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About Belagavi

Belagavi, also called Belgaum, located in Karnataka is popularly known as the Bamboo village. It is a popular travel destination among tourists of the country due to its rich cultural heritage, magnificent historic monuments and natural beauty. The top places include The Kittur Fort and Palace, Kamal Basadi, Ramakrishna Ashrama and the beautiful Gokak Falls. And you simply cannot miss the state heritage monument – the Belagavi Fort, which is a fantastic example of Indo-Saracenic, Chalukyan and Deccan architecture. So in case you are planning to visit this amazing place anytime soon, you can book your Belagavi flight tickets from the official site of IndiGo. Whether you are travelling from within India or abroad, you will find the best domestic and international flights on our site.

Belagavi has pleasant weather conditions throughout the year, but the best time to visit the place is between the months of November and March.

Domestic Flights to Belgaum

Belagavi attracts travellers throughout the year from within the country as well as abroad. For people looking to disconnect from the bustling cities and unwind, this is a favourite destination. Below is the list of the popular routes of the domestic flights to Belagavi:

  • Bengaluru to Belagavi – Both direct and connecting flights are available from Bengaluru to Belagavi. The direct Bengaluru to Belagavi flight will take around 1 hour 30 minutes. There is a connecting flight that takes you from Bengaluru to Belagavi with a layover at Hyderabad. The aerial distance between the two cities is 459 km.
  • Mumbai to Belagavi – No direct Mumbai to Belagavi flight is available. However, you will find connecting flights between the two cities with a layover of 1 hour 15 minutes in Bengaluru. The aerial distance between Mumbai and Belagavi is around 400 km.
  • Pune to Belagavi – The aerial distance between Pune to Belagavi is 306 km. If you are taking a Pune to Belagavi flight, you will have to halt at Bengaluru for 2 hours 15 minutes. There are no direct flights between the cities.
  • Hyderabad to Belagavi – Covering an aerial distance of 458 km, the direct Hyderabad to Belagavi flight will take you an hour and a half to reach. The connecting flight from Hyderabad to Belagavi will take around 7 hours and 35 minutes, including the layover at Bengaluru.
  • Kolkata to Belagavi – If you are planning to travel from Kolkata to Belagavi, you have to avail of a connecting flight that will halt at Bengaluru for about 4 hours. The flight distance between the two locations is around 1634 km, but there are no direct flights available.
  • Delhi to Belagavi – For those who visit Belagavi from Delhi, you have to take a connecting flight that will have a layover at Bengaluru. The total distance between the cities is 1448 km. In case you are wondering where to find cheap flights to Belagavi, look no further as IndiGo is the best place to book your Belagavi flight tickets.

List of Belagavi flight routes

International Flights to Belagavi

Due to the peaceful atmosphere and majestic historical monuments, Belagavi attracts travellers from not only around the country but around the world as well. Flights are available from different locations around the globe. Here are some of the most popular international routes operated by IndiGo:

  • Abu Dhabi to Belagavi – As there are no direct flights from Abu Dhabi to Belagavi, you have to board a connecting flight between the two cities. Covering an approximate distance of 2306.19 km, the journey will include a layover at Delhi and Hyderabad, before reaching Belagavi.
  • China to Belagavi If you want to take a flight to Belagavi from China, you will have to get on a connecting flight as there are no direct flights to take between the places. This flight will first take you from Chengdu to Delhi, then from Delhi to Hyderabad. From there you will reach your destination Belagavi.
  • Singapore to Belagavi – Covering a flight distance of 3593 km approximately, you have to take a connecting flight from Singapore to Belagavi. The flight will have a layover at Bengaluru of 3 hours 35 minutes, with the total flight timing of around 10 hours.

Along with the best travelling experience, IndiGo offers great discounts on flights to Belagavi. But in order to find such great deals on selected air routes, keep an eye out for such deals. For this, you can visit their official website,, or install their IndiGo mobile application to avail of amazing discounts on selected routes, with few simple clicks!                    

FAQs about Flights to Belagavi

Are direct flights available from Hyderabad to Belagavi?

You will have to take a connecting flight from Hyderabad to Belagavi, with a layover at Bengaluru. There are no direct flights to Belagavi from Hyderabad.

Can I book a particular seat on an IndiGo flight?

Yes, all passengers travelling with IndiGo can book a specific seat for themselves through the official website, or directly at the airport.

Can I contact IndiGo for providing my feedback or comments?

Yes, you can share your valuable feedback at our official Facebook page (IndiGo)  or on our Twitter page (@IndiGo6E). You can also send an SMS at our official number 566772 following the format FEEDBACK <space> PNR <space> feedback.

What is the process of cancelling a reservation?

For cancelling a reserved seat, you have to visit the “View/Change” option at our official website and alter your itineraries. You can change your itineraries from there and even add meals, pre-paid excess baggage details, etc.

Will the airline authorities inform me in case my flight gets cancelled, postponed or delayed?

Yes, if you have provided your mobile number while booking your seat, IndiGo will inform you through an SMS on your mobile, if such an event occurs. You will also get a revised itinerary via email at your registered email address.

Can I avail of a direct flight from China to Belagavi?

As there are no direct flights from China to Belagavi, you have to take a connecting flight. This flight will take you to Belagavi after halting at Delhi and Hyderabad.

What if my baggage has arrived at the destination and is not in a good condition?

If you have received your baggage at the destination but it is not in good condition, contact the airport staff at the arrival hall of the airport.

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