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A Kolkata to Kochi flight with IndiGo

IndiGo offers the cheapest tickets from Kolkata to Kochi this season! Kochi, which is home to a number of lagoons and natural greenery seems like the best place to visit- with its charm, serene and calm ambience, it acts as the perfect getaway from a hustling bustling city. For a comfortable return journey, book our Kochi to Kolkata flight with IndiGo!

Best deals on Kolkata to Kochi flight tickets

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Kochi – The gem of Kerala

Kochi is also known as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea' and was formerly famous for its array of spices. It has a vast number of beautiful churches to visit and uses a non-traditional way of travelling- boats. The place still has a little bit of an old-world charm that will attract you to it immediately! For those of you looking to book your onward journey tickets from Kolkata to Kochi, find the lowest fares on the website.

Things to do in Kochi:

Kochi is specifically known for its seafood. So some places to sample their cuisine would be The Rice Boat in Taj or Nawras Seafood Restaurant, for an otherworldly dining experience.

Tourist attractions in Kochi:

The Chinese Fishing Nets are one of the most popular attractions of Kochi, located right next to Fort Kochi. The nets are massive, fixed on bamboo and teak poles which are then operated by six fishermen- making it a mesmerizing activity to watch.

Bolgatty Palace was initially built by the Dutch and currently acts as a luxury hotel. Beautiful gardens surrounding the building, and the inside is divided into three sections along with having the amenities of four luxurious rooms which you can book!

Places to shop in Kochi:

MG Road is one of the best places in Kochi for handicrafts, spices and dry fruits. It's a fun, vibrant market that gives you an authentic street shopping experience.

Best time to visit Kochi:

Between October to March, the weather becomes less hot and humid, making it the perfect time to visit the city.

Weather in Kochi:

Kochi has a humid tropical climate which means it does not experience extreme climatic change. The weather tends to remain between 24-32 degree Celsius.

Modes of transport in Kochi:

Kochi thrives on rickshaws as well as autos. The city also offers buses, as well as bikes and bicycles for hire.

Airports in Kochi:

The Cochin International Airport is well connected and located 25 km northeast of the city. There is a bus service leading into the city as well as cab/taxi hire apps that can be used for the same. IndiGo also offers flyers looking to book cheap air tickets for their onward journey from Kochi, like from Kochi to Ahmedabad, Kochi to Kannur, Kochi to Tiruchirappalli and Kochi to Hubli flights.


Kolkata- The city of joy

Kolkata is an old city with a diverse population that celebrates all the big festivals of India with ample pomp and celebration. The city is popularly known for its wild nightlife, delectable cuisine and yellow taxis. Unsurprisingly, IndiGo offers excellent deals on Kolkata to Kochi flights to and from the city, which should make it one of your top vacation destinations.

Things to do in Kolkata:

Kolkata is known for some of the best and most distinguishable cuisines in India. Some places to explore Kolkata street food would be the puchkas in Vivekananda Park or Dacres Lane, which gives you a complete selection of eateries to choose from.

Tourist attractions in Kolkata:

Victoria Memorial Hall, following its name, has various paraphernalia related to the late Queen Victoria. It is made of white marble and has various galleries to explore. Apart from that, the memorial has a beautiful garden outside where you can relax afterwards.

The Science City in Kolkata is one of the largest science centres in the country with entertaining 3D shows as well as various scientific gadgets. There is a Ropeway ride which takes you along the whole place as well as a toy train. It's an excellent place to spend the entire day with your kids.

Places to shop in Kolkata:

New Market or Hogg's Market is one of Kolkata's oldest markets that sells almost everything under the sun. You can hire a guide to take you around this maze of a market, and can buy cheap jewellery, terracotta wares or bags!

Best time to visit Kolkata:

The best months to visit Kolkata are between October and February since it is festival season.

Weather in Kolkata

Kolkata has a tropical wet and dry climate, and the summers experience hot and humid waves as well as dry spells, where the temperature can go up to 40 degree Celsius. The average temperature of the city remains around 24 degree Celsius. Winter tends to last for a mere two months with the temperature going down to 9 degree Celsius.

Modes of transport in Kolkata:

Kolkata's transport system includes auto-rickshaws as well as the yellow taxis that dot the streets. Apart from that, you can use cab/taxi hire apps or even trams.

Airports in Kolkata:

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport is Kolkata's main airport and is 17 km away from the centre of the city. It is well-connected to the city by cabs and air-conditioned buses. IATA Code: CCU

FAQs about Kolkata to Kochi flights

Is there any non-stop flight from Kolkata to Kochi?

Yes, you can find direct flights on the IndiGo website, or on the mobile app,

How many flights fly from Kolkata to Kochi every day?

There are over 35 IndiGo flights from Kolkata to Kochi every day. For more details, please visit the website, 

How much time (approx) does an IndiGo flight take to reach Kochi from Kolkata?

An IndiGo flight takes approximately three hours from Kolkata to Kochi. 

Can I book hotels at Kochi airport?

Yes, you can book hotels at Kochi airport.

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