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Guwahati, formerly known as Pragjyotishpur, is one of the major cities in the Northeastern state of Assam, India. Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, the city is famous for its museums, shrines and temples, particularly the renowned Kamakhya Temple situated atop the Nilachal hills. Guwahati attracts hordes of tourists and pilgrims from within and outside India, who experience the cultural and spiritual aspects of the city throughout the year. The months between October and April are the best time to visit Guwahati since the weather conditions are pleasant and favourable for sightseeing during the time. In case you are planning a vacation to ‘The Gateway of the Northeast India’, make sure you do it in advance. Book Guwahati flight tickets with IndiGo from within and outside the country and enjoy a laid-back holiday with your family and friends.

Domestic Flights to Guwahati

Guwahati is well-connected to other major Indian cities by air. IndiGo operates regular and frequent flights to and from Guwahati for the convenience of passengers. However, some routes are busier than the others. The most popular routes operated by the airline are listed below.

  • Delhi to Guwahati – The aerial distance between Delhi and Guwahati is approximately 1460 km. From Delhi, you can take a direct flight to Guwahati, which takes about two hours and 40 minutes. A connecting one-stop Delhi to Guwahati flight will take you via Kolkata, Agartala, Patna, Varanasi, Lucknow, or Imphal.
  • Bengaluru to Guwahati – This is one of the busiest air routes and IndiGo has as many as 46 flights plying between Bengaluru and Guwahati regularly. A connecting flight on this route will take you to the destination via Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Patna, Lucknow, Agartala, Hyderabad, or Bagdogra. If you are running short on time, you can board a non-stop Bengaluru to Guwahati flight, which takes about three hours. The total air distance between the two cities is approximately 2075 km.
  • Kolkata to Guwahati – This is a short, hour-long journey that covers an air distance of approximately 528 km. However, if you take a connecting Kolkata to Guwahati flight, it will take you a little longer. The connecting flight will first take you to Imphal or Agartala and then leave for Guwahati. The total time taken to complete the journey is about seven hours, including the halt time.
  • Mumbai to Guwahati – There are as many as 36 flights on this route, of which two are direct and the rest are connecting flights. If you take a connecting flight, you will have to halt at Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Patna, Hyderabad, or Varanasi. However, a non-stop Mumbai to Guwahati flight takes around three hours and 15 minutes to cover an approximate total aerial distance of 2094.88 km.

List of Guwahati flights

International Flights to Guwahati

Being a popular travel destination, Guwahati also lures many foreign travellers from neighbouring countries. Many come to visit the place to enjoy the pleasant weather, warm hospitality, and beautiful sights of the northeastern state of India. Here is a look at the popular flights to Guwahati operated by IndiGo.

  • Bangkok to Guwahati – There are no direct flights available on this route. All connecting flights from Bangkok to Guwahati take you with a layover in Kolkata. It takes somewhere between six to 16 hours to complete the journey, inclusive of the halt time. The total aerial distance between Bangkok and Guwahati is approximately 1680 km.
  • Dhaka to Guwahati – For this journey, you will have to board a connecting flight that will have one halt between the origin city and destination. The connecting flight will take you from Dhaka to Kolkata first and then from Kolkata to Guwahati. The total aerial distance covered is 306 km.
  • Kathmandu to Guwahati – This one-stop connecting flight takes off from Kathmandu and lands in Delhi first, and then it leaves for Guwahati. The total air distance from Kathmandu to Guwahati is approximately 640 km, which takes about nine hours and 50 minutes to complete.
  • Singapore to Guwahati – Connecting flights are available on this route. A connecting flight with IndiGo will take you from the origin city to the destination with a layover in Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, or Hyderabad. It takes about 18 hours and 15 minutes to reach Guwahati, including the halt time, to cover a total air distance of approximately 3060 km.

Finding the cheapest flights to Guwahati

When making flight bookings to Guwahati, IndiGo is your best fit. The airline provides all travellers with a plethora of offers and discounts on airfares. To keep an eye out for the cheapest and most exclusive deals on a few selected flight routes, log in to our official website,, or simply download the IndiGo mobile app to browse on your phone. Finding cheap flights to Guwahati is as simple as that!

FAQs about Flights to Guwahati

Do I have to carry the original or a copy of my debit/credit card on the date of travel?

Yes, passengers must carry their debit/credit card at the time of check-in for verification purposes. In the absence of the card, passengers must produce the copy of the debit/credit card, or the card statement reflecting the transaction made for the said reservations. If the verification process is not complete, the airline may deny boarding of the passenger. 

Do Expectant Mothers need to take special permission to fly?

In normal pregnancies, pregnant mothers can travel on IndiGo flights till the end of 36 weeks of their pregnancy, provided there are no prior complications. 

What happens if I am not able to report the damage/loss of my bag?

Any baggage received without complaint at the end of the journey shall be presumed as delivered properly and in good condition. If a passenger leaves the baggage delivery zone without reporting a bag as damaged or missing to our representative, she/he will be considered to have received her/his bag in proper condition. 

What is IVR booking with IndiGo?

IVR booking with IndiGo is a secure transaction platform that allows customers to pay for and book flight tickets through our Call Center. Through IVR, customers can book tickets for up to nine passengers per PNR. The booking can be made up to 2 hours and 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the domestic and international flights, respectively.

Can I avail flight tickets with IndiGo online?

Yes, you can avail affordable flight tickets online using the IndiGo mobile app on your IOS or Android phone. 

How long does it take to reach Guwahati from Kolkata on a flight?

A non-stop flight from Kolkata to Guwahati takes only an hour. 

Are there any direct flights from Singapore to Guwahati?

No, there are no direct flights available on this route. You will have to take a connecting flight from the origin city to the destination. 

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