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Passengers may now purchase tickets at incredibly low costs and travel to Kanpur with significant savings and benefits thanks to IndiGo's online ticketing system. Traveling to the Manchester of India has never been easier thanks to the fantastic rates offered by IndiGo on direct flights to Kanpur.

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Kanpur, located on the banks of the perennial Ganga, is a significant industrial hub in North India with historical, religious and commercial significance. Kanpur was formerly known as 'Kanpur,' and is said to have been built by monarch Hindu Singh of the old kingdom of Sachendi. Jajmau, on the eastern edges of modern-day Kanpur, is historically recognised as one of Kanpur's most archaic townships.

Uttar Pradesh's largest city and India's ninth largest, Kanpur is a major metropolis. Kanpur has profited from its abundant agricultural hinterland in the Upper Ganga Valley and the Bundelkhand plateau, as well as established transportation linkages and the industrial demand stimulant of World War II. Despite the fact that there is a small amount of irrigated land in this city, the density is high, which is related to the large concentration of industry.

You may save money and have a chance to see this legacy by booking tickets for flights to Kanpur on the IndiGo website (and even to other cities) and adding this lovely sight to your list of travels.

Domestic flights to Kanpur

It is now easier than ever to book direct flights to Kanpur. IndiGo offers low-cost flights to Kanpur from cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad offering travellers the greatest rates and discounts.

  • Bengaluru to Kanpur: The flights from Bangalore to Kanpur being offered by IndiGo are direct flights available at very low costs. There are multiple alternate flight routes available from Bengaluru to Kanpur.
  • Mumbai to Kanpur: Now direct flight from Mumbai to Kanpur are available at very low costs with IndiGo. The time taken to travel from Mumbai to Kanpur is a minimum of two hours

Tourist attractions in Kanpur


  • Allen Forest Zoo: The Kanpur Zoological Park, popularly known as the Allen Forest Zoo, is North India's largest zoo. The botanical garden is open to visitors, who may wander around it or relax by the lake. The aquarium, which is located within the zoo, is another attraction. 
  • ISKCON Temple: The temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, is located on Mainavati Marg, Bithoor Road, about 4 kilometres from Kanpur. August and September are the best months to visit because of Krishna Janmashtami and Radhashtami. 
  • Ganga Barrage: The Ganga Barrage, also known as the Lav Kush Barrage, is an iconic Kanpur feature that spans the beautiful Ganges. The barrage has greater functional utility than cultural significance. 
  • Nana Rao Park: Nana Rao Park, located in the city's commercial centre, is a popular hangout location for Kanpur locals looking to get some fresh air and engage in some outdoor sports. This city's well-kept lawns and vivid flower beds provide for a lovely setting for a romantic stroll. 
  • Blue World Theme Park: Situated on Mandhana-Bithoor Road, the Blue World Theme Park is a wonderful water and amusement park with a variety of rides. There are musical fountains, laser displays, and exhilarating 7D performances to choose from. It also includes a specific room for special occasions like birthday parties and social gatherings.

Best time to visit

Kanpur is best explored between October and March, when winter settles in and the weather is excellent for touring. Summers in Kanpur are hot and humid, with soaring temperatures. Heavy rains are common in Kanpur during the monsoon season, making most tourist destinations unavailable at times.

Kanpur Airport

Domestic flights to and from Kanpur are served by a single domestic terminal with two boarding gates. The terminal has a total capacity of 50 passengers for both arrivals and departures. The airport, which is over 390 square metres in size, has one check-in and one security counter. IndiGo offers nonstop flights from Kanpur to various destinations. 

The three-digit IATA code for the Kanpur Airport is KNU. This can be used while booking your flights and selecting locations on the IndiGo website.

FAQs about Flights to Kanpur

How many flights are available from Mumbai to Kanpur?

IndiGo provides five different flight routes while travelling from Mumbai to Kanpur at varying times. One of these flights is a direct flight of approximately two hours and the others have layovers in Bengaluru.

What are the facilities available at the Kanpur airport?

Kanpur Airport offers the following facilities:

  • Free trolleys
  • Wheelchairs
  • Lost & found baggage counter
  • Medical assistance
  • Free of cost arrangement for baggage of senior citizens

Is there any flight route from Hyderabad to Kanpur via Mumbai?

A six hour and thirty minutes flight is available from Hyderabad to Kanpur, which has a layover of approximately three hours in Mumbai.

Where can I stay in Kanpur?

The following hotels are available in Kanpur:

  • Grand Geet Hotels
  • Hotel Atithi Galaxy
  • Hotel Galaxy
  • Kingston Resort

Can the staff help differently-abled passengers while using the restrooms?

All of our aircrafts include a lavatory with a single panel door and an extra grab bar. Our cabin staff can help you get to and from the lavatory door, but they won't be able to help you inside the restroom.

Is it necessary for me to bring my credit/debit card or a copy with me on the day of my trip?

Yes, travellers must provide their card for verification. If they booked a ticket using someone else's card, they are advised to bring a duplicate of the card with them. In the event that the passenger does not have the original card or a replica, the traveller may carry the card statement indicating the transaction for IndiGo bookings. If the card verification procedure is not completed, passengers may be refused boarding.

What is a code-share flight, and how does it work?

A codeshare flight is one where one carrier markets the flight while the other operates it. They are the outcome of a deal between two airlines to sell seats on each other's flights to provide passengers with a wider range of locations to select from. The flight ticket will be booked on the carrier's flight that you have chosen, but it may be operated by a different airline.

For how long are the 6E Rewards valid?

On a 'first in, first out' basis, 6E Rewards are valid for 24 months from the date of accrual.

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