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Book International Flights to France with IndiGo

With partnership with Turkish Airlines, IndiGo offers codeshare flights to France, one of the most romantic countries in the world. You must have seen movies like "Amelie" and "Paris Can Wait" that show the scenic countryside and the city of Paris in a new perspective, making it more exciting to book codeshare flights to France. When you book flights to France and arrive, your feet will have no choice but to head to the breathtaking sights you've seen in movies and travel shows. With IndiGo, and their codeshare partner, Turkish Airlines, you can explore some of the popular French attractions which includes the boulevards of Paris, enthralling Château de Versailles, and Côte d'Azur seaside resorts.

By booking IndiGo flights to France, you can explore every nook and cranny of this beautiful country. France has some of the most beautiful towns and cities in the world, which can be explored by booking India to France codeshare flights. Make sure not to spend too much time in Paris; rather, drive to the countryside, where you can traverse the Valensole Plateau's stunning lavender fields. There are other cities that offer Paris-like ambience like Lyon and Toulouse. While you will be tangled with many attractions across French cities, do not forget to savour some of the country’s lip-smacking food. Among the many are cassoulet, a south French specialty, and champaign, a popular beverage drink from Champaign Provence.

Flights to France from India

Once you book IndiGo codeshare flights to France, there is no denying that you can find some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. From their coastline cities to picturesque villages, that house contemporary monuments and fairy-tale castles, they are surrounded by a very 21st-century atmosphere. Each French region has its own distinctive lifestyle, cuisine, and culture. The only way to delve into this is by booking IndiGo seats on India to France codeshare flights. 

  • Flights to Paris: Being the capital city of France, it is likely you will book IndiGo flights to Paris first. There are all sorts of sights to see here, from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum.

  • Flights to Nice: You can book IndiGo codeshare flights to Nice, one of the best and most beautiful cities on the French Riviera. Here, you can relax and unwind, relish the beautiful coast, and watch the pretty sunsets.

  • Flights to Lyon: France’s best city for its historical and architectural landmarks is Lyon. You can book flights to Lyon to see some of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Flights to Toulouse: Not only is Toulouse home to the largest centre for aerospace in Europe, but it is also famous for its artistic and musical atmosphere. So, book IndiGo codeshare flights to Toulouse, and jive through the music in their bars and cafés.

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Best cities to visit in France

  • Paris: A year-round tourist destination in France is Paris. It has famous attractions such as the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower. Not to mention, Paris has some of the best dining and shopping options, and more museums than you could possibly visit in one trip. Paris is often the busiest of all the cities, with tourists coming from all over the world. So, plan your vacation accordingly and explore this ‘city of lights’. 
  • Bordeaux: This is one of the popular wine centres which attracts travellers from all over the country. Bordeaux offers many options for those who want to enjoy some of the world's finest wines. Besides that, you can admire the Gothic Saint-Michel Cathedral, stroll the Pont de Pierre, take photos at the famous Place de Bourse, and enjoy the paths of Jardin Public.
  • Reims: Reims is the capital of France's Champagne region, and it is a must-visit for wine lovers and history buffs. There are many champagne cellars in the city where visitors can learn how to prepare popular wines before sampling them. Reims boasts of stunning Gothic architecture at sites such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the adjoining Tau Palace, the former residence of the Archbishop of France.
  • Strasbourg: Sitting on the German-French border, Strasbourg has a perfect mix of French and German cultures. Travellers should see the Gothic Strasbourg Cathedral and stroll through the UNESCO-listed sites. You can find half-timbered houses, postcard-worthy waterways, and to get charmed by the city even more, travel to Strasbourg during December to see Europe's oldest Christmas markets.
  • Lyon: What makes Lyon amazing is that it is much quieter and less touristy than other destinations. The streets are flooded with public art, including the city's famous trompe l'oeil murals. Plus, it's surrounded by hundreds of wineries and home to over 4,000 restaurants, some of which are Michelin-starred. Now, this is something worth looking forward to when you visit the historic city of Lyon. 
  • Avignon: One of the world's largest performing arts festivals is celebrated here, called the Avignon Festival. This city has some of the best historical sites like the 14th-century Palace of the Popes, the largest Gothic palace in the world, and the Avignon Pont arch bridge. There are also stunning museums that house works by famous artists such as Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Giverny: It may be a small village in Normandy but it certainly is one of the most scenic. Due to its close distance from Paris, you can easily make a day trip out of it. Art lovers can visit the nearby Giverny Museum of Impressionism, which has an excellent collection of impressionist art. 
  • Nice: Due to the sunny weather and beautiful Mediterranean scenery, it is likely travellers find Nice one of the most attractive cities in France. Here, exploring around Vieille Ville the old town of Nice offers a nice feeling, walking alongside the pebbled streets. There are many places to see in Nice from the Promenade des Anglais to the Castle Hill Park, and interesting looking Cathédrale Orthodoxe Russe Saint-Nicolas. 
  • Toulouse: This city may best be known for their aerospace hub, but it is also quite popular for having a vivacious and enthusiastic atmosphere. Some of the interesting attractions in Toulouse are Basilique Saint-Sernin, Place du Capitole, Museum of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts, and magnificent Chapelle des Carmélites. 

Airports around France

You can book IndiGo codeshare flights to France’s international airports across metro cities. Thus, making it convenient for travellers to book IndiGo flights to France from any part of the world. You can check out detailed airport information in France on IndiGo’s website. 

  • Airport in Paris: Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) is the city’s official international airport and is situated at a distance of 34 km from the Paris city centre. 
  • Airport in Nice: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is the largest airport on the French Riviera. The airport is located around 8 km. Shuttle services and car rentals are easily available from the airport to the city. 
  • Airport in Lyon: Lyon-Saint-Exupéry Airport is about 25 km and has Tram Express to take you from the airport to the city. The tram ride will take you to La Part-Dieu train station in 30 minutes. 
  • Airport in Toulouse: Toulouse-Blagnac Airport is the city’s main international airport. You can find shuttle buses and a tram line that will take you from the airport to the city centre in approximately 30 minutes.

Visa and Immigration

Since France is a member of the European Union (EU), you will need a Schengen visa. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months and that you have enough money to cover the cost of your trip to France. Tourists are allowed a maximum stay of 90 days from the date of entry, which is a short stay. If your stay exceeds 90 days, you will need to apply for a long-term visa. You can also check out the detailed France visa guide.

Requirements for French visa

  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of departure
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Copy of the first and last page of the passport
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Proof of funds to sustain your stay

How to track visa applications?

You can check your French visa application on the official website by filling out your visa application number and travel document number.

FAQs about Flights to France

Are there flights from India to France?

You can travel to France with IndiGo codeshare flights from cities like Delhi, Mumbai to name a few.

How many hours is India to France by flight?

As the distance between India and France is around 6590 km, the only convenient way is by taking a flight. It takes about 9.5 hours to cover the distance between India and France.

What is the best time to visit France?

You can visit from April through June or September and October. The winter season can also be an ideal time to visit certain regions of France.

What visa is needed for Indians to visit France?

Indian nationals need to apply for a French Schengen visa since France is a member of the European Union (EU) and a part of the Schengen Area.

Why should I book flights to France?

France is very popular due to the iconic Eiffel Tower and the famous painting of the Mona Lisa, in the Louvre Museum. But it is also well loved by people because of its gourmet food, wines, and fashion.

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