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Sydney is one of the most important cities in Australia, located in the eastern region of the nation, sharing its border with the Tasman Sea. Due to the coastal region and many beaches of Sydney, water sports and other related activities are particularly famous here. Sydney has played a significant role in Australia's colonial history and served as the major port for transportation for the Europeans. Currently, Sydney is said to be the most loved metropolis in Australia. It harbours a beautiful blend of diversity and inclusion of varied languages and traditions followed by the locals there. The harmony among the people and multiculturalism of the capital city of Australia can also be seen in its cuisines and local dishes. Barramundi, potato cake, and lamington cake are some of the delicacies that the travellers and locals enjoy. Want to explore more and learn about this charismatic city? Book flights to Sydney and start your adventure today. 

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Best time to visit: The best season to visit Sydney is summer. This city of Australia is known for its beaches and the fun water activities. 

How to reach?

By air: One of the most comfortable routes to reach Sydney is by taking a flight. Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD) is the main airport. The distance between the Sydney Airport and the city centre is approximately 8 km and can be easily covered by taking any public transportation available within the city.

By train: You can easily reach Sydney from its neighbouring cities with the help of trains. Australia is well-connected with an extensive train network that will help you reach your desired destination. 

By bus: If you prefer to take a road trip, you can opt for a bus journey. It is one of the cheapest modes of transportation available in Australia. 

Getting around/transport in Sydney: Sydney offers multiple transportation options for people to travel easily. This includes buses, metros, and ferries. You can also opt for private cabs and taxis to get to your desired landmark.

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Places to visit

  • Sydney Opera House: Sydney Opera House is said to be one of the most architecturally acclaimed infrastructures of the 20th century. This landmark is primarily used as a multi-venue art performing facility in Australia. Did you know that there were approximately 230 designs submitted for the construction of this landmark? It took approximately four years to complete the structure. But it took almost 14 years to complete this iconic attraction's development. 
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: The Harbour Bridge of Sydney is one of the most famous arch bridges in the world. This bridge was constructed and opened in 1932 for the public, and since then it has been serving the locals and tourists. Presently, over 160,000 cars pass this bridge every day. 
  • Taronga Zoo: The Taronga Zoo is a famous wildlife zoo in Sydney. The historical journey of this zoo is a fascinating story in itself. It is believed that almost 100 years ago, this place was mainly used as an entertainment destination but was later converted to an educational hub, operating behind the walls of the zoo. 
  • The Rocks: The Rocks is a neighbouring town of Sydney. This place is said to be the birthplace of modern-day Sydney. When the Europeans arrived in Australia, they first built their house and established their rule there. The Rocks hold high significance in the legacy of Sydney as the remains of this city are still used to depict the long-lost history of the town and the arrival of the Europeans. Today, you can find various food stalls and shopping markets in this iconic landmark. 
  • Darling Harbour: Darling Harbour is a crucial harbour located in the city centre of Sydney. This place is trendy among families and kids due to the various entertainment and fun-filled activities offered by this destination. This landmark has many attractions, such as a museum, aquarium, zoo, and a kid's playground. 
  • Manly Beach: Manly Beach is another prominent attraction in Sydney. Did you know that the world's first-ever surfing contest was conducted at this beach in 1964? Since then, other than being an ideal place to relax, this beach is famous among water sports lovers for surfing and other similar activities. 
  • Cockatoo Island: Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located at the junction of the Sydney Harbour, Australia. This place is believed to have been a shipbuilding and ship repair facility for almost 134 years. 
  • Royal Botanic Garden: The Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney is another important landmark of the city. This place is home to over 28,000 single plants and over 8,637 species. The stunning visuals and calm atmosphere makes it one of the most loved destinations in Sydney. 
  • Tower Eye: Sydney’s Tower Eye, also known as Centre Point Tower, is the tallest structure in the city. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions due to the stunning views of the city captured from this tower. It is the most crowded during the sunset, so, if you are planning to visit the tower, try to allocate your time accordingly.

Places to eat

  • Chinatown: Chinatown is one of Australia's largest and most famous markets. This place is primarily known for its long queue of shops and stalls of various dishes, serving both local and international cuisines. 
  • Restaurant Hubert: Restaurant Hubert is one of the most loved and visited destinations when craving French delights. In addition to the outstanding menu, it offers live jazz music performances. 
  • Planar Restaurant: Planar Restaurant is a highly recommended place when it comes to fresh and outdoor eating. The cafe's ambience, service, and coffee leave every visitor loving this place. Although this cafe's menu offers a wide range of dishes, it is mainly concluded as contemporary/modern Australian Cuisine. 
  • Bennelong: Bennelong is a premium dining venue in Sydney that has been named after the first Aboriginal man to visit Europe and return. The special Australian delicacies and Australian dishes like poached yabbies, pavlova, and the chocolate crackle will leave you craving for more.

