Airports in Portugal

To get a southwest European experience, book flights to Portugal. This country holds a special allure for travellers from across the globe. Known for its breathtaking coastline, charming towns, and rich cultural heritage, Portugal offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern attractions. The vibrant city of Lisbon, with its colourful neighbourhoods and historic landmarks, never fails to captivate spectators. All fingers will point toward Algarve region for those seeking picturesque beaches. Whether exploring historic cities or indulging in the natural beauty of the countryside, Portugal is a destination that leaves an indelible mark in the hearts of travellers.

All you need to know about airports in Portugal for a hassle-free journey

To savour famous dishes like bacalhau and pastéis de nata, and delve into the charm that the country is known for, book your flights to Portugal now. Here is detailed information about Portugal Airports. 

1. Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, simply known as Porto Airport, is the closest airport to Porto. Located approximately 10 km from the city centre, it serves both international and domestic flights. The airport has metro and bus services that link it to the city. The terminal consists of three levels and includes services like restaurants and cafés, shops and duty-free stores, baggage services, convenience services, free Wi-Fi, and lounges.

  • Airport address: 4470-558 Vila Nova da Telha, Porto, Portugal
  • Airport code:OPO 

2. Humberto Delgado Airport 

Humberto Delgado Airport or Lisbon Airport is approximately 7 km from Lisbon. It is the main airport that serves Lisbon with international flights. You can easily get to the airport by the aerobús, metro, local bus, and taxi. Humberto Delgado Airport has two terminals with a free shuttle that connects T1 and T2. The terminal includes check-in counters, post office, ATM machines, food vending machines, restaurants, and security checks.

  • Airport address: Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas, 1700-111 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Airport code: LIS

What is Portugal famous for?

Portugal is bound to keep you hooked with so much to see and do; with each attraction bringing a gleamer in the eyes. The sunny weather, historic centres like the UNESCO World Heritage site Pena Palace, and beautiful trams are some of the things that make Portugal a famous country to visit. 

Places to visit in Portugal

  • Lisbon: Step into the soul of Portugal when you visit Lisbon. One of the joyous things to do in Lisbon is to take a tram ride through the historic neighbourhoods. Lose yourself in the labyrinthine streets of Alfama, where colourful houses cling to steep hillsides, and feel the pulse of the city where old-world charm meets modern vibrancy. While here, marvel at the intricate tile work of the São Jorge Castle that transports you to a bygone era, and indulge in pastéis de nata at the iconic Pastéis de Belém, with their creamy custard filling melting in your mouth.
  • Porto: Located along the enchanting River Douro, Porto is a beautiful city with rich history and sights that will make you gasp in wonder. Here you can wander through the UNESCO Ribeira district where colourful buildings reflect in the water, creating a mesmerising symphony of hues. Porto has several bridges and the iconic Dom Luís I Bridge is one of many, connecting the bustling city with the tranquillity of Vila Nova de Gaia.
  • Sintra: Sintra is such a dream-like destination where you may just feel like your dreams will come to life. Surrounded by lush mountains, Sintra's palaces and estates will transport you to a land taken out of a storybook. Marvel at the whimsical Pena Palace, perched atop a hill, with its vibrant colours and eclectic architecture captivating the imagination. It is after all a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you wander through Sintra's cobblestone streets, shrouded in mist and mystery, you'll feel transported to a realm where magic and reality intertwine, creating an unforgettable experience.
  • Algarve: Portugal’s southernmost region of Algarve is where the golden beaches and rugged cliffs await. This sun-kissed gem is framed by crystal-clear water, hidden caves, and grottos along the coastline. Lagos in Algarve is quaint town famous for beaches surrounded by rocky formations and cliffs. Another town, Albufeira is known for its nightlife and lively restaurants. The towns across this region have charming streets that come alive with bustling markets and enticing aromas of freshly cooked seafood.
  • Évora: Step back in time in Évora and wander through the well-preserved ancient walls and narrow streets. As you navigate through the streets, it will lead you to the stunning Temple of Diana, a testament to the city's Roman past. Here, you can explore the beautiful Chapel of Bones whose macabre interiors remind us of life's transience. The city’s timeless charm emanates from its cobblestone squares, fountains, and offers a sense of serenity inviting you to unravel its captivating stories.

Visa and Immigration

You need Portugal visa to enter the country. However, since Portugal is part of the European Union (EU), you will require a Portuguese Schengen visa. Before applying for the visa, make sure that your passport is valid for a minimum of three months from the date of travel and that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your Portugal trip. With this visa tourists are permitted to stay for up to 90 days from the date of entry, which is a short stay. If your stay exceeds 90 days, you will need to apply for a long-stay visa. Multiple-entry visas for Portugal are also available for those who travel to the EU regularly.

IndiGo flights to Portugal from India

Portugal is served by several international airports that cater to both domestic and international flights. If you plan to travel to Portugal, you can find many options that connect India to Portugal via codeshare flights. The India to Portugal flights can be booked both from the official website of IndiGo or the mobile app. So, without any delay, book your flights to Portugal and explore this stunning country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main international airports in Portugal?

The main international airports in Portugal are Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) in Lisbon, Porto Airport (OPO) in Porto, and Faro Airport (FAO) in the Algarve region. These airports serve as major gateways for international travellers.

How do I get from Lisbon Portela Airport to the city centre?

There are several transportation options available from the airport to the city centre, including taxis, airport shuttles, public buses, and the metro. The metro (Red Line) provides a convenient and affordable way to reach the city centre.

Are there duty-free shops and dining options at the Portugal Airports?

Yes, all major airports in Portugal have a range of duty-free shops, including fashion stores and souvenir shops. There are also numerous dining options available, including cafés, restaurants, and fast-food outlets, offering both local and international cuisine.

Can I exchange currency at the airports?

Yes, all major airports in Portugal have currency exchange services and ATMs where you can withdraw cash.

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