Airports in Maldives

Deemed as one of the most popular international destinations, in Maldives is the home to hundreds of coral islands. These palm-fringed islands ensconced in this archipelago offer some of the best views. Moreover, adding to the highlights are the breathtaking beaches dotted with crystal clear water, golden sand and offering splendid views of Maldives’s skyline. 

Apart from sightseeing, tourists also indulge in a number of adrenaline rushing activities to experience thrill and fun. Over the years this place has evolved as one of the best places for holidaymakers to have the best experience. So, owing to all of these Maldives has also witnessed a boom in tourism. Maldives is well connected through the airports, which makes it easier for travellers to plan a vacay to this stunning destination. The airports are equipped with the best of facilities for making up for the best travel experiences.

A list of airports in Maldives for the best travel experience

Maldives has a total number of 18 airports - 5 international and 13 domestic. As the islands in Maldives are spread over a vast area, it is the airports that are like blessings in connecting the remote islands with each other. The airports in Maldives are well-planned and offer top-notch connectivity. However, located in the capital city of Maldives, the Male International Airport functions as the key airport in the Maldives. 

Here is a list of 18 airports in Maldives: 

  1. Hoarafushi Airport
  2. Hanimaadhoo International Airport
  3. Funadhoo Airport
  4. Kulhudhuffushi Airport
  5. Ifuru Airport
  6. Maafaru Airport
  7. Madivaru Airport
  8. Velana International Airport
  9. Dharavandhoo Airport
  10. Maamigili International Airport
  11. Dhaalu Airport
  12. Thimarafushi Airport
  13. Kadhdhoo Airport
  14. Kaadedhdoo Airport
  15. Gan International Airport
  16. Fuvahmulah Airport
  17. Villa International Airport
  18. Maavarurlu Airport 

Note: At present, out of all the above-mentioned airports IndiGo offers flights to Maldives operating to Male International Airport.

Overview of top 10 airports in Maldives

This list comprises both domestic and international airports in Maldives. So, go through this insightful list to know about the airports in the Maldives in detail.

1. Velana International Airport

The Velana International Airport is located just 3 km away from the capital city of Maldives, Male. It is also known as the Male International Airport or Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. The airport serves as the gateway into Maldives and is connected to most of the parts of the world. The management and operations of the Velana International Airport are taken care of by the Maldives Airports Company Limited. The airport offers both domestic and international flights and has flights from the IndiGo airlines too. 

The airport located on the Hulhule island started its journey with a small airstrip in 1960. Later, it was in 1966 when the Velana International Airport got equipped with a runway. And finally, in 1981, the airport was given the status of an international airport and named the Male International Airport. Equipped with 3 terminals, the Velana International Airport can withstand a capacity of 7.3 million passengers. 

For a complete lowdown of the airport, visit our Male Airport page

  • Airport address: Airport Main Rd, 22000, Maldives
  • Airport code: MLE

2. Villa International Airport

Situated on the Maamigili island, the idea for Villa International Airport was proposed by Qasim Ibrahim. The Villa International Airport is managed by the Villa group and was opened in 2011. However, it was in 2013 that the airport received the status of an international airport. The airport has a single terminal and runway and has ferry boats for passengers to easily travel to Male.

  • Airport address: FRFQ+859, Maamigili, Maldives
  • Airport code: VAM

3. Gan International Airport

Another international airport in Maldives is the Gan International Airport. The airport located on Gan island was initially under the control of the Royal Navy and now is operated by Addu International Pvt. Ltd. The Gan International Airport has even served as a military airbase during World War II. All those planning to spend a secluded time on this isolated island must make sure to visit the Gan beach. 

  • Airport address: Building No 100 Airport Main Road Addu City Gan, 19070, Maldives
  • Airport code: ATM

4. Dharavandhoo Airport

Dharavandhoo Airport was opened in 2012. This is a domestic airport in Maldives located in the famous Dharavandhoo island. It is a private airport owned by Coastline Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd. Some of the popular destinations to which this airport offers flights are Male, Ifuru and Hanimaadhoo. The airport is also equipped with shuttle services to ensure hassle-free transfers. 

  • Airport address:544M+4W2, Dharavandhoo, Maldives
  • Airport code: DRV

5. Kaadedhdhoo Airport

The airport started operating flights for public use in the year 1993. It is managed by the Maldives Airport Corporation. Located in the scenic Kaadedhdhoo Island, the airport also offers a perfect getaway for holidaymakers to come and witness the ethereal beauty of Kaadedhdhoo Island. The airport has only domestic flights to offer and travellers can get speed boats for a hassle-free transfer from the airport. 

  • Airport address: Kaadedhdhoo, Maldives
  • Airport code: KDM

6. Thimarafushi Airport

The Thimarafushi Airport is another domestic airport serving the Thaa Atoll region in Maldives. The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company was responsible for the construction of the airport. The airport was opened for public use in 2013 and was inaugurated by the then president, Mohamed Waheed Hassan. 

  • Airport address:6563+C58, Thimarafushi, Maldives
  • Airport code: TMF

7. Hanimaadhoo International Airport

The Hanimaadhoo International Airport is another airport in Maldives managed by Maldives Airport Company Limited. It earlier served only domestic flights and it was in 2012 when the airport was upgraded to acquire the status of an international airport. The airport has a single runway for both domestic and international flights. 

  • Airport address: P5W9+XGH, Hanimaadhoo, Maldives
  • Airport code: HMD

8. Fuvahmulah Airport

Serving the Fuvahmulah region of Maldives, the airport is located about 500 km from Male. This domestic airport is only a recent addition to the list of airports in Maldives as it was opened in 2011. The airport is operated by the Government of Maldives and has comparatively lesser tourist traffic as compared to other airports of Maldives. The airport is equipped with facilities like eateries, Wi-Fi, lounges and a few more. 

  • Airport address: Naibu Thuththu Hingun, Fuvahmulah, Maldives
  • Airport code: FVM

9. Maafaru International Airport

The Maafaru International Airport was opened only in 2019. This international airport in Maldives mainly serves the Noonu Atoll region of Maldives. The plan for the construction of this airport was initiated in the early 2000s, however, it was only in 2017 when the official construction of the airport started. The runway of this airport is quite spacious to accommodate the biggest airplanes. 

  • Airport address: Maafaru, Maldives
  • Airport code: NMF

10. Ifuru Airport

The last one on the list of airports in Maldives is the Ifuru Airport. This airport is located about 177 km away from the capital city of Male. The Island Aviation Services is responsible for the management of the Ifuru Airport. The airport serves the Raa Atoll and Noonu Atoll region and connects it to Male. Some of the scenic cities that tourists can explore from Ifuru are Komandoo, Furaveri, etc. 

  • Airport address: Ifuru Domestic Airport, Maldives
  • Airport code: IFU

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the largest airport in the Maldives?

Velana International Airport is the largest airport in the Maldives.

How many international flights are there in Maldives?

Maldives has a total of 5 international airports.

How many airports are there in Maldives?

Maldives has 18 airports in total.

What are the best places to visit in Maldives?

Some of the best places to visit in Maldives are Male, Maafushi, Addu Atoll and a few more.

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