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Veer Savarkar International Airport Lamba Line, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744103

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Along with a mix of different cultures and traditions, Port Blair offers beautiful scenic landscapes, which make it one of the most popular destinations in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. As the sun rises from the Bay of Bengal, the beauty of nature engulfs you and takes you to a whole new world where you feel united with nature and dive in the serenity of it. One can explore the fascinating history of the place, indulge in its delicious cuisines or enjoy exciting activities in and around the place. The clear blue waters will make you want to go for a swim and relax by the beach. The weather is mostly favourable, but months between October and March are ideal for a getaway. Book your Port Blair flight tickets with IndiGo from various Indian and international cities and explore the beauty and serenity of the island.

Popular Domestic flights to Port Blair

Discover a rich tribal culture, explore the rugged coastline and experience ultimate water activities like snorkelling, deep-sea diving, under ocean walks and scuba diving. Port Blair promises to spoil you with choices. You can also try the most exquisite seafood like crabs, butter garlic lobster, golden prawns and whole grilled fish or just enjoy shopping handicrafts at the local markets. Go sightseeing, visit the historical Cellular Jail or the extraordinary Marine Museum, watch the most spectacular sunsets and make the best memories for a lifetime. Here’s enlisting the popular routes you can choose from at the time of flight booking to Port Blair:

  • Kolkata to Port Blair: The aerial distance between these two places is 1304km. There is a direct Kolkata to Port Blair flight in the morning, which takes off from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata and lands at Port Blair Airport.
  • Delhi to Port Blair: The aerial distance between the two is 2485km. Delhi to Port Blair flight usually has one or two stops in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai or Hyderabad, depending on which it takes 4 to 10 or more hours to reach.
  • Mumbai to Port Blair: IndiGo is the best flight option available on this route. The Mumbai to Port Blair flight has only one stop as it covers an aerial distance of 2278km.
  • Chennai to Port Blair: An aerial distance of 1376km is covered in about 2 hours 15 minutes by IndiGo’s non-stop Chennai to Port Blair flights. There are also other connecting flights available on this route.

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Popular International flights to Port Blair

Port Blair is a thriving hub for international tourism. It is a tropical Indian Ocean adventure spot, which is extremely popular among international tourists. The tropical climate, unadulterated nature, the indigenous people and their culture have been attracting tourists in large numbers from all over the globe. Port Blair is a modern city with refreshing hills, dense forests, wildlife, mangroves and the sea, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Let’s have a look at the popular international flights to Port Blair operated by IndiGo:

  • Dubai to Port Blair: The aerial distance between Dubai and Port Blair is 4274 km. You will need to take a connecting flight for this journey that will include one or two halts between the origin city and the destination.
  • London to Port Blair: There are several London to Port Blair flights that take more than 24 hours depending on the number of stops.
  • Colombo to Port Blair: With more than one connecting flights on this route, via Chennai,  IndiGo ensures that your journey does not take more than 9 hours 50 minutes.
  • Singapore to Port Blair: With 1683.37 km flight distance between these two places, IndiGo calls one or two stops at Chennai or Bengaluru.
  • Dhaka to Port Blair: IndiGo has flights from Dhaka to Port Blair via Kolkata and this journey takes 7 hours 15 minutes approximately.

Finding the lowest airfares

IndiGo brings you an array of exciting offers throughout the year, which you can avail while booking Port Blair flight tickets. One can either visit the official website or download the IndiGo mobile app to book tickets with exclusive offers and discounts. Always keep a check on the available flights and routes to find cheap flights to Port Blair.

FAQs about Flights to Port Blair

What if I exceed my free baggage weight allowance? 

If you are carrying extra luggage or more than the allowed baggage limit, you will be charged for every additional kilogram in case of domestic travel and when flying out of India, during check-in. 

How long does it take to get a refund for a cancelled ticket? 

After the deduction of cancellation fees from the total ticket amount, a refund will be made to you within seven working days. 

In case of cancellation or rescheduling of Kolkata to Port Blair flight, will IndiGo provide any additional benefits to passengers? 

Passengers will not be provided with any additional benefits. IndiGo is not liable for any loss incurred due to flight cancellation or rescheduling. 

Can a refund be obtained on itinerary cancellation? 

If bookings are cancelled two hours before the departure of domestic flights and four hours before international flights, a refund can be obtained on itinerary cancellation. Your amount shall be refunded after the deduction of a specific cancellation charge. 

My bag has not arrived at Port Blair Airport. What do I do? 

If your bag has not arrived at the destination, then please contact the staff members at the destination airport. They will assist you and also help you get your luggage back. 

Would I be able to use the same ticket I cancelled, in the future? 

No. You can either retain a credit note or store it in a credit shell with IndiGo for your next reservation. You can use the remaining amount after the deduction of applicable charges. 

How can I book a specific seat for myself on a Mumbai to Port Blair flight? 

Passengers can pay extra charges and book specific seats on the flight through our official website or at the airport.

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