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With IndiGo’s online ticket booking, passengers can now book tickets at extremely low prices and travel to Gwalior by availing great discounts and perks. With IndiGo's online ticket booking, traveling to Madhya Pradesh's tourism hub has never been easier. IndiGo provides amazing deals on direct flights to Gwalior from various places in India.

IndiGo offers extremely low-cost domestic flights to Gwalior. IndiGo provides the lowest cancellation fee and offers a variety of flight offers and discounts. You have the option of pre-booking your meals as well as purchasing reduced extra luggage and seats. Visit to buy the lowest fare tickets to Gwalior, or download the mobile app to receive all the flight booking data, deals, and flight status at your fingertips.

Gwalior's magnificent palaces and elaborate forts reflect the city's rich history. Gwalior, a city overflowing with amazing history and melodious music, is a vital part of India's incredible culture. It is studded with plain and hilly landscapes that, when the monsoon approaches, turn into a beautiful green carpet. Gwalior is most renowned for its majestic hilltop fort, which has been dubbed "the pearl among India's fortresses." The city is a testament to the dynasties that ruled over the centuries. In Hindustani classical sangeet, Gwalior has an unrivalled taste and appeal, and has preserved Indian traditions and the riches of music over the years. One of the oldest and most important Khayal Gharanas is the Gwalior Gharana. Gwalior produced legendary artists such as Tansen and Baiju Bawara, who performed for the royal court of Gwalior.

Tansen Samaroh, which is held to honour the great musician and maestro of classical music Tansen, finest exemplifies the melody of traditional Indian music. The evening is brought to life by the soul-stirring performances.

By purchasing tickets for flights to Gwalior on the IndiGo website (and even to other Indian destinations) and adding this beautiful spot to your record books, you can save money and get the chance to view this legacy.

Domestic flights to Gwalior

Now, booking direct flights to Gwalior is easier than ever before. IndiGo provides flights to Gwalior from various locations like Delhi and Indore at the lowest fares, providing the passengers best deals and offers.

  • Delhi to Gwalior: Now, passengers can book direct flights from Delhi to Gwalior and avail great deals and discounts on their trips. The flights will take a minimum of one hour and ten minutes.
  • Indore to Gwalior: The flight from Indore to Gwalior by IndiGo are direct flights available at very low prices. These usually require over one hour of travel time to reach Gwalior. There are multiple alternate flights available from Indore to Gwalior.

Gwalior city guide

Gwalior, a city overflowing with amazing history and melodious music, is a vital part of India's incredible culture.

Tourist attractions in Gwalior

  • Gujari Mahal: This archaeological landmark, now in ruins, is home to statues and sculptures going back to the second BC.
  • Sun City: Splash, the Sun City, is a water park with an unlimited supply of water attractions and roller coasters. This amusement park will serve as a welcome diversion from historical tours.
  • Gwalior Fort: Nestled on the top of the mountains, the Gwalior Fort is visible from every corner of the city. It is a popular tourist destination and is known as the impenetrable fortress.
  • Jai Vilas Palace Museum: An antique palace with wonderful and unique paintings, furniture, and chandeliers, Jai Vilas Palace Museum reflects the history and architecture of Gwalior.
  • Tansen's Tomb: Tansen, the great musical genius, once wandered these halls. It's a tranquil setting, perfect for diving into the world of music. It's particularly captivating during the Tansen Music Festival in December.

Best time to visit Gwalior

Gwalior is best explored between October and March. Visitors who don't mind a few showers can visit between July and September. If you want to enjoy Indian classical music performances, the four-day Tansen Music Festival (November/December) is a fantastic time to visit Gwalior.

Gwalior Airport

The Gwalior Airport features a single domestic terminal that is 1600 square metres in area. The Gwalior Airport Authority keeps it well maintained and can accommodate a large number of travellers. Every day, a number of flights connect the city with all of the country's major cities.

IndiGo operates daily nonstop flights from Indore and Delhi to Gwalior. It also offers other flights to and from a variety of other locations.

The three-digit IATA code for the Gwalior Airport is GWL. This can be used while booking your flights and selecting the locations on the IndiGo website.

FAQs about Flights to Gwalior

How many flights are available from Delhi to Gwalior?

IndiGo provides two different flight routes for flights from Indore to Gwalior at varying times. One of these flights is a direct flight of one hour and ten minutes and the other one has a layover in Indore for three hours and thirty-five minutes.

What are the facilities available at the Gwalior airport?

Gwalior Airport offers the following facilities: • Free trolleys • Lost and Found Counter • Medical assistance

Is there any flight route from Indore to Gwalior via Delhi?

An eight-hour flight is available from Indore to Gwalior with a layover in Delhi. The layover will be for 5 and a half hours at the Delhi Airport.

What is the 6E Rewards Programme?

The 6E Rewards Program is a rewards programme that is owned, managed, and maintained by IndiGo and is connected to a co-branded card. Members may earn 6E Rewards by using their co-branded card on IndiGo and other retailers and redeeming the 6E Rewards for 6E Rewards Benefits.

How can passengers redeem 6E Rewards?

Any Member can redeem 6E Rewards for 6E Rewards Benefits by signing into his or her Membership Account online. Members must complete the cellphone number and email address verification process before redeeming their points.

What is the IATA Travel Pass application?

The IATA Travel Pass app is a mobile software that allows you to produce a digital replica of your passport right on your phone. You may then safely share your passport information with clinics so that they can validate your digital identification regarding travel fitness. The test result is then compared to requirements, allowing you to show proof that you are fit to fly.

What is the 6E Bagport add-on?

IndiGo is providing luggage delivery services to passengers at select specified airports. Passengers can use CarterX's platform to access these services.

How to opt for wheelchair assistance at the airport?

Wheelchairs are provided for use at all airport locations to help with mobility from check-in to the boarding gate, making connections and getting off the plane to the destination's arrivals hall. This, however, is contingent on wheelchair availability on the flight. To ensure availability, passengers are advised to inform us 48 hours prior to the flight.

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