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Pune – Queen of the Deccan

Pune, also known as Poona, is one of the prime cities of Maharashtra. One can explore the Maratha culture here. Initially rules by the Mughals, Pune was later dominated by the Marathas, and the city was also the official Maratha capital from 1714 to 1817. Pune has a very mild temperature. Thus, it is amongst the popular tourist spots. Many IT companies and educational institutes belong here, and the city is a heartthrob for all the younger generations. One can book flights to Pune with IndiGo from various Indian and international cities to explore this beautiful rich culture. Pune is a very well-connected city. IndiGo operates more than 150 flights, including non-stops and with halts from different parts of the country to Pune. Thus, Pune flight tickets are easily available. The IATA code of Pune is PNQ.

Popular Domestic flights to Pune

Pune is located in the Western Ghats and it is a blend of modernization and tradition. It is definitely a heaven on earth, especially during the monsoons. Yet to specify again, the weather here remains moderate and does not reach any sort of an extreme climate. There are a few cities mentioned below which experience the most travel by people. Flight bookings to Pune are made easy with IndiGo. The short description below would help you henceforth.

  • Delhi to Pune: Around 40 Delhi to Pune flights are offered by IndiGo. A non-stop flight takes two hours and fifteen minutes. Whereas, flights with a halt or two connect via Nagpur, Indore and Hyderabad. The total time taken in a one-stop flight with a halt in either of the above-mentioned cities is eight hours. The aerial distance between the two cities is 1173 km.
  • Bengaluru to Pune: There are around 35 Bengaluru to Pune flights. The usual time taken is for one hour and twenty minutes. The aerial distance between the two cities is 734 km. The connecting flights halt either in Chennai or Hyderabad. The halt time extends to five hours approximately. And, the total time taken in a one-stop flight, including the halt time, is seven hours.
  • Nagpur to Pune: Covering a distance of 625 km, there are a few good numbers of cheap flights to Pune starting from Nagpur. The usual time taken by Nagpur to Pune flights is one hour and twenty minutes. Whereas, there is one flight which takes a halt in two cities, namely Indore and Hyderabad, and takes seven hours and thirty minutes, along with the halt time. The flight takes three hours, but the halt time in the two cities range for three to four hours.
  • Chennai to Pune: The aerial distance between Chennai and Pune is 912 km. All non-stop Chennai to Pune flights take one hour and thirty minutes, whereas the connecting flights connect to Pune via Bengaluru and Hyderabad, with a halt of about two to five hours.

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Popular International flights to Pune

Some cheap flights to Pune also connect internationally. As mentioned above, Pune is a hub of the IT sector. Various foreign clients plan their visit to Pune quite often. Also, people like to spend their monsoons and winters in Pune, keeping in mind its weather.                                                                                                                         

  • Dubai to Pune: The aerial distance between Dubai and Pune is 2048 km. There are five connecting flights taking an average of 11 hours to reach the destination, including the layover time. Most of the flights halt in Delhi.
  • London to Pune: Covering a distance of 7304 km between London and Pune, IndiGo offers many flights to reach the destination. There is a flight going via Istanbul and New Delhi, and then reaching Pune. It takes nineteen hours and twenty minutes to reach the final destination. The halt timings in the above mentioned two cities are three hours and twenty-five minutes each, respectively.
  • Qatar to Pune: The aerial distance between New York and Pune is 2420 km. Doha, Qatar connects to Pune in India, with IndiGo through six international flights. All these flights are one or two-stop flights that halt in cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi or Chennai. It takes eight to fourteen hours to reach the destination, with a halt of two to six hours in the above-mentioned cities in India.
  • Singapore to Pune: Covering a distance of 3800 km between Singapore and Pune, there are flights offered by IndiGo to connect the two cities. Seven flights are connecting from Singapore via Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi, to Pune. The time taken to reach the destination is thirteen to seventeen hours. The halt time in different cities above ranges between three to eight hours. There is no direct non-stop flight as such. But yes, these connecting flights are good to go.

Finding the lowest airfares

IndiGo provides a wide range of offers that its travellers can avail while booking their Pune flight tickets. You can visit the website of IndiGo ( or download its mobile app to book your tickets easily. Be sure to be updated, so that you do not miss out on any offers and discounts running on the website.

FAQs about Flights to Pune

Would I be able to cancel my ticket and use the same ticket in the future?

Usually, this doesn't happen, but you can choose to retain a credit note with IndiGo. 

For your next reservation, the remaining amount after the deduction of applicable charges can be used. Can a refund be obtained on an itinerary cancellation? 

Yes, a refund via an online process on an itinerary cancellation can be obtained. A cancellation charge will be deducted and the refund will be made. 

Can we book snacks online? 

Yes, passengers can book their snacks 24-hours prior to the departure time.

My bag has not arrived at the destination, what should be done? 

Contacting the staff members at the destination airport is the best thing to do first and foremost. They assist and would help you get your luggage back. 

How do I book my flight to Pune? 

You can book your flight tickets to Pune on IndiGo’s website,, or mobile app.

 Will I be contacted in advance if my flight is delayed, preponed or cancelled? 

It is important to provide a correct email ID and mobile number while booking your ticket to stay updated. IndiGo surely helps you with the necessary notifications. In case of any doubt, you can also call the customer care service. 

What is the best time to visit Pune? 

The months from October to March are ideal to visit Pune.

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