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Raipur - Rice bowl of India

A primary business and industrial hub in India, Raipur is fast emerging as a popular tourist spot, attracting visitors from across the world. The rich culture and historical heritage of the city attract people from all walks of life. The capital of Chhattisgarh is known for its tribal artefacts, Kosa silk, temples, lakes and waterfalls. The Swami Vivekananda Airport lies in between Raipur and Naya Raipur. One can book Raipur flight tickets with IndiGo from various Indian and international cities and be part of the rich folklore and culture of what is popularly called the Rice Bowl of India. You can reach Raipur conveniently as there are many direct IndiGo flights to Raipur from popular Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Indore and Mumbai.

Popular Domestic flights to Raipur

Home to luxurious woven silk and artefacts, Raipur attracts tourists all round the year as it has something to offer for everyone. Blessed with scenic splendour, the city has immense cultural and religious significance. Considering this, IndiGo operates multiple Raipur flights from various Indian cities. Some of the popular routes are listed here:

  • Delhi to Raipur: With a flight time of about 90 minutes for a flight from Delhi to Raipur distance of 900 km, a direct IndiGo flight at an attractive price offers the convenience of day travel and return.
  • Kolkata to Raipur: With a direct flight of around 90 minutes for an aerial distance of 700 km, a non-stop flight with IndiGo is a comfortable way for a flight from Kolkata to Raipur. Another option to consider is the flight with a 30-minute stopover in Bengaluru.
  • Chennai to Raipur: Flights from Chennai to Raipur has an air distance of 925 km, the journey time is around 2 hours for a non-stop flight on the route.
  • Mumbai to Raipur: There is a 2-hour-long, non-stop flight by IndiGo that covers an aerial distance of 950 km between Mumbai and Raipur. IndiGo is a good option if you are looking for cheap flights from Mumbai to Raipur. The other option is with a stopover in Hyderabad, which would take 4.5 hours to reach Raipur.
  • Indore to Raipur: The airline offers a non-stop flight from Indore to Raipur that takes a little over 1 hour. The aerial distance is around 620 km with an option of a stopover in Lucknow.
  • Hyderabad to Raipur: A direct flight of 1 hour and 20 minutes is offered by IndiGo on this routé. You have multiple flight timings to choose from Hyderabad to Raipur. You could also take a stopover flight through Chennai with an additional 2 hours. Notably, IndiGo is one of the best airlines operating Hyderabad to Raipur flights. The airline also operates continuous Hyderabad to Raipur flights for a relaxed journey.

List of Raipur flight routes

Popular International flights to Raipur

Raipur is an attractive tourist destination for international travellers who want to study tribal folklore and the rich cultural heritage of the region. IndiGo operates many flights to Raipur from popular international destinations, including Dubai, Amsterdam, London, Bangkok, Brussels and Budapest. Also, there are frequent connecting flights available via New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

  • Dubai to Raipur: Convenient connecting flights are available for this journey that will have one halt between the origin city and destination. The connecting flight will take you to Mumbai from Dubai first and then from Mumbai to Raipur. The total aerial distance covered is 2720 km.
  • London to Raipur: This journey will require you to take a connecting flight with a layover in Mumbai. New Delhi is another option available for the layover, which inclusive of the halt time, will take 14 hours to reach Raipur. A two-stop flight for this 7660-km distance would extend to a 20-hour journey in total, while a three-stop trip will extend to 35 hours, inclusive of the halt time.
  • Dhaka to Raipur: The flight from Dhaka to Raipur is a journey of 4 hours and 50 minutes. It includes a layover of 02 hours and 15 minutes in Kolkata.
  • Singapore to Raipur: The flight from Singapore first lands in Kuala Lumpur. Then, it leaves for Chennai. And, from Chennai, it reaches its final destination, Raipur.
  • Bangkok to Raipur: The flight duration on the Bangkok to Raipur route is more than 6 hours. There are connecting flights available via Kolkata.

Watch out for lowest airfares

IndiGo has multiple offers for travellers to avail while booking their Raipur flight tickets. Visit the official website,, or download the IndiGo mobile app and book your tickets easily. Discounts on IndiGo flights are common, and if you are alert, you could be the first to spot great deals and avail them.

FAQs about Flights to Raipur

What do I do if I have excess baggage?

Other than the allowed baggage limit, INR 400 will be charged for every additional kilogram for domestic travel and INR 525 when flying out of India at the time you check-in.

Would I be able to cancel and use the same ticket in the future?

As that would not be possible, it would be better to get a credit note or credit shell with IndiGo. It can then be used for your next reservation, after the deduction of applicable charges.

How can I cancel my reservation?

Go to the View/Change Bookings option by logging in to the website. You can make changes to your itinerary here as well as update your information.

My bag has not arrived at the destination. What should be done? 

IndiGo staff members should be contacted immediately. They will assist you to find your baggage at the earliest. Also, you can enquire about the same at IndiGo’s helpdesk.

How should I book a ticket if I only use my first name?

Your first name alone should be entered at the time of flight booking to Raipur if your surname is not mentioned on your ID card.

What assistance is there for a disabled person?

The special assistance of wheelchair and safety assistant is on offer for your ease and comfort. Please inform IndiGo of your particular needs like the request for a wheelchair at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure to help the airline make appropriate arrangements.

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