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Bagdogra Airport Airport Road, Bagdogra Darjeeling District, Siliguri West Bengal 734421

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Bagdogra – A resplendent settlement in the cradle of nature

Bagdogra is a small hill station in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. Its location at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas makes it an art gallery of nature. Unique flora and fauna notwithstanding, the presence of the Teesta River that flows through the city makes it an ideal getaway. Accorded the stature of north-east India's gateway, this quiet place is a sight to watch at all seasons. Full of river rafting enthusiasts all around the year, Bagdogra is an adventure enthusiast's favourite setting. Surrounded by Bhutan, Sikkim and Siliguri, this splendid place provides people with unforgettable experiences. Well-connected by air, one can book Bagdogra flight tickets with IndiGo to this nature's paradise from Indian or international cities.

Popular Domestic flights to Bagdogra

Blessed with uninterrupted greenery and naturalistic bounties, Bagdogra is a perfect honeymoon spot, an adventure lover's opportunity for self-expression in a verdant land, a photographer's muse and so forth. Considering this, IndiGo operates flights to Bagdogra from many Indian cities.

  • Delhi to Bagdogra: IndiGo operates daily flights to Bagdogra from Delhi. Journey time is just over a couple of hours. These are direct flights, no connecting flights needed. In two hours, you are in a slice of paradise! Departure time is late afternoon, and the arrival time is early evening. Given that there is direct return flight, anyone from Delhi can plan numerous weekend getaways because of this convenience!
  • Mumbai to Bagdogra: The airline offers non-stop flights from Mumbai to Bagdogra. Flight travel time is yet again negligible, just over two hours, a bit more than from Delhi. Return flights are direct too. So, there is no need to wait any longer. Get in the mood for an adventurous outing!
  • Bengaluru to Bagdogra: People can take direct flights to Bagdogra from Bengaluru. Operating on all days except Tuesday, the Bengaluru to Bagdogra flight’s travel time is usually two and a half hours.
  • Kolkata to Bagdogra: A direct flight operates daily from the City of Joy to Bagdogra. Travel time is just over an hour. Kolkata to Bagdogra flight has the lowest travel time.
  • Chennai to Bagdogra: Taking about 3 hours of travel time, daily flights ply from Chennai to Bagdogra. Being a non-stop flight from IndiGo, air travel is comfortable.

List of Bagdogra flight routes

Popular International flights to Bagdogra

It's not just people in India who love Bagdogra, but this place is frequented by people of all nationalities too. People from different parts of the world come to this place for a vacation. Given its vibrant scenery, plenty of places to visit and relax and umpteen avenues for adventure, Bagdogra is a frequently visited international travel destination too.

  • Dubai to Bagdogra: IndiGo operates flights from Dubai to Bagdogra. Total travel time varies. It can be as low as 8 hours or as high as 13 hours. A connecting flight has to be taken from Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai or Guwahati. Flights going via Mumbai also connect to Chennai or Guwahati before reaching Bagdogra.
  • London to Bagdogra: From London, IndiGo makes it possible to reach Bagdogra. Travel time is 17 hours. After a one hour layover in Warsaw, the plane changes to New Delhi, and then to Bagdogra.
  • Singapore to Bagdogra: IndiGo operates flights from Singapore to Bagdogra via Kolkata which take around 11 hours and 55 minutes to reach the destination.
  • Abu Dhabi to Bagdogra: IndiGo offers several daily connecting flights between Abu Dhabi and Bagdogra with the layovers in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati. The journey takes a minimum travel time of 11 hours to reach the destination.
  • Dhaka to Bagdogra: The total travel time is over 10 hours. A plane changes after a layover in Kolkata. It is a connecting flight by IndiGo, operating from Dhaka to Bagdogra.

Finding the lowest airfares

IndiGo offers a wide variety of airfares, schedules and destination options, including layover/plane change options for Bagdogra flight tickets. IndiGo's website - has all the information. This is the official website and flight information is available here. Tickets can also be booked on the IndiGo mobile app. It is recommended to keep a close watch on IndiGo flight offers to get the best deals as they arise. Don't miss an opportunity to travel to Bagdogra on cheap flights from anywhere in the world.

FAQs about Flights to Bagdogra

What items are not permitted on an IndiGo flight?

Flammable gases, corrosives, infectious items, perishable items, seafood, flares, paints and thinners are not permitted on an IndiGo flight. Also, the following items are not allowed in the cabin baggage: scissors, sharp objects, aerosols, dry cell batteries, ammunition replicas. 

How can I cancel or modify my reservation?

On the IndiGo website, visit the View/Change Booking option to change flight booking to Bagdogra. The landing page lists features that allow for retrieval and re-printing of itineraries. Special service requests can be made, such as extra meals and allowance for extra baggage.

What are the things to keep in mind regarding my baggage?

Refrain from holding anyone else's baggage or even accepting anything from anyone. Leaving baggage unattended or unobserved can be hazardous. If any non-permitted item has been accidentally included in the package, it has to be declared at the baggage counter.

Are passengers allowed to smoke on-board?

Smoking is strictly prohibited on all IndiGo flights.

Is food available in flight?

At the basic, snacks, tea, coffee and such non-alcoholic beverages are available. One can also pre-book food items and drinks. These are included as part of the overall ticket amount. How about in-flight entertainment? Reading materials like magazines, catalogues and newspapers are available in-flight. Depending on the class of the ticket, in-flight entertainment by way of pre-loaded cinema, shows, games, recorded programs and music is available on the infotainment screen.

Should I pay an insurance fee?

Although not mandatory, flight insurance fee protects against cancellations of the trip, changes to airline schedule, or lost/damaged package.

How do I book my Bagdogra flight?

You can book flight tickets on IndiGo's website or its mobile app.

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