Shopping places

  • Westfield Sydney: Westfield Sydney is a large shopping market located on the Pitt Street Mall. With over 250 stores, it caters to all the needs of the customers. 
  • World Square: World Square Sydney is the largest shopping centre in the city. This place is said to be the number one shopping choice of the locals due to the exclusive variety available within its premises. This shopping centre houses various stores, food courts, and cinema halls. 
  • Bondi Market: Bondi Market is a local market located in the heart of Bondi Beach. This market is famous among tourists for shopping as it offers a variety of clothing options, jewellery, homewares, and artefacts for you to take back. 
  • Paddy’s Market: Paddy’s Market is another local bustling market in Sydney. With the shops and stalls offering fresh fruits and other edible items as well as clothes, jewellery, and more, this is a highly loved place for all those visiting.


  • Sydney Observatory: Sydney Observatory is a museum of astronomy and meteorology. At night, this observatory offers various tours and services such as telescope viewing, meteor showers, and a show describing the old and modern telescopes used by the scientists. 
  • Badu Gili lights at Opera House: The Opera House lights up at night and showcases beautiful and artistic scenes. This light show generally starts around 7 pm, if you wish to witness it. 
  • Luna Park: Luna Park is one of Sydney's most famous amusement parks. You can visit this amusement park to witness the fantastic rides and stunning views of the entire city, lit up at night. The administration also offers various special activities like exploring the amusement park in complete darkness to add to the experience.

Where to stay? 

  • Sydney Boutique Hotel: Sydney Boutique Hotel is a spacious hotel that offers 16 wondrous rooms. The location of the hotel, as well as the luxurious services provided, make this place a highly favourable accommodation for many tourists visiting Sydney. The services offered by the administration include multilingual staff who have expertise in Russian, Italian, and English languages. 
  • Shangri-La Sydney: Shangri-La Sydney is a high-rise and lavish accommodation with a wide range of rooms, suites, and other facilities available for the guests. Although the exquisite services of the hotel attract the users' attention effectively, their staff's hospitality is welcoming and heartwarming. 
  • Dunkirk Hotel: The Dunkirk Hotel, located in the commercial district of Sydney, was built in 1879. Operating for over 150 years, this hotel has truly gained the trust of both locals and visitors. Due to its proximity to Darling Harbour, and various room options availability, it is one of the most preferred options of the tourists. The additional services, like free Wi-Fi, and breakfast offered by the staff, add to the likeability of this place.
  • Ibis Budget Sydney East: The ibis Budget Sydney East is a modern and pleasant hotel. This place offers various rooms of different styles and sizes, as per your preference and comfort, at reasonable prices.

More reasons to visit

  • Kayaking under the bridge: The people of Sydney and Australia are known for their love for water sports. Kayaking is one of them. You can easily rent a kayak and paddle your way through the city, and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 
  • The Art Gallery of NSW: The Art Gallery of New South Wales is the leading art museum in Australia. This attraction showcases a massive collection of Asian, European, and Australian art and holds almost 40 exhibitions every year. Exploring the nation’s most prominent cultural institutions is highly recommended when visiting Sydney. 
  • SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium: The SEA LIFE Aquarium of Sydney gives you the opportunity to dive with the sharks and have the most thrilling experience. The professionals of this aquarium will help you take this dive and you don’t need any prior training. However, you are expected to know a certain level of swimming to take part.


  • Sydney Festivals: The Sydney Festival is Australia's biggest celebration of arts and music. This celebration was first conducted in 1977, and since then, it has been one of the city's major festivals. It lasts for three weeks and takes place in January every year. 
  • Vivid Sydney: Vivid Sydney is an annual event that celebrates creative and artistic ideas with dance and music. This outdoor celebration includes performances by locals and international artists, along with several debates and forums where prominent speakers and leaders narrate their ideas. 
  • Book Fair Australia: Book Fair Australia is the biggest literary celebration of the nation. All the book-lovers, whether locals or tourists, eagerly wait for this festival to explore the world of literature.

Visa and immigration

To visit this vast and diverse country located in the southern hemisphere, Indians require an Australia visa. You can apply for various Australian visas from India, such as tourist visa (subclass 600), which allows leisure and family visits, while students can pursue their education with the student visa (subclass 500). To apply for an Australian visa, you need to create an account on the ImmiAccount, and apply for a new visa application for Australia. 

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