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Enjoy a memorable flight experience with IndiGo’s cheap flights to Pantnagar

With a mission to make air travel convenient for all, IndiGo offers a range of flights to different destinations. At present, IndiGo has 74 domestic and 24 international destinations on its network and offers over 1500 flights on a daily basis. Owing to this awesome connectivity that IndiGo ensures, passengers are now given a multitude of options. Out of the 74 domestic destinations, Pantnagar is a recent addition to the list of destinations that IndiGo flies to. With the option to book flights to Pantnagar with IndiGo passengers are guaranteed a safe and secured journey.   

Moreover, travelling to Pantnagar with IndiGo also offers passengers some exciting add-ons such as 6E Eats, 6E Prime, and so many more, all of which can be grabbed from the website or IndiGo mobile app. So, keep an eye on IndiGo’s airfare calendar and get Pantnagar flight tickets at the most affordable price.

All about Pantnagar

A renowned university campus, nestled in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand, Pantnagar offers the perfect respite from the humdrum of everyday life. The place is known across the country for providing top agricultural education since it is home to India's first agricultural university, GB Pant University. Pantnagar is also a hub of industries including Dabur, Bajaj, Nestle and many more and thus a great place for different job opportunities. 

Moreover, Pantnagar has also established a network of connections to several parts of Uttarakhand, which effectively contributes to increasing tourism in the area. So, if you wish to escape the chaos of city life and spend leisure time in the laps of nature, then Pantnagar can be a perfect pick for you.

Things to do in Pantnagar

  • Visit GB Pant University: Ranked as the first agriculture university in India, GB Pant University is one of the leading institutions in terms of providing premier education. India’s former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated GB Pant University in 1960. From its start, the university has become one of the top reasons for attracting attention from all over. In its field of agriculture studies, this university, with its many notable alumni, has evolved into one of the leading educational centres.
  • Explore the local markets: For all the shopaholics out there in Pantnagar, shopping is a delight. Different types of restaurants and eateries line the local markets, so foodies can enjoy a delicious treat. So, shop unique artefacts for your loved ones and also indulge in a gastronomical adventure in Pantnagar.
  • Discover Sanjay Van: Another place to visit in Pantnagar is Sanjay Van. It was built in the year 1982 and since then it remains jam packed with tourists who wish to soak in the natural views. Another reason for tourists to visit Sanjay Van is the fresh air and lush surroundings. Apart from being an ideal picnic spot, Sanjay Van is also the place to find remains of the 12th-century fort Rai Pithora. So, when you are in Pantnagar make sure to visit Sanjav Van.

Best time to visit Pantnagar

Pantnagar experiences pleasant weather throughout the year. However, instead of summer, it is advisable to explore Pantnagar during winters to stay away from the summer heat. So, book tickets with IndiGo and discover Pantnagar at its best.

Multiple IndiGo flights to Pantnagar

With a vision to enhance domestic connectivity and offer an array of options to air travellers, IndiGo has launched a handful of new flights to Pantnagar. So, browse through the list and book your tickets accordingly.

  • Dehradun to Pantnagar flights: IndiGo offers flights from Dehradun to Pantnagar on a daily basis. The IndiGo flight departs at 15:20 hr from Dehradun and arrives at Pantnagar at 16:05 hr. On the other hand, from Pantnagar, the flight takes off at 14:10 hr and reaches Dehradun airport at 15:00 hr.
  • Delhi to Pantnagar flights: IndiGo also offers daily flights from the sprawling capital city to Pantnagar and vice versa. The time taken by the IndiGo aircraft to traverse the aerial distance between Delhi to Pantnagar in 1 hr and 5 min and Pantnagar to Delhi in 1 hr and 10 min. Passengers can book round trip tickets from Delhi to Pantnagar flights directly from IndiGo’s mobile app or website.

Benefits of booking IndiGo flights to Pantnagar

  • Proper handling of sports equipment by paying extra: If you are a sports person travelling with IndiGo, then you need not worry about taking care of your sports equipment. IndiGo offers an add-on for protecting the sports equipment against any damage.
  • Travelling in an easy manner with an infant too: Travelling with an infant can become tedious, so to make the work easier for the travellers, IndiGo staff members try their best to offer support to those travelling with infants.
  • Lite Fare: There are times when a traveller just needs a check-in bag. In such a case travellers can book their tickets under the Lite Fare category to save an additional amount.
  • Fast Forward:This Fast Forward add-on enables a passenger to check-in on priority and also lets them collect their bags from the arrival hall without having to stand in the long queue. 

Pantnagar airport information

Pantnagar Airport is one of the leading airports in the Kumaon division of Uttarakhand. Along with Pantnagar, the Pantnagar airport also serves Nainital, Mukteshwar, Ramgarh, Nainital and many other famous places of the state. Also, Pantnagar airport is the second airport in Uttarakhand to which IndiGo offers hassle-free flights. This domestic airport is looked after by the Airport Authority of India.

  • Airport address: Udham Singh Nagar, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand 263145
  • Airport code: PGH

FAQs about flights to Pantnagar

Which Indian cities have IndiGo flights to Pantnagar?

At present, only Dehradun and Delhi have flights to Pantnagar.

Can I book Delhi to Pantnagar flights on a daily basis?

Yes, passengers can book Delhi to Pantnagar flights on any day of the week.

How much time does it take to reach Pantnagar from Dehradun?

It takes 50 minutes for IndiGo flights to reach Pantnagar from Dehradun.

Can I get a student discount when booking tickets to Pantnagar?

Yes, IndiGo offers a student discount to let them travel in a budget-friendly manner.

What is Pantnagar most famous for?

Pantnagar is renowned all over for housing India’s first agriculture university, GB Pant University.

Can I get an equipped seat for a differently-abled person?

For getting a suitable seat for a differently-abled person, you need to provide adequate details during the time of booking or check-in and the IndiGo team will be right there for your assistance.

Can I order food for my kids on IndiGo flights?

Yes, you can choose from the various options available on the kids’ menu and pre-book it so that your kids can enjoy it.

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