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Nashik is widely known as India's wine capital, but the city is also famous as one of the four pilgrimage sites that hosts the famous Kumbh Mela. For this reason, several people book flights to Nashik. The domestic airport is called Nashik Airport (ISK), which is located around 20 km away. If you drive to the airport from the city, it may take you approximately 30 minutes.

You can also be a member of 6E Rewards, which provides you access to facilities like priority check-in and access to the airport lounge. You can choose from a wide range of services and flight offers. When you book a flight to Nashik, you are guaranteed to experience a hassle-free process from start to finish. You can book flights to Nashik from the IndiGo website or through the mobile application.

Nashik is a town picturesque that is tucked away around Mount Sahyadari. The city is known for its agriculture and wineries. It has some of the finest vineyards and the popular SulaFest happens here every February. Nashik is a perfect example of a city embracing its past and working to modernise.

Nashik Flight Schedule

IndiGo has flights to Nashik from major cities across India. All you need to do is visit the IndiGo website or the mobile application and book flights to Nashik.

  • Ahmedabad to Nashik: There is Ahmedabad to Nashik flight which takes around 1 hour and 25 minutes. The aerial distance between Ahmedabad and Nashik is 359 km.
  • Hyderabad to Nashik: You can find flights connecting Hyderabad to Nashik through Ahmedabad. There will be a short layover in Ahmedabad. The duration of the flight is approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Goa to Nashik: There are multiple flights between Goa and Nashik, both direct flights and connecting flights. The distance between these destinations is 524 km. However, the time taken for travel depends on the flight you choose and the corresponding layover.
  • Nagpur to Nashik: You can find Nagpur to Nashik flights on IndiGo. The distance between these cities is 567 km. The time taken for travel by flight is around 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Flight No. Origin Destination Frequency Effective Departure Arrival
6E 7453 Nashik North Goa Daily Mar 15, 2023 11:20 13:10
6E 7454 North Goa Nashik Daily Mar 15, 2023 13:40 15:25
6E 7455 Nashik Ahmedabad Daily Mar 15, 2023 15:45 17:25
6E 7456 Ahmedabad Nashik Daily Mar 15, 2023 17:50 19:15
6E 7457 Nashik Nagpur Daily Mar 15, 2023 19:35 21:25
6E 7458 Nagpur Nashik Daily Mar 15, 2023 09:15 11:00

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About Nashik

According to the Indian epic, Ramayana, the city of Nashik sheltered Lord Rama, his wife, Sita, and brother Lakshman. It is considered sacred as it is one of the four places in India where the famous Khumbu Mela takes place. This city is one of the pilgrimage destinations mentioned in the epic, Maharashtra. Since the city is surrounded by the Sahyadari Western Ghats, the town has a scenic charm. Nashik is also known for its vineyards and agriculture. Known as the "wine capital of India," it is home to some of the finest vineyards.

Things to do in Nashik

  • Sula Vineyards: Sula Vineyards was the valley's first commercial vineyard, covering approximately 160 hectares. The grapes used to make Sula Winery's wines are grown in the Nashik and Dindri districts. This vineyard has a tasting area where visitors can sample house wines. There are also resorts where wine lovers can stay for a day or two and enjoy the scenery.
  • Coin Museum: Coins from different eras have been collected and can be viewed in a comprehensive collection. Asia's only coin museum, it promotes understanding of Indian numismatics. Built in 1980, the museum showcases coins with small descriptions on the sides to help the public learn more about them.
  • Anjanelli Mountains: The Hindu epic Ramayana is associated with the Anjanelli Mountains. Lord Hanuman is believed to have been born on this summit. At the top of the mountain is a revered temple frequented by devotees. This mountain is named after Anjani, mother of Lord Hanuman. It takes a short hike to reach the summit, and the view from the top are breathtaking.
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple: The temple is a marvel of sculpture and architecture. It is made of black stones which give it a unique, dark shade. It is a famous temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was built by Peshwa Balaji Baj Rao and houses 12 Jyotirlingas. A sacred pool or kund, Kusavarta, within the temple grounds is said to be the symbolic source of the River Godavari.
  • Pandavleni Caves: This group of 24 caves dates back to the 2ndcentury B.C. It is an intricately carved cave revealing Hinayana Buddhist architecture. The Pandavreni Cave dates from the 3rd century BC. The caves show Vihara style architecture, except for 18 cave from Chaitya. These caves tell a lot about Buddhist teachings, as evidenced by the inscriptions on the walls.
  • Muktidham Temple: This white-marble temple was built in 1971 using marble from Makrana, Rajasthan. The temple has unique architecture and houses all 12 jyotirlinga that make the temple sacred. The uniqueness of this temple is that its walls are inscribed with verses from the Bhagavad Gita.

Best time to visit Nashik

Winter is the best season to visit Nashik. The temperature is comfortable and suitable for sightseeing. You can book flights to Nashik during the months of October through March. Avoid Nashik between June and September since the city receives moderate rainfall.

Nashik Airport

Nashik Airport (ISK) is a major domestic airport. The airport is about 20 km from the city and takes about 30 minutes by car/taxi. There are several taxis you can take from the city to get to the airport and from the airport to the city. Buses are also available from the bus terminal that will drop you at the airport. To book flights to Nashik, you can visit and explore this stunning city filled with culture, tradition, wine, and nature.

FAQs about Flights to Nashik

Are there any flights to Nashik?

Yes, Nashik has an airport with direct flights from several major cities across India.

What is the aerial distance between Delhi and Nashik?

The aerial distance between Delhi and Nashik is 1,019 kms.

How far is Nashik Airport from the city centre?

The Nashik Airport is about 20 km away and it takes about 30 minutes to drive.

From where can I track the flight status of my Nashik?

You can track your flight status from the official website of IndiGo. You can also download the IndiGo mobile application for more convenience. You can go to the ‘Flight Status’ section and type in your flight information.

How much baggage is allowed on flights to Nashik?

IndiGo passengers flying to Nashik can carry 7 kg of hand baggage and 15 kg of check-in baggage.

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