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Several India to Bulgaria flights are available on the IndiGo website. IndiGo offers connectivity to Bulgaria with reasonable rates and convenient timings. You can dive into the rich history of this Balkan land with flights to IndiGo. Various empires and cultures have influenced Bulgaria in the last few centuries. Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences are still visible in the narrow lanes of Bulgarian cities. The hot mineral water springs, magnificent Cathedrals, luxurious views from the gigantic mountains, and shops make this country a tourist favourite. Different cheap flights from India to Bulgaria on the IndiGo website make it easier for budget travellers. You can make the most of your stay by creating an itinerary of the best places in the country. But tourists often enjoy the spontaneity of this country. Well-connected public transportation helps tourists let their minds wander and explore some never-before-travelled lanes and destinations in Bulgaria.

The Black Sea coastlines make Bulgaria a perfect place to escape everyday life, as it helps you get into a trance-like state with its serene water. The beach water here is so crystle-like and pure that it makes exploring aquatic life and spending time with them easy. Bulgaria has numerous famous resorts and stays. Many options are available for a luxurious or budget vacation. Either way, Bulgarians welcome tourists with open arms. They are a few of the warmest and most welcoming people in Europe. Their happy-go nature makes it easy for anyone coming to this country for the first time. You can book flights to Bulgaria on IndiGo and explore a few of the most important cities in the history of humanity.

Flights to Bulgaria from India

The Republic of Bulgaria is one of the most spectacular countries in southeastern Europe. It is a democratic country with individual rights and freedom. That is quite evident with the way the Bulgarian lifestyle is prevalent in most of its cities. They are culturally expressive, welcoming, and joyful. Book flights to Bulgaria to get a chance to interact with the locals and spend some time in the sage waters of the Black Sea. There are magnificent cities in this country. All of them have something new and unique to offer. IndiGo gives you a chance to arrive straight at the prime locations of Bulgaria and explore it at will. Let’s have a look at the two significant locations Bulgaria offers.

Flights to Sofia

Sofia is the heart of Bulgaria. This capital city holds so much rich history and prime locations that visiting it becomes a no-brainer. You can book flights to Sofia with IndiGo to take some mind off and explore numerous reasons why it’s such an eminent piece of Bulgarian history and culture.

Flights to Varna

Varna is part of the oldest civilisations in Europe. Its ancient history and countless tales make it another prime location in Bulgaria. It is the third-largest, with a few of the most isolated beaches. You can book flights to Varna with IndiGo to explore various golden artefacts of this land. It’s a prime location in Bulgaria for a reason.

Best cities to visit in Bulgaria

  • Plovdiv: Plovdiv is a historical city with a few of the most important archaeological sites. The Maritsa River flows around this place. Seven hills nurture and protect this land from any harm. Several fortresses, amphitheatres, churches, vintage houses, and cobblestone streets make Plovdiv a must-visit for tourists.
  • Sofia: This capital city is aesthetic, grand, well-encompassing, and glorious. Sofia has preserved its priced locations intact apart from transitioning into the new age. This city has over 2000-year-old churches, cathedrals, and municipal buildings. The Vitosha Mountain makes Sofia valuable for nature lovers and trekkers.
  • Shumen: Shumen is the tenth largest city in Bulgaria and one of the hidden gems of this land. It is home to Shumen Fortress, Tombul Mosque, Salla Estate Winery, and many unheard prime locations in the country. Ground-to-earth people in this city and secluded monuments make this a go-to Bulgarian destination.
  • Burgas: Burgas is lively, fiery, and one of the prime cities of Bulgaria. Several scenic places and lakes make this a nautical paradise. You can spend some time at the beach while interacting with others. Theatre performances in Burgas ensure that no one ever gets bored by this gorgeous city. Burgas should definitely be on your itinerary, given its scenic pleasures.
  • Ruse: Ruse is a stunning river port city. It edges over to the right bank of Danuke and houses more than 300 Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo buildings. This quality makes it look like a little Vienna. Ruse is home to a few of the most famous bridges, like the Bulgarian-Roman Bridge.
  • Varna: If you want to enjoy the Black Sea, Varna is the place. Varna is home to Roman baths, ancient cathedrals, and museums. Different bars line the beaches and make Varna one of the most bustling cities in Bulgaria. It is the perfect place to sunbathe, partake in water sports, and adore the beauty of the Black Sea.
  • Pleven: Pleven is the seventh most populous city in Bulgaria. It is also considered the grandest economic centre in northwestern Bulgaria. Hotalich Fortress, Saint George the Victoria Chapel, Pleven Epopee 1877, and Mausoleum make Pleven a must-see. It is truly a hidden gem and yet a must-visit city.
  • Dobrich: Dobrich, the capital of Southern Dobrudzha, provides a great insight into the Greek period and traditions of Bulgaria. Restaurants and shops line around the Old Dobrich Museum. This makes it perfect for shopping lovers. It is a great place to relish the local food and visit isolated lakes.

Airports around Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a few of the most efficient and well-connected airports worldwide. You can book flights to Bulgaria with IndiGo to reach these airports and make the best of your trip. These airports receive flights from all over the world and are equally efficient and equipped to do so. Some of the major international airports that welcome IndiGo flights are listed below.

Sofia International Airport (SOF)

Sofia International Airport (SOF) is Bulgaria's biggest and busiest airport. It is located around 10 km from the city centre and connected by various modes of transport. Shuttles, metros, cabs, and taxis are readily available here. There are 2 Terminals at the airport. You can purchase tickets for public transport from the kiosks available at the airport or the vending machines installed at the T1 Arrivals public areas.

Varna International Airport (VAR)

Varna International Airport (VAR) is the third largest and another important Bulgarian airport. There are two operational Terminals at the airport. Terminal 2 receives passenger airlines regularly. It is almost 8 km from the city centre and is well-connected to the rest of the locations in the city. Taxis, buses, and railways are readily available outside the airport. 

Visa and Immigration

All ordinary Indian passport holders need a visa beforehand to enter Bulgaria. Indian Diplomatic & Official passport holders are the exceptions. Bulgaria admits Schengen visa holders. They can enter and stay for up to 3 months every six months from their first entry in Bulgaria. You can identify the type of Schengen visa you need on the website. 

Requirements for the Schengen visa

  • A valid passport.
  • Passport-size photo.
  • A return ticket showing the departing date. 
  • Proof of hotel bookings.
  • A detailed plan and duration of the visitor's stay. 
  • Travel insurance to cover medical expenses if required. 
  • Proof of enough financial support.
  • A cover letter explaining the reason for visiting Bulgaria.

How to track the visa application?

You can check your Schengen visa application at the official website by filling in your travel document and visa application number. 

FAQs about Flights to Bulgaria

Are there India to Bulgaria flights available on IndiGo?

Yes. There are several options for India to Bulgaria flights with IndiGo.

How do I get from Sofia airport to the city centre?

Metro, buses, and trams are regularly available near the airport. You can also take taxis for a more convenient travel time.

What is the best time to visit Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a temperate climate with cool winters and dry, warm summers. The months between June and August provide an ideal climate for travelling.

Does a Schengen visa work in Bulgaria?

Yes. Indians with a Schengen visa can enter the country for up to 3 months within a 6-month period.

Does IndiGo provide earplugs and cotton on a flight from Kolkata to Bulgaria?

IndiGo currently does not provide earplugs and cotton due to safety reasons. Passengers must carry their own cotton, earplugs, and chewing gums.

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