Airports in Israel

Nestled in the Middle East, Israel is a small country that is often considered the centre of religious tourism. People from different corners of the world visit Israel to travel to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Owing to this boom in tourism, the country has been evolving at a fast rate. The airports in Israel have contributed immensely to cater to this increasing tourism by handling a large number of passengers from all over the world. Want to know more about the airports in Israel? Don’t worry, we have got everything covered for the ease of travellers.

Know all about the airports in Israel for a convenient journey

Want to know about the airports of Israel in detail? We’ve got you covered.

1. Ben Gurion International Airport

Ben Gurion International Airport is the major airport serving the whole of Israel. The airport is located at a distance of 20 km from the city centre of Tel Aviv and 45 km from Jerusalem. The former name of the airport was the Lod Airport and it was in 1973 when the airport got its current name after Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. The airport is the gateway to the famous cities of Israel such as Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva.

The airport ranks in the top 5 airports in the Middle East. Travelling to the Ben Gurion International Airport is extremely safe as the airport is equipped with high-security checks. Moreover, the facilities like VIP lounges, free Wi-Fi, duty-free stores, pharmacy and more comply with the airport being one of the best airports. 

  • Airport address: 7015001, Israel
  • Airport code: TLV

What is Israel famous for?

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is a country to experience a medley of cultures. The place is considered a holy land for Christians and Muslims and alike. To experience the ethereal beauty of this desert country, Israel welcomes not only the religious souls but also holidaymakers who want to spend their vacay in the best way. 

This holy land is lined with religious places such as the Temple Mount complex, Al-Aqsa Mosque, Church of Holy Sepulchre. From mighty mountains to stunning beaches, Israel is the place to have all kinds of experiences. So, plan a trip to Israel to be part of Israel’s cultural heritage and collect some everlasting memories.

Places to visit in Israel

  • Jerusalem: A city steeped in history, home to the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where diverse cultures converge amid ancient stones.
  • Tel Aviv: Tel-Aviv is a vibrant metropolis with sun-soaked beaches, modern architecture, and a bustling culinary scene, epitomizing Israel's contemporary spirit.
  • Masada: A desert fortress with breathtaking views of the Dead Sea, symbolizing resilience and sacrifice, accessible by cable car or a challenging hike.
  • Dead Sea: Earth's lowest point, renowned for its hypersaline waters allowing effortless floating, therapeutic mud, and stunning desert landscapes.
  • Galilee: Serene landscapes surround the Sea of Galilee, offering historic sites like Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, and the ancient city of Tiberias.
  • Nazareth: The hometown of Jesus, hosting the Basilica of the Annunciation and the Old City's charming alleys, blending spirituality with cultural richness.
  • Haifa: A coastal city featuring the beautiful Bahá'í Gardens, a UNESCO site, panoramic views from Mount Carmel, and a vibrant mix of cultures.
  • Acre (Akko): A UNESCO-listed city with well-preserved Crusader ruins, Ottoman architecture, and an underground Crusader city showcasing layers of history.
  • Eilat: A resort town on the Red Sea, offering coral reefs for diving, stunning marine life, and the unique experience of swimming with dolphins.
  • Caesarea: Ancient ruins of a Roman port city, combining archaeological wonders with a stunning Mediterranean backdrop, including a Roman theatre and aqueduct.

Visa and immigration

Israel is popular during summers for their sandy beaches where one can spend a balmy time. Depending on why you wish to visit Israel, you can choose from a range of Israel visas. There is a tourist visa for tourism, which is best for globetrotters, history buffs, and food enthusiasts, while the work visa is ideal for those wanting to work in the country. To know more about how to get an Israel visa from India and the steps to follow, visit IndiGo Israel visa guide for more information. 

IndiGo flights to Israel from India

Offering top-notch connectivity, India’s budget airline, IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines operates to many global destinations, Israel being one of them. IndiGo has flights to Tel Aviv-Yafo and on booking these tickets passengers are also given certain perks such as instant cashback and crazy discounts. So, give your religious trip to Israel an amazing start with international flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get flights to Israel from India?

IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines offers flights to Israel from Delhi.

How many international airports are there in Israel?

The number of international airports in Israel is 3.

Is it safe to travel to the Ben Gurion International Airport?

Yes, the Ben Gurion International Airport has the best security facility for the safety of travellers.

Which is the major airport in Israel?

The Ben Gurion International Airport is the key airport in Israel.

What are the best places to visit in Israel?

Some of the best places to visit in Israel are Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, etc.

What is the preferred language for communication at airports in Israel?

Arabic and English are the preferred languages for communication at airports in Israel.

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