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Ooty Travel guide: What makes Ooty a must-visit destination for travellers

The beauty of Ooty is like a song that never leaves your head. Rightfully earning the moniker, ‘Queen of the Hills’, Ooty offers irresistible charm and timeless beauty making it one of the must-visit destinations in India. It is an ideal destination for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can book your flights to Tamil Nadu and head to the stunning Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu to Ooty.

Ooty enchants visitors with its picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, and temperate climate. From leisurely strolls through fragrant tea estates to adrenaline-pumping adventures like trekking and boating in its pristine lakes, Ooty offers a plethora of experiences to suit every traveller's taste. But that's not all that makes Ooty one of the popular places to visit in India, there’s more. Let's find out below.

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Reasons to visit Ooty

  1. Scenic beauty: Ooty boasts stunning natural landscapes with lush greenery, rolling hills, and pristine lakes. Its picturesque vistas, dotted with tea plantations, makes Ooty a paradise for nature lovers.
  2. Pleasant climate: The cool temperatures of Ooty, especially during the summer months, provide respite from the scorching heat of the plains. Thus, making it a great escape from the scorching heat. 
  3. Cultural heritage: Travellers can explore historic landmarks, colonial-era buildings, and traditional villages to learn about the region's fascinating history and heritage. 
  4. Outdoor activities: From trekking and hiking to boating and horse riding, there are so many outdoor activities in Ooty for adventure enthusiasts. The scenic trails, lakes, and hills provide ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.
  5. Tea tourism: Ooty is renowned for its tea plantations, which produce some of the finest varieties of tea in India. Visitors can tour tea estates, learn about the tea-making process, and sample freshly brewed Nilgiri tea while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.
  6. Culinary delights: Love south Indian cuisine? Come and savour some of the local delicacies like Ooty Varkey, homemade chocolates, and aromatic South Indian dishes at quaint cafes and restaurants.

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Places to visit in Ooty

  • Botanical Gardens: Ooty is surrounded by nature and the Botanical Garden has a diverse collection of plants and flowers. Some of it also includes a rare and exotic variety of plant species. 
  • Doddabetta Peak: This is the highest peak in the Nilgiri Hills. Doddabetta Peak is located approximately 30 minutes from the town. Once you get here, the view from the peak is stunning.
  • Emerald Lake: After almost an hour drive from Ooty, you can visit the Emerald Lake. As the name suggests, the lake is emerald in colour from the reflection of the mountains. It is a popular attraction near Ooty ideal for couple and family outings.
  • St. Stephen’s Church: One of the oldest churches in India, dating back to 1830, St. Stephen’s Church oozes Gothic-style architecture with striking stained glass window works. It appears to resemble a miniature fort from afar.
  • Centenary Rose Park: Also known as the Rose Garden, this well-maintained garden is home to a variety of roses. Visitors can explore colourful flower beds, relax amidst fragrant blooms, and admire the beauty of these exquisite flowers.
  • Ooty Tribal Research Center: This centre showcases the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the indigenous tribes of the Nilgiris. Visitors can learn about tribal art, handicrafts, and customs through exhibits and demonstrations.

Popular things to do in Ooty

  • Go for boating at Ooty Lake: This artificial lake is a scenic spot for boating and picnicking. Visitors can enjoy paddle boating, rowing, or simply strolling along the lakeside promenade, which offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and lush greenery.
  • Visit the Tea Estates and savour delicious tea: Ooty is famous for its tea plantations, and a visit to one of the tea estates and factories is a must-do experience. Learn about the tea-making process, stroll through the verdant tea gardens, and sample freshly brewed Nilgiri tea.
  • Ride the Toy Train in Ooty: A ride on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a memorable experience. The toy train journey takes passengers through picturesque landscapes, lush forests, and scenic viewpoints, offering a unique perspective of the Nilgiri Hills.

Popular food to eat in Ooty

  • Ooty Varkey: It is a specialty biscuit originating from Ooty. The Ooty Varkey is a crispy and crunchy snack made from wheat flour, sugar, and ghee perfect for munching on while exploring the hill station.
  • Homemade chocolates: Famous for its delectable homemade chocolates, they are crafted with care using high-quality cocoa beans and locally sourced ingredients. There is a variety of flavours, including plain, nut-filled, and fruit-filled chocolates, available at numerous chocolate shops and outlets.
  • Tea: Of course, the tea. You cannot leave Ooty without sampling its famous Nilgiri tea. Produced in the region's lush tea estates, Nilgiri tea is known for its delicate flavour and aroma. 
  • South Indian cuisine: Ooty is renowned for its authentic South Indian cuisine, featuring dishes like dosas, idlis, vadas, and sambar. Come and savour these traditional delicacies at local eateries, roadside stalls, and restaurants. 

Best time to visit Ooty?

The best time to visit Ooty is during the months of April to June and September to November. These months remain pleasant for outdoor activities. The months between April to June are considered the peak tourist season in Ooty. The days are pleasantly warm, while the nights are cool and refreshing.

September to November is another excellent time to visit Ooty, as the monsoon rains have subsided, and the landscape is lush and green. This period is perfect for enjoying leisurely walks amidst the verdant surroundings, as well as experiencing the region's blooming flora and fauna.

Note: Avoid visiting Ooty during the monsoon season, which typically lasts from July to August, as heavy rainfall can lead to landslides and road closures, making travel difficult and sightseeing challenging.

How to reach Ooty?

  • By train: Taking the train is one of the best ways to get to Ooty. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a unique and picturesque way to reach Ooty from Mettupalayam. The toy train journey takes about five hours and passes through lush forests, tea plantations, and steep valleys, offering breathtaking views along the way.
  • By air: The closest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore International Airport, located approximately 88 kilometres away. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Ooty. Another option is to fly to Bangalore or Chennai and then travel to Ooty by road or train.
  • By road: Ooty is well-connected by bus services from nearby cities and towns like Coimbatore, Mysore, and Bangalore. State-run and private buses operate regular services. You can also take a taxi or hire a cab for a convenient journey. 


So, what do you all think? Has Ooty really lifted your travel bug to visit this enchanting hill town in Tamil Nadu? If it did, book your flights to Tamil Nadu, and head to Ooty to explore its picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, verdant tea estates, and serene lakes - Ooty offers something for every traveller. 

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