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Shillong: The Land of Pine Trees

A delightful city surrounded by pine trees, Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya. It gets its name from Lei Shyllong, an idol venerated at the Shillong Peak. Remaining as tall as 1496 metres, Shillong gives relief to the travellers from the heat. This small hill station is known for its pleasant sights and customs. The calming atmosphere makes Shillong reasonable to visit in all seasons. The light showers and the delicate cooling breeze add to the delight of visiting Shillong. This spot is also called the 'Scotland of the East'. One can discover relatives of the Khyrim, Mylliem, Maharam, Mallaisohmat, Bhowal, and Langrim clans. Shillong has gained popularity in the last few years and many travellers visit the city for its charm. One can book Shillong flight tickets with IndiGo from various Indian and international cities and experience the joyful culture and rich heritage of Shillong.

Places to visit in Shillong

There are many beautiful places to visit in Shillong that are peaceful and offer sightseeing spots.

Umiam Lake, Ward's Lake, Shillong viewpoint, Laitkor Peak, Don Bosco Museum, Elephant falls and  Ka Phang Nonglait Park are some of the famous tourist spots in the beautiful hill station.

Popular Domestic flights to Shillong

The picturesque beauty of Shillong attracts many visitors every year to enjoy the pleasant weather and watch the miracles of nature. IndiGo operates flights to Shillong from many Indian cities. Some of the popular routes are listed below:

  • Delhi to Shillong flights - IndiGo operates two flights from Delhi to Shillong. The least time it takes to reach Shillong is 5 hours and 15 minutes. The aerial distance between the cities is 1,494 km. The number of people taking flights to Shillong from Delhi is increasing with the hill station gaining popularity.
  • Kolkata to Shillong flights - IndiGo is currently operating 1 flight from Kolkata to Shillong. The flight route was started in 2019 under the regional connectivity scheme, and many travellers are taking the benefit of the new route. The aerial distance between the cities is 495 km, and it takes around 2 hours to complete the journey.
  • Mumbai to Shillong flights - There is no direct flight from Mumbai to Shillong. The connecting flights can be taken from Delhi, Kolkata or Bengaluru to reach Shillong. The Mumbai-Kolkata-Shillong route takes the least time to reach the hill station. One can also take a connecting flight from Bengaluru or Delhi, but there will be a halt at Kolkata
  • Bengaluru to Shillong flights - There are no direct flights from Bengaluru to Shillong and a connecting flight has to be taken from Kolkata. The aerial distance between the cities is 2,953 km, and it takes 6 hours to cover the distance.
  • Chennai to Shillong flights - There are no direct flights from Chennai and Shillong. The connecting flight can be taken from Kolkata. The aerial distance between the cities is 1,845 km, and it takes approx. 10 hours to reach Shillong.
  • Pune to Shillong flights - There are no direct flights from Pune and Shillong. The connecting flight can be taken from Kolkata. The aerial distance between the cities is 2,014 km and it takes approximately 7 hours to reach Shillong.

List of Shillong flight routes

* Please Note: There are currently no international flights operating to Shillong.

Cheap flights to Shillong

Currently, IndiGo is operating a few flights from major cities to Shillong, and to get the cheap flights to Shillong, one can check the offers rolled out by the airlines from time to time. The website of IndiGo ( keeps on updating, and new offers and discounts are launched every month. During the weekends, the flight tickets are generally costly because many people travel on weekends. To book cheap flight tickets, you can check the mid-week dates. Also, round trip booking costs cheaper than the single-side bookings. There are multiple ways to book a cheaper flight to Shillong and one should keep looking at the offers and other parameters mentioned to get tickets at a low price.

Flight booking to Shillong can be made by visiting the official website of IndiGo and selecting the itinerary dates and selecting the flight of your preference. IndiGo gives freedom to the travellers to select the meals and seats in the flight at a nominal price. You can enjoy the view while travelling by taking the window seat and accompanying that with your favourite meal.

FAQs about Flights to Shillong

Does Shillong Airport (SHL) have special assistance services available? 

Yes, Shillong Airport has services like free trolleys, wheelchairs, childcare room and escort assistance to the aged and physically challenged people. Baggage lost and found services are also available at the airport.

Does IndiGo provide special fares to the senior citizens, armed forces and students? 

Yes, IndiGo is known for its exemplary services and it provides special fares to the senior citizens, armed forces personnel and the students as well. 

What is the official name of the Shillong Airport? 

The Shillong Aiport is known as Umroit Airport. 

How many terminals are there at Shillong Airport? 

There is 1 terminal at the Shillong Airport with six check-in counters and one security point. 

Can I cancel my ticket with IndiGo and use the same ticket in the future? 

No! But, a credit note can be retained with IndiGo and can be used in booking the next ticket with IndiGo. 

Does IndiGo offer wait-listed or standby seats? 

Passengers are only allowed to travel on confirmed seats on all IndiGo flights. 

What if I exceed my free baggage weight allowance? 

Carrying more than the baggage limit comes with the charges. 

If you are carrying more than the allowed baggage limit, then an amount will be charged for every additional kilogram for domestic travel at the time of check-in. If my bag does not arrive at the destination, what do I do? 

Contact the staff members at the destination airport if your baggage has not arrived at the destination. They will not only assist you but also help get your luggage back.

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