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Flights to Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a popular city located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The name is actually a combination of two Arabic words “Jabal” that means rock and “pur” meaning city. This name comes from the fact that the city is home to some of the most famous natural wonders such as the Balancing Rocks and Marble Rocks. It is considered the cultural capital of the state and attracts tourists from all over the country. A major attraction is the village of Bhedaghat that is famous for the Dhuandhar Waterfall and Chousat Yogini Temple. Don’t forget to buy some amazing marble works of art at Bhedaghat. Other places you can check out include Madan Mahal Fort, the Lord Shiva Statue at Kachnar, Rani Durgawati Museum and the Dumna Nature Reserve Park.

Jabalpur flight tickets are available at IndiGo for domestic and international locations. The best time to visit the place is between the months of September and March when the weather is pleasant.

Domestic Flights to Jabalpur

Jabalpur is a popular place among art lovers, history buffs and those who want to shop outstanding handcrafted items made of marble. IndiGo operates many flights to Jabalpur from major cities of India. Some of the most popular routes are listed below:

  • Mumbai to Jabalpur – The direct Mumbai to Jabalpur flight will take 1 hour and 40 minutes. You can also avail a connecting flight from Mumbai to Jabalpur with a layover in Delhi for 4 hours and 25 minutes. The aerial distance between the two cities is approximately 861 km.
  • Delhi to Jabalpur – Covering a total flight distance of 667 km, you can take a direct Delhi to Jabalpur flight that will be around 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Hyderabad to Jabalpur – There is no direct flight on this route, so you have to take a connecting Hyderabad to Jabalpur flight. From Hyderabad, you will reach Jabalpur with a halt in Mumbai for about 4 hours and 40 minutes. The total flight distance covered between the two locations is 658 km.
  • Pune to Jabalpur – You will have to take a connecting flight to reach Jabalpur from Pune. This will cover a total aerial distance of 815 km, and you will have to take a break during the layover for 3 hours and 15 minutes in Delhi. This Pune to Jabalpur flight will take around 4 hours including the halt time.
  • Kolkata to Jabalpur – Those who are looking to take a trip to Jabalpur from Kolkata will have to take a connecting flight as no direct flights are available. The journey will be around 7 hours and 40 minutes, including the stopover in Delhi for around 4 hours. You will cover an approximated aerial distance of about 863 km.
  • Chennai to JabalpurA connecting flight from Chennai will take you to your destination with a layover in Delhi of around 5 hours. No direct flights are available on this route. If you are looking for cheap flights to Jabalpur on this route, IndiGo is the perfect option for you.

List of Jabalpur flight routes

International Flights to Jabalpur

Due to its natural beauty and breathtaking works of marble, tourists from all over the world love to visit Jabalpur. Tourists looking for peace amidst nature also prefer this location. IndiGo schedules flights from major international locations to Jabalpur all throughout the year. The commonly frequented routes are given below:

  • London to Jabalpur – As there are no direct flights from London, you will have to board a connecting flight. The journey will take you from London to Istanbul, and then from there to Delhi. In Delhi, you will have to wait for 4 hours and 15 minutes before you reach Jabalpur. The total aerial distance will be 7341.83 km.
  • Paris to Jabalpur – For this journey, you will have to board a connecting flight that will include two layovers in Istanbul and Delhi. The total time taken will be around 20 hours, including the halt time. You will cover an aerial distance of around 7205.03 km.
  • Abu Dhabi to Jabalpur – The connecting flight from Abu Dhabi will take you to Delhi first. After the layover of 2 hours, you will take off to Jabalpur. The total flight distance covered will be 2603.92 km.
  • Amsterdam to Jabalpur – The journey will include two stopovers in Istanbul and Delhi. The complete duration of the flight will be 18 hours, including the halt time.
  • Vienna to Jabalpur – You will have to take a connecting flight for this route as there are no direct flights. This trip will start in Vienna and take you to Istanbul first. From there, you will move on to Delhi, with a halt time of 4 hours and 15 minutes. You will reach your destination in around 21 hours and 30 minutes, covering an aerial distance of 6174.6 km.

Avail amazing discounts on flights

You can get amazing discounts on your flight booking to Jabalpur at IndiGo. For this, you have to be aware of the offers and discounts for the selected routes. To book cheap flights to Jabalpur, you can visit the official website of IndiGo,, or install the mobile app.

FAQs about Flights to Jabalpur

Can I get a direct flight from Hyderabad to Jabalpur?

There is no direct flight to Jabalpur from Hyderabad, but connecting flights are available. You will have to take a halt in Mumbai for about 5 hours before reaching Jabalpur. 

Do I have to inform the IndiGo authorities if I am suffering from a medical condition? 

Yes, if you are suffering from a medical condition, you are required to inform the authorities according to the medical form provided at the official website. This should be done at least 72 hours before the departure for you to get medical assistance. 

What if my free baggage weight allowance is exceeded for an IndiGo flight? 

IndiGo will charge an excess baggage fee during check-in for the extra baggage. You can pre-book excess baggage to make additional savings. 

Can I change my reservation details online? 

Yes! You can change your reservation details at the official website of IndiGo by going to the View/Change booking option. You can make your desired changes to the itinerary and also make additions such as meals and pre-paid excess baggage. 

What is Mobile check-in? 

Mobile check-in is an easy way to check-in with your mobile where you can choose your preferred seat and print your e-boarding pass. You have to register for availing this facility. Make sure to carry a print out of your boarding card after you have completed your mobile check-in. 

What is Web Check-in? 

Web-check in allows passengers to avoid long queues at the airport and travel hassle-free with IndiGo. 

Do I need to fill out any forms if my child is travelling unaccompanied?

Yes, you have to fill out and sign the Unaccompanied Minor form during check-in at departure airport before travelling. This form must have the name and contact details of the guardian or parent (above 18 years of age) who will receive the child at the arrival location.

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