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Hop on IndiGo’s Kochi to Port Blair flight

Whether it is long hauls or short flights, IndiGo ensures that you fly safely and reach your dream destination recharged and ready for a new adventure! IndiGo prides itself in setting the notch high up in customer satisfaction and at the same time adding value for money to their services. The Kochi to Port Blair flight will get you to your destination in one of the shortest time durations, clocking just a little over six hours. You can also make hassle-free return trip bookings for Port Blair to Kochi flight from the IndiGo website. You can also explore multiple flights to Port Blair and check flight details for the same at website.

Kochi is located on the western coast, and Port Blair is far off towards the eastern coast; there are almost no direct flights. However, IndiGo makes the journey feasible for you with just one layover. For more details, you can check the IndiGo website or mobile app on Android or iOS.

What are the best deals on IndiGo Kochi to Port Blair flights?

While time is money, IndiGo makes the most of it for you and at the same time provides you with the most reasonable and affordable deals that promise Kochi to Port Blair lowest airfares. Indeed, the offers are truly worth it! For more details, you can visit the official website of IndiGo or download their mobile app and avail of the most enticing offers on Kochi to Port Blair flight ticket price.

IndiGo also operates 20 weekly domestic flights and you can reserve your domestic flight tickets online through the IndiGo website. Online booking could land you with the best flight booking offers and your flight PNR status can also be checked easily. Here are a few flights to take from Port Blair if you want to travel further-

You can also book a round trip on IndiGo by booking Port Blair to Kochi flights in advance.

Port Blair – Experience marine wildlife up-close

Andaman and Nicobar islands lie in the Bay of Bengal, which is flocked with rich marine biodiversity. Several tourists and marine life enthusiasts go to Port Blair frequently to explore its mysterious coral reefs and experience the flourishing marine ecosystem. The exclusive and ancient coral reefs fringing on the Andaman Islands have become a widely popular scuba diving spot for tourists. These coral reefs not only are home to a myriad of oceanic life but also prevent the coastline of the islands from erosion.

  • Fun activities at Port Blair: As mentioned earlier, scuba diving is a very popular activity at Port Blair. The most favoured spot for the same is available in and around Havelock Island where one can enjoy a dip with rare jellyfish, sea turtles and even the rare species of sea cows or dugongs. Interesting fact – According to scholars, dugongs were mistaken to be maidens swimming in the ocean and hence cropped up the legend of mermaids!
  • Popular tourist attractions of Port Blair: Port Blair has tourist attractions galore and one only needs to find the time to tick off all the astounding places to visit. Apart from the mentioned scuba diving, there is a whole collection to bargain for! Most notable among the many are Cellular Jail, a historic incarceration centre of the British colonial rulers, the Samudrika Marine Museum and the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.
  • Places to shop in Port Blair: The Andaman Islands house an exotic line up of shopping destinations and handicrafts emporiums that showcase the native tribal culture and help spread awareness about their recently dwindling numbers. Among the most sought after markets are the Aberdeen Bazaar, MG Road, Queen Sea Shell Craft and Sagarika Emporium.
  • Best time to visit Port Blair: The city of Port Blair is a year-round tourist hotspot as tourists come in 2 batches during the two main peak seasons. The winter peak season is famous for the Tourism Festival and the trekking crowd, while the summer peak season attracts crowds interested in water-related activities.
  • Modes of transport: Since Port Blair is mainly a tourist-centric city, public transport buses and routes are limited while the taxi service and call cabs along with the auto-rickshaw unit are more active and easily available.
  • Weather in Port Blair: The humid and placid tropical climate of Port Blair is a boon to many tourists as the sun is not very harsh, just pleasant enough for a relaxing sunbathing experience. Rainfall is scattered but plentiful during the distinctive monsoon season.

Airport at Port Blair

The international airport at Port Blair, i.e. the Veer Savarkar International Airport is jointly run by the Airport Authority of India and the Indian Navy simply for purposes of national security. The civilian wing has enough capacity to handle the daily influx of tourist crowds.

  • Airport Address: Lamba Line, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744103
  • Airport IATA code: IXZ

Kochi – The queen of the Arabian Sea

Since the 14th century, and even during the Islamic era, Kochi was a popular destination for Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch traders to trade in exotic Indian spices. Kochi had a well-maintained trading network with pre-Islamic Arabia as well. The spice trade of Kochi during the medieval periods was so widespread that it has even been referred to by some scholars as the centre of the world spice trade.

  • Tourist attractions in Kochi: Kochi had been colonised by the Portuguese in the 16th century and as a result, a lot of that history remains intact in the form of Churches and forts. The Mattancherry Palace, Fort Kochi, Church of St. Francis, Paradesi Synagogue and many more have become tourist attractions in more recent years.
  • Places to shop in Kochi: Hands-down the best place for shoppers in Kochi is LuLu Mall Kochi, which is India’s biggest shopping mall covering a staggering 14 acres of space and having a seating capacity of 3000 in its food court. Besides this, there are other places to shop like Kuzhupilly Beach and Vasco Da Gama Square.
  • Modes of transport: Ferries, auto-rickshaws, trains, buses and taxis make up the majority of the media of transportation at Kochi; however, the auto-rickshaws are the most significant.
  • Weather in Kochi: Tropical monsoon climate is the type of weather that Kochi experiences. The monsoonal showers kick in right from April and May usually last till October. Hence the winter season is the only favourable time for tourists.

Airport in Kochi

Having two terminals, one for handling domestic and another for international flights, Cochin International Airport, is the first-ever Greenfield airport to be built in India. It is a public-private partnership venture, with 1,445 square meters of area and a total capacity of handling 1,600 incoming and 1,600 outgoing flights.

  • Airport Address: Airport Rd, Kochi, Kerala, 683111, INDIA
  • Airport IATA code: COK

FAQs about Kochi to PortBlair flights

What is the shortest Kochi to Port Blair flight?

The shortest flight is a little over six hours.

Is Web check-in available at Kochi Airport?

Yes, Web check-in is available at Kochi Airport.

How can I change or view my ticket booking status?

You can change or view your booking status from the official website of IndiGo.

How much baggage can I carry to Kochi?

You can carry up to 7 kg in hand baggage to Kochi.

Where can I check my current flight status?

You can check your current flight status on the official website of IndiGo.

How will I be notified of changes in flight schedule?

You will be notified either on your given mobile number via SMS or by e-mail to your given e-mail address.

Do I need to pay anything extra for my infant child on IndiGo flights?

Different destinations have differing infant charges. You can look it up on the official website of IndiGo.

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