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Flights to Kurnool - the Gateway of Rayalaseema

Popularly known as the Gateway of Rayalaseema, Kurnool is the 5th most populous city of Andhra Pradesh. It is famous for its several mysterious attractions like medieval forts, eerie unexplored caves, and 40,000-year-old palaeolithic cave paintings. These attractions have begun to throngs of tourists who wish to explore uncharted India.

Passengers can now book cheap flights to Kurnool with IndiGo and truly enjoy an affordable yet pleasurable vacation with their family and friends. IndiGo also has some great deals and offers for passengers who book flights to Kurnool. For solo travellers, Kurnool flight tickets with IndiGo can unlock a whole new perspective of tranquil yet exciting holidays. For couples and families, IndiGo offers a host of in-flight services and budget deals on their Kurnool flight bookings to ensure a hassle-free and pocket-friendly holiday to cherish for years to come. Having served as a long-standing symbol of the power of the South Indian Nawabs, Kurnool is now home to quite a few historical sites and ruins for tourists to explore. The prime examples of this are the Konda Reddy Fort ruins and the Summer Palace of the Banganapalle Nawabs.

The larger district of Kurnool, of which the city is a part, is cascaded by the Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers on either side as well as the state of Telangana on the other side. Most travellers book their Kurnool flight tickets during the peak seasons of October to March to enjoy the pleasant weather and indulge in adventurous treks and cave exploration odysseys. With IndiGo, couples also tend to book their cheap flights to Kurnool to enjoy the romantic monsoon weather during the months of July to September. There is a fairly large selection of Kurnool-bound flights operated by IndiGo that passengers can choose from, depending on their departure location.

Domestic flights to Kurnool

Since Kurnool is a fast-growing tourist destination of South India, large crowds of tourists who take interest in exotic geological formations and ancient Hindu temples have been pouring into this city via IndiGo’s direct cheap flights to Kurnool. As a result, IndiGo now flies three direct flights to Kurnool regularly that make travelling to and from Kurnool a safe and seamless experience for passengers.

  • Bengaluru to Kurnool - The Bengaluru to Kurnool flights operated by IndiGo are all direct flights that take up just 1 hour and 5 minutes of travel time. The total aerial distance between the two destinations is 321 kilometres.
  • Chennai to Kurnool - The Chennai to Kurnool flights by IndiGo are also direct flights consuming just about 1 hour and 20 minutes of travel time. The direct aerial distance between Chennai and Kurnool is 389 kilometres.
  • Visakhapatnam to Kurnool - The Visakhapatnam to Kurnool flights are yet again among the most comfortable direct flights of IndiGo. The total block time or travel time for this route is 1 hour and 55 minutes, and the aerial distance is 589 kilometres.

Places to visit in Kurnool

Although Kurnool has been famous as the seat of power of the Nawabs, its history dates back even further. This ancient city features ruins of forts and temples constructed by the Vijayanagara dynasty, symbolic statues and monuments that mark the visit of contemporary medieval and ancient personalities, as well as phenomenal geological formations that leave tourists spellbound. Some of the more prominent places to visit in Kurnool are the Yaganti Temple that had been constructed by the first Vijayanagara King, the Konda Reddy Fort, the Ahobilam Temple, the Adoni Fort, the Kolanu Bharati Saraswati Temple, among many others. However, for tourists looking for more thrilling places to visit in Kurnool, the Belum Caves, the Ketavam Rock Paintings and the vast expanse of the Nallamal Forest are some interesting picks.

Things to do in Kurnool

Kurnool has some of the most interesting and offbeat things to do among other places of attractions in southern India. One of the most popular things to do in Kurnool is boat rides among the towering naturally forming igneous rocks at the Oravakallu Rock Garden. This same location is the site for the famous Car Festival that is so popular during the months of November to December in Kurnool. Tourists in Kurnool can also enjoy a budget shopping fiesta at the Shroff Bazaar and take home some of the most well-crafted Indian apparel and jewellery as memorable souvenirs of their Kurnool trip.

Check out cheap flights to Kurnool

IndiGo offers affordable and cheap flights to Kurnool that are comfortable and hassle-free at the same time. You can visit the official website of IndiGo and directly book flights to Kurnool from there and have the added advantage of editing your reservation as well. For an even better deal, be sure to check out the 6E Rewards offered by IndiGo for your Kurnool flight tickets and experience a truly budget-friendly yet smooth and relaxing flight to Kurnool.

FAQs about Flights to Kurnool

What is a Kiosk check-in and how does it benefit me?

IndiGo’s Kiosk check-in is a convenient way for passengers to skip the long waiting time at check-in counters and easily select their preferred seats as well as directly print their boarding passes at one go. It is beneficial for passengers who are travelling on a tight schedule.

How can IndiGo’s IVR booking help me?

IndiGo offers passengers the facility to book their flight tickets via IVR, that is, Interactive Voice Response, that enables passengers to book their flight tickets as well as pay using a secure payment gateway with the help of a single call to IndiGo’s call centre. Passengers who do not wish to book online can avail this option.

How does IndiGo assure the security of my child travelling alone?

At the airport, IndiGo personnel is present to guide your child to the aircraft boarding gate, while onboard, the cabin crew is tasked to look after your child and ensure his/her safe journey aboard the flight.

What is the 6E Double Seat and Multi-seat plan?

IndiGo’s 6E Double Seat and Multi-seat plan are provided to passengers who wish to book more than one seat on their PNR number so that they may either carry extra non-conventional hand baggage like a musical instrument with them or simply practice some additional social distance aboard IndiGo’s lean clean flying machines.

Why choose 6E Seat and Eat?

IndiGo’s 6E Seat and Eat plan allows passengers to book their in-flight meals along with their seats simultaneously, for a relaxing flight with a hearty meal.

Is the Ka-ching Credit Card a frequent flier program?

No, the Ka-ching Credit Card is a loyalty program that allows all passengers to accumulate points that can be redeemed as 6E Rewards and 6E Reward Benefits.

Can I book additional baggage slabs in advance?

Yes, you can easily do so when booking the ticket via IndiGo’s official website.

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