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Nagpur – The Winter capital of Maharashtra

Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra and the 13th most populated city in all of India. This city is famous for its oranges and is even known as Orange City. Nagpur is also home to a large number of tiger reserves all over the city, and hence called the Tiger Capital of India and the Tiger Gateway of India. The city has its founding roots back in 1703, by the Gonds King BakhtBuland Shah. Nagpur is one of the many famous tourist hotspots for both Indians and international tourists and has tiger reserves, zoos, gardens, lakes, religious monuments, and sites and museums. There are several IndiGo flights to Nagpur available, both domestic and international.

Popular Domestic flights to Nagpur

Nagpur is one of the many beloved vacations and touring destinations for tourists who are interested in knowing more about the history of the place. IndiGo offers numerous flights from all over India to Nagpur for those who would like to visit the City of Oranges. Some of the popular flights to Nagpur are:

  • Mumbai to Nagpur: The Mumbai to Nagpur flight is a non-stop flight that lasts for a little less than two hours. The total aerial distance covered between Mumbai and Nagpur is 691 km.
  • Delhi to Nagpur: The total aerial distance to be covered between Delhi and Nagpur is 851 km. This makes it a comfortable trip with an average time of two hours. Along with non-stop flights to Nagpur, a one-stop Delhi to Nagpur flight via Indore is also available.
  • Kolkata to Nagpur: With an aerial distance of 980 km, the Kolkata to Nagpur flight has a single stop in New Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, depending on the route, where the passenger must change flights to make it to the destination.
  • Pune to Nagpur: With a distance of 652 km between Pune and Nagpur, travellers can choose to fly a non-stop flight to Nagpur. The Pune to Nagpur flight lasts an estimated 1 hour and 15 minutes with options of paid inflight meals.
  • Bangalore to Nagpur: When booking a Bangalore to Nagpur flight, passengers can either opt for a non-stop flight or a one-stop flight change at Mumbai. The aerial distance covered on a Bangalore to Nagpur flight is roughly 880 km. The one-stop flight from Bangalore to Mumbai lasts an hour and 40 minutes, and the flight has an estimated time duration of 1 hour and 35 minutes.

List of Nagpur flight routes

Popular International Flights to Nagpur

Not only Indians but a large number of tourists from international cities adore coming to India and explore its rich history, culture and natural beauty. Owing to its warm hospitality, wildlife, and a plethora of religious monuments and sites, people from all over the world are recognising Nagpur as a new vacation destination. Some of the famous international flight plans to Nagpur by IndiGo are as follows:

  • Dubai to Nagpur: For a Dubai to Nagpur flight, one will have to change flights either at New Delhi or Mumbai; depending on the IndiGo flight plan you choose, once you enter India. From there, you will have to take another flight to your final destination Nagpur. The total aerial distance from Dubai to Nagpur is 2460 km.
  • Abu Dhabi to Nagpur: With a distance of 2621 km, an Abu Dhabi to Nagpur flight can have a stop at Mumbai or New Delhi. The layover at Mumbai can range anywhere from 5 to 14 hours. Thus it is advised to verify the layover time before making a booking.
  • Kuala Lumpur to Nagpur: The aerial distance between Kuala Lumpur and Nagpur is 3159 km. Travellers from Kuala Lumpur can reach Nagpur with a one-stop change in Bangalore. It is a non-stop four-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangalore and then another two-hour flight from Bangalore to Nagpur.
  • Singapore to Nagpur: There is a two-stop flight from Singapore to Nagpur with flight changes at Kolkata and then Ahmedabad. Tourists can also opt for a single stop flight plan with a flight from Singapore to Bangalore or New Delhi and then another flight to Nagpur.

Finding the lowest airfares

Indigo offers various options for cheap flights to Nagpur; one can keep track of these offers by downloading the IndiGo mobile app. Visit the official website,, to manage your flight bookings to Nagpur. Apart from app notifications, one can also subscribe to emailers to know about the latest offers and promotions.

FAQs about Flights to Nagpur

Are inflight meals free?

No. When travelling, the inflight meal is not included in the ticket price. The meals provided are separately charged. 

What details are required to check flight status? 

Details such as departure and arriving cities, date, flight number and PNR number are required for checking the flight status. 

Can a booking made with IndiGo edited? 

Yes. One can retrieve the itinerary on the website with or without the PNR number, make changes and save the modified itinerary. 

Is there a refund on itinerary cancellation with IndiGo? 

Yes, an itinerary cancellation is applicable, and the ticket can be cancelled online with a refund after the payment of a cancellation fee. Cancellation or any such changes must be made two hours before a domestic flight and four hours before an international one. 

What to do if baggage is damaged on arrival? 

If the baggage or luggage is found to be in a damaged or unacceptable condition after the flight, the owner is requested to report to the staff situated in the hall desk at the destination airport for further assistance. 

How many passengers can book a ticket with a ‘Group Fare’? 

With a ‘Group Fare’, over seven passengers travelling together can avail the ticket. 

What if I carry more than the free baggage weight allowance? 

If an individual happens to have baggage that exceeds the free luggage weight, then a baggage fee will be levied upon the extra weight. You can pre-book excess baggage from our website for additional savings. 

Does IndiGo have its own portal for booking Nagpur Flight tickets? 

Yes. One can book tickets on the official website or download the IndiGo mobile app.

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