Airports in Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for its stunning landscapes, precision engineering, and a commitment to neutrality. This landlocked country is often referred to as the "Swiss Confederation" and is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its majestic Alps, serene lakes, and charming villages. Switzerland boasts a highly developed and efficient transportation infrastructure, and its airports play a pivotal role in connecting this nation to the rest of the world. Notably, Zurich Airport, located in the country's largest city, Zurich, stands out as one of Europe's major international gateways. Known for its modern facilities and punctuality, Zurich Airport reflects Switzerland's dedication to precision. Additionally, Geneva Airport, situated near the United Nations headquarters, is a crucial hub for diplomatic and international travel. These airports not only serve as vital transport hubs but also embody the Swiss commitment to excellence and functionality.

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1. Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport also known as Kloten International Airport remains crowded with tourists at all times of the year. The airport is located at a distance of 13 km from Zurich. The airport is equipped with all the facilities you want in an airport such as lounge area, free Wi-Fi, porter services, family area and so many more. At present, the airport offers flights by a number of airlines including IndiGo. However, IndiGo operates with the help of its codeshare partner, Turkish Airlines. The airport has three runways and three terminals. 

  • Airport address: 8058 Kloten, Switzerland
  • Airport code: ZRH

2. Geneva International Airport

The Geneva International Airport was formerly known as the Cointrin Airport. The airport offers domestic flights, international flights and cargo services too. The airfield for the airport was built in 1919 and over the years the Geneva International Airport has handled as many as 15 million passengers in a year. Some of the facilities available at the airport are eateries, children play areas, lounges and more. 

  • Airport address: Rte de l'Aéroport 21, 1215 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland
  • Airport code: GVA

3. Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg

The Euro Airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is another international airport. As the name suggests it serves Basel in Switzerland, Mulhouse in France and Freiburg in Germany. The airport is located about 4 km away from Basel and is operated by a number of airlines and is administered by both France and Switzerland. The airport is designed in such a way that it ensures a comfortable layover for passengers. 

  • Airport address: 68300 Saint-Louis, France
  • Airport code: BSL

What is Switzerland famous for?

Renowned for its breathtaking Alpine scenery, Switzerland is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Beyond its landscapes, Switzerland is synonymous with precision engineering and innovation, exemplified by its world-famous watchmaking industry and the quality of Swiss-made products. The Swiss commitment to neutrality and diplomacy has also positioned the country as a hub for international organisations, hosting the headquarters of the Red Cross and numerous United Nations agencies. Swiss chocolate is a delectable indulgence that has achieved iconic status, reflecting the nation's dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Furthermore, the efficient and reliable Swiss public services, including an exemplary public transportation system, add to the nation's acclaim. 

Places to visit in Switzerland

  • Zurich: Switzerland's largest city, Zurich, is a vibrant metropolis known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent shopping, and a thriving arts scene. The picturesque Old Town, Lake Zurich, and the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street are popular attractions.
  • Geneva: Nestled along the shores of Lake Geneva, this international city is renowned for its Red Cross headquarters, numerous international organisations, and a stunning Jet d'Eau fountain. The Old Town and the United Nations European headquarters are must-visit landmarks.
  • Lucerne: Set against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Lake Lucerne, this city is postcard-perfect. The Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, and the Lion Monument are iconic landmarks. Take a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne or a cable car ride up Mount Pilatus for breathtaking views.
  • Bern: The capital city, Bern, is a UNESCO World Heritage site with its well-preserved medieval Old Town. The Zytglogge clock tower, Federal Palace, and the Bear Park are among the city's attractions.
  • Basel: Situated on the banks of the Rhine River, Basel is a cultural hub with numerous museums, including the renowned Art Basel. The Old Town, Basel Minster, and the Rhine River promenade are worth exploring.
  • Lausanne: Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is known for its lively cultural scene and the Olympic Museum. The Lausanne Cathedral and the Collection de l'Art Brut are notable attractions.
  • Interlaken: Nestled between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and surrounded by the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains, Interlaken is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It serves as a gateway to the Jungfrau region.
  • Zermatt: Famous for the iconic Matterhorn peak, Zermatt is a car-free mountain village that offers stunning views, excellent skiing, and hiking opportunities. The Gornergrat Railway provides panoramic vistas of the surrounding Alps.

Visa and immigration

Despite the fact that Switzerland is not part of the European Union, you can enter the country with a Schengen visa. Making travel easy and comfortable, not only can you dive into the beauty of Switzerland but also visit neighbouring countries. So, if you are planning on travelling to the country, this Switzerland visa guide will help you with the visa process, types of visas, how to apply, and more.

IndiGo flights to Switzerland from India

Deemed as one of the largest airports in Europe, the Kloten International Airport is also offered flights by India’s top airline, IndiGo. IndiGo together with Turkish Airlines offers flights to Switzerland with Delhi as the origin city. The details of the Delhi to Switzerland tickets can be directly grabbed from the official website of IndiGo. 

For booking the tickets to Switzerland with IndiGo, passengers can log in on the website or alternatively download the mobile app of IndiGo. Passengers on booking the tickets to Switzerland can even earn cashbacks and get maximum discounts too. So, why delay further in booking the tickets to Switzerland when IndiGo has so much to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the major airport in Switzerland?

The Kloten International Airport is considered one of the key airports in Switzerland.

Can I get domestic flights from the Kloten International Airport?

Yes, you can get both domestic and connecting flights from Kloten International Airport.

Does IndiGo offer flights to all the airports in Switzerland?

No, IndiGo offers flights to only Kloten International Airport in Switzerland.

What are the top cities to visit in Switzerland?

The best cities to visit in Switzerland are Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lugano and a lot more.

How long can I stay on a tourist visa in Switzerland?

The tourist visa in Switzerland is applicable for a maximum period of 90 days.

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