is a popular spot for boating, picnics, and evening strolls along its scenic promenade.
  • Rose Garden (Zakir Hussain Rose Garden): Asia's largest rose garden, this beautifully landscaped space boasts thousands of rose varieties, making it a delightful place for nature lovers.
  • Chandigarh Capitol Complex: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Capitol Complex houses the Legislative Assembly, the Secretariat, and the High Court. The architectural design by Le Corbusier is a striking example of modernist architecture.
  • Sector 17 Plaza: The commercial heart of Chandigarh, Sector 17 Plaza is a bustling area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike.
  • Leisure Valley: Stretching across several sectors, the Leisure Valley is a green belt with well-maintained parks, gardens, and walking paths. It offers a peaceful escape from the urban hustle.
  • Government Museum and Art Gallery: Home to an impressive collection of Gandharan sculptures, miniature paintings, and contemporary art, this museum provides a glimpse into India's rich cultural heritage.
  • Elante Mall: For those interested in shopping and entertainment, Elante Mall is the largest mall in Chandigarh, featuring a wide range of retail stores, restaurants, and a cinema.
  • Morni Hills: Located near Chandigarh, Morni Hills offer a refreshing retreat with panoramic views, trekking trails, and a small lake. It's a great destination for a day trip.
  • Cactus Garden: Asia's largest cactus garden, it houses a diverse collection of cacti and succulents, making it a unique and fascinating place for plant enthusiasts.
  • Chandigarh Museum and Art Gallery: This museum showcases a rich collection of artifacts, including sculptures, ancient coins, and decorative arts, providing insights into the history and culture of the region.

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IndiGo flights to Chandigarh across India

One of the prominent airlines in India, IndiGo offers convenient and reliable air travel options to Chandigarh from various cities across the country. Operating frequent flights to Chandigarh International Airport, IndiGo ensures seamless connectivity to this well-planned city. Passengers can experience the airline's commitment to punctuality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, making their journey to Chandigarh comfortable and enjoyable. With a modern fleet and a reputation for excellent service, IndiGo plays a crucial role in facilitating travel to and from Chandigarh, connecting it with major metropolitan hubs and smaller cities across India. 

  • Flights to Chandigarh: Chandigarh is a planned city designed by renowned architect Le Corbusier, it serves as a capital for both Haryana and Punjab. This city boasts well-organised sectors, lush greenery, and avant-garde architecture all around. There are also several attractions, once you book flights to Chandigarh, you can explore the city's prominent landmarks such as the Capitol Complex, the Rock Garden, and Sukhna Lake, each of these offering a harmonious blend of nature and urban design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main airport in Chandigarh?

The main airport in Chandigarh is Chandigarh International Airport. Its IATA code is IXC.

How far is Chandigarh International Airport from the city centre?

Chandigarh International Airport is approximately 20 kilometres away from the city centre, and the travel time by road is usually around 30-40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

What transportation options are available from the airport to the city centre?

Travellers can use taxis, cabs, and car rental services available at Chandigarh International Airport for transportation to the city center. Some hotels also provide shuttle services for their guests.

Are there facilities for currency exchange at Chandigarh International Airport?

Yes, Chandigarh International Airport has facilities for currency exchange to assist travellers with financial transactions.

Are there lounges at Chandigarh International Airport?

Yes, Chandigarh International Airport has lounges where passengers can relax, enjoy refreshments, and access various amenities before their flights. Some lounges may be accessible through airline memberships or payment.

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