Airports in Australia

The land Down Under, where kangaroos play hopscotch, and the sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink. Book flights to Australia, a treasure trove of natural wonders and vibrant cities. where, you can embrace its unique charm and dive into the Great Barrier Reef, a mesmerising underwater world where fish dance among colourful coral gardens. Venture into the heart of the Outback, where the rugged landscapes tell tales of ancient cultures and starlit nights. Don your hat and explore Sydney's iconic Opera House, a masterpiece of architectural prowess, or surf the waves at Bondi Beach, where sun-kissed vibes await.

Know all about the airports in Australia for a convenient journey

Want to know about the airports of Australia in detail? Scroll through this list below.

1. Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport is an international airport located in the suburb of Mascot, 8 km south of the city central business district. There are three terminals - Terminal 1 is mainly for international flights, whereas, Terminal 2 is for domestic and regional flights. Terminal 3 is a major hub for Qantas and QantasLink. Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 have a short walking distance, however, Terminal 1 is slightly far, and there are airport train links, shuttle and taxis that connect to the terminal. 

  • Airport address: Mascot NSW 2020, Australia
  • Airport code: SYD

2. Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport also known as Tullamarine Airport is one of the largest airports in Australia with both international and domestic terminals. It is located approximately 23 kilometres from the city centre. There are four terminals, one international, and the remaining are domestic terminals. 

  • Airport address: Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia
  • Airport code: MEL

3. Perth Airport

Perth Airport is located in the western part of Australia, around 17 kilometres from the city centre. It consists of two international terminals and four domestic terminals, as well as a General Aviation precinct. In order to get from one terminal to another, there is a free shuttle. There are various modes of transport options like taxis and buses.

  • Airport address: 32 Boud Ave, Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia
  • Airport code: PER

4. Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is a major airport in Queensland, Australia. Several international flights arrive and depart from here. The airport is located at a distance of 17 kilometres from the city centre. Getting to and from is hassle-free with several modes of transport connecting to the airport. Brisbane Airport has two terminals - the Domestic Terminal and International Terminal.

  • Airport address: Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia
  • Airport code: BNE

5. Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport is the main airport located close to the city centre. The airport offers domestic and international flights to destinations across Australia and the world. Adelaide Airport features modern facilities, convenient transport links, and a range of amenities for travellers.

  • Airport address: Sir Richard Williams Ave, Adelaide Airport SA 5950, Australia
  • Airport code: ADL

6. Canberra Airport 

Located in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra Airport has modern facilities and efficient services. The airport offers domestic and international flights, connecting travellers to major cities across Australia and beyond. It boasts convenient access to Canberra's attractions and business districts.

  • Airport address: 21 Terminal Cct, Canberra Airport ACT 2609, Australia
  • Airport code: CBR

7. Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport is located in Coolangatta, Queensland, a bustling hub serving the popular tourist destination of the Gold Coast. With modern facilities and a convenient location near world-renowned beaches and attractions, the airport offers domestic and international flights, making it a gateway to this vibrant coastal region.

  • Airport address: Eastern Ave, Bilinga QLD 4225, Australia
  • Airport code: OOL

What is Australia famous for?

A vibrant and diverse Oceanic country, it is renowned for its spectacular natural wonders and unique wildlife. It is known to have a number of cute animals and dangerous insects, diverse landscape with snow-clad mountains, and beautiful hills. It beckons with the mesmerising Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system, and Uluru, an ancient monolith steeped in Aboriginal history. Beyond all this, Australia's iconic Sydney Opera House stands as an architectural marvel. Additionally, Australia is synonymous with outdoor adventures, inviting enthusiasts to surf on golden beaches, hike through lush rainforests, and explore the expansive Outback. The fusion of indigenous traditions, a love for sports, a thriving culinary scene, and the warm, welcoming spirit of its people complete the mosaic of Australia's fame on the global stage.

