Posted 17 November 2022

Why Coonoor in Tamil Nadu is paradise waiting to be explored

Coonoor, a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu, is popular as a honeymoon destination and is also a good place for friends and families to spend a relaxing time. Coonoor is surrounded by lush greenery all throughout, which keeps the temperature of the region low and provides an amazing ambience for tourists to enjoy.

Many of the ayurvedic plants are obtained from this region, and the famous Nilgiri Hills and Catherine Falls are situated in this region. One of the first things to consider before exploring the beautiful city of Coonoor is how to get there. Most of the people travel to Coonoor from Coimbatore, which is a famous city very close to this locality.

Many of the touring companies provide detailed trips to Coonoor, covering all the tourist attractions at a low price. Coonoor is also quite popular among bird watchers as many of the birds migrate to this hill station during the wintertime to escape the cold weather, and this brings in many photographers as well. Coonoor is also regarded as the 2nd highest hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Tourist attractions in Coonoor

1. Sims Park

For people who want to explore the beautiful city of Coonoor and its greenery, Sims Park is the right place. The park has many trees which are more than 100 years old and depict many historic events in the form of carvings. The park is also an ideal place for kids to play and for families to enjoy a picnic. The park has a mini-golf course that has been designed for kids under the age of 12. It is situated in the middle of Coonoor city.

2. Droog Fort

This iconic tourist heritage is situated about 17 km from the city of Coonoor. The fort was built in the 17th century by the ruler of South India, Tipu Sultan. It is kept in very good condition and is a popular tourist spot. The watch post of the fort has a giant clock, and once you get on the watchtower, you can get a serene view of the whole city of Coonoor.

3. Dolphins Nose View Point

This is a good sunset point that is situated on a cliff of a large rock. It gives a direct view of the Catherine Falls, and many people come here for photography and also to see the sunset. There are many small shops on the way to the viewpoint where people can buy souvenirs and other products at an affordable price. The viewpoint is closed off during the monsoon season as the route to the top is quite slippery and dangerous.

4. Lamb’s Rock

For people who want to see the whole city of Coimbatore and the Nilