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Book your flight ticket for Mangaluru to Belagavi with IndiGo

IndiGo provides a perfect flying experience for those travelling from Mangaluru to Belagavi. Known as the cultural and second capital city in Karnataka state, Belagavi city is one of the smart cities to be developed in the first phase of smart city development in India. The city is rich in history which dates back to the 12th century from the Ratta dynasty. Despite being historical and cultural, this city is equipped with all the amenities for the tourists visiting here.

Best deals on Mangalore to Belagavi flights

IndiGo operates daily flights for the passengers travelling from Mangaluru to Belagavi. With IndiGo you can book Mangalore to Belagavi lowest airfare tickets with ease and avail offers on bookings too. IndiGo provides 6E add-ons for additional services such as extra baggage allowance, inflight snacks and more to its passengers. IndiGo also offers travel assistance and insurance for your journey. You can surf Mangaluru to Belagavi flight ticket prices and book directly from the IndiGo website or through IndiGo mobile app.

For those who are flying from Mangaluru to Belagavi, IndiGo provides flights having a single layover at Bengaluru or Hyderabad, which might be the best option to fly to Belagavi from Mangaluru as compared to other connecting flights.

Belagavi – A traditional heritage

Tourists who prefer to explore cultural and historical places should give a visit to Belagavi city, which is located in Karnataka state. This city has witnessed several dynasties dating back from the 12th century till now. Belagavi is considered to be developed as a smart city in the coming years. Tourists can explore centuries-old temples, churches and mosques in this city.

Things to do in Belagavi

A day trip to the Belagavi fort can be made at first while here. An adventurous trek to Gokak falls is surely worth it.

Go to the Military Mahadeva temple and Military Durga Devi temple, which are ancient and have beautiful architecture.

Tourist attractions in Belagavi

The Belagavi fort is the most visited place by tourists. This 12th-century fort has unique architecture and beautiful designs inside. Rajhansgad fort is also a historical fort which is worth visiting.

Shri Ramkrishna Mission ashram is a huge sacred place where you can seek some peace and can offer prayers as well.

Places to shop in Belagavi

In Belagavi you can shop for traditional clothes, apparel, Jewelry and souvenirs at Vishal Megamart, Neena supermarket, and Nucleus mall.

Best time to visit Belagavi

The perfect time to explore Belagavi city is during the fall and winter season. You can visit Belagavi from September to March every year. The weather is just suitable for all activities here.

Modes of transport in Belagavi

Belagavi city has its own city bus service which is usually preferred by tourists. For short destinations within the city, you can choose a rickshaw. For longer distances around the city book a cab.

Weather in Belagavi

Belagavi has a warm tropical type of climate. The summer is usually warm and humid while the winter season is mild. In summer the temperature can rise up to 400C. In winters the temperature can drop till 14 degree Celsius. Rains are common from June to September.

Airport in Belagavi

Belagavi airport serves the city of Belagavi and is located 10 km from the city centre. The airport is equipped with one major runway and a new terminal building handling domestic flights. IndiGo operates daily flights for these routes: Belagavi to Delhi, Belagavi to Bengaluru, Belagavi to Chennai, Belagavi to Mangaluru and Belagavi to Tirupati.  You can catch a local transport city bus or a cab towards the airport from the city.

Address – Bagalkot-Belagavi Road, Sambra, Karnataka – 591124


Mangaluru – A beautiful port city

Mangalore is a perfect place for tourists who love to explore both culture and nature. Filled with beautiful streams, mountains, and coconut palms, this city is just an exotic destination for every wanderer. This future smart city is full of landmarks and cultural heritage.

Things to do in Mangaluru

The first thing to do in Mangaluru is to visit the Swami Vivekananda 3D planetarium which has an 8K resolution display.

Have a relaxing time at the Ullal beach and NITK beach. You will experience an amazing sunset with a mesmerizing view of the Arabian Sea.

Tourist attractions in Mangaluru

A visit to Mangaladevi temple is worth it because this temple was built in the 9th century.

You can watch the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea and Mangaluru city from the Sultan battery, which is a historical watchtower built by tipu sultan.

Places to shop in Mangaluru

The central market is a local market located in the city centre where you can shop for spices, apparel, clothes and ayurvedic medicines. Badangpet market is another popular shopping destination where you can shop for Jewellery and traditional saree.

Best time to visit Mangaluru

Mangaluru experiences mild winters which make tourists a perfect time to visit. The humidity and sunshine are mild from September to April here.

Modes of transport in Mangaluru

Mangaluru city is well connected to all other cities by air, road, and rail and seaway. Within the city, you can always catch a local bus which runs from every area all over the city. Rickshaws and cab services are readily available throughout the city.

Weather in Mangaluru

As this city is located on the coast, a tropical climate is experienced all year round here. There is humidity during most parts of the year. Rainfall is moderate here. The average temperature here is 33 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature is 15 degree Celsius.

Airport in Mangaluru

Mangalore International Airport serves the city of Mangaluru and is located just 13 km from the city centre. The airport has two runways and one new terminal building which handles about 12 aircraft operations. Travellers can opt to take a cab over local bus service towards the airport from the city. IndiGo operates four daily flights serving Belagavi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai from this airport.

Address – Bajpe Main Road, Kenjar HC, Karnataka – 574142.


FAQs about Manguluru to Belagavi flights

Does IndiGo offer any flight from Mangaluru airport to Belagavi airport? 

Yes, IndiGo offers one daily flight from Mangaluru to Belagavi airport. 

Is there any connecting flight from Mangaluru to Belagavi? 

Yes, IndiGo provides a connecting flight from Mangaluru to Belagavi airport via Bengaluru. 

How can I book a flight from Mangaluru to Belagavi? 

You can book your flight ticket for Mangaluru to Belagavi directly on or through the IndiGo mobile app. 

What are the check-in options available? 

You can check through the options of web check-in, mobile check-in and kiosk check-in. 

Does IndiGo offer any add on services? 

Yes, apart from many flight booking offers, IndiGo also offers 6E add on services where you can pre-book your inflight meal, get ahead in check-in, and select your preferred seat before the journey, among other such additional services. 

Does IndiGo offer any discounts on the flight ticket booking? 

Yes, IndiGo offers various discounts while booking a flight ticket from Mangaluru to Belagavi. You can visit or IndiGo mobile app for more information. 

What are the check-in and cabin baggage limits? 

With IndiGo you can carry 15 kg of check-in baggage and 7 kg of cabin baggage in the flight. 

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