Places to visit in Australia

  • Sydney: Australia's dazzling jewel, this city captivates with its iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. It's a bustling metropolis boasting beautiful beaches like Bondi, a vibrant arts scene, and an array of culinary delights. The city's blend of modernity and natural beauty, including the stunning Sydney Harbour, ensures an unforgettable experience.
  • Melbourne: Known for its stylish laneways adorned with street art, the city hosts numerous events, including the Australian Open and Melbourne Cup. Melbourne is a cultural hub that thrives with arts, coffee, and a lively culinary scene. Gardens, galleries, and a diverse mix of cultures add to its charm.
  • Brisbane: Brisbane, the river city, offers a subtropical climate and a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Nestled along the River Brisbane, it's a gateway to the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. The South Bank Parklands, museums, and a burgeoning food scene are among its many attractions.
  • Perth: Perth may be far off from the rest of its neighbours but it certainly boasts pristine beaches, including the famous Cottesloe Beach, and a burgeoning arts and dining scene. It's the gateway to Western Australia's natural wonders, from the rugged Outback to the stunning landscapes of the River Margaret .
  • AdelaideAdelaide is surrounded by world-famous vineyards, offering tours and tastings. The city is renowned for its festivals, like the Adelaide Fringe and a thriving arts community. The Adelaide Oval and picturesque Adelaide Hills are must-see attractions here.
  • Hobart: Nestled in Tasmania, Hobart is a charming harbour city steeped in history. It's a gateway to the rugged wilderness of Tasmania and renowned for its fresh seafood, artsy culture, and the captivating Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).
  • Canberra: Canberra, the capital city, showcases Australia's political and cultural heritage. It houses iconic landmarks such as the Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, and National Gallery of Australia. The city is known for its well-planned architecture and vast green spaces.
  • Darwin: On the tip of Australia, Darwin is considered a gateway to Asia. It offers a tropical experience with its outdoor markets, stunning sunsets, and nearby natural wonders like Kakadu National Park. The city is a blend of indigenous culture, adventure, and a laid-back lifestyle.
  • Gold Coast: The Gold Coast, known for its pristine beaches and thrilling theme parks, is a haven for surfers and adventure seekers. Surfers Paradise, Sea World, and the Hinterland's natural beauty make it a favourite among tourists.

Visa and immigration

All it takes is Australia visa to indulge in heart-racing activities and witnessing sights worth sighing at. Australia offers a variety of visas for Indian nationals based on the purpose of travel and eligibility criteria. You can scroll through the list on their website. However, you can find different types of Australia visas for Indians wishing to travel to Australia. To know more about how to get Australia visa from India, you can visit IndiGo. 

IndiGo flights to Australia from India

With IndiGo flights to Australia you get to explore some of the beautiful cities in Australia and the historical landmarks, natural wonders, and try out local food. Book flights to Sydney and explore the iconic Opera House, indulge in an adventure at the Outback by booking flights to Perth. Make sure to get your flights to Melbourne to soak in the Australian culture, and do not miss out on the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef by getting flights to Brisbane. Individuals who wish to travel to Australia can easily book their international flights from India through the IndiGo website or mobile application. By booking your flights to Australia, you can get offers and discounts as well as cashbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major international airports in Australia?

Australia has several major international airports, including Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, and Perth Airport, among others.

Do I need a visa to transit through an Australian airport?

Yes, if you're transiting through an Australian airport and will be in the country for more than eight hours, you will need a transit visa, unless you are exempt based on your nationality.

How early should I arrive at the airport for international flights from India?

It's recommended to arrive at least 3 hours before your international flight’s departure time to allow for check-in, security checks, and boarding.

How long is the flight from India to Australia?

The duration of a non-stop flight from major Indian cities (e.g., Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru) to Australian cities (e.g., Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) is approximately 10 to 14 hours, depending on the specific route and destination.

Are there direct IndiGo flights from India to Australia?

There are no direct flights available from India to Australia. IndiGo offers connecting flights in codeshare with Qantas Airways.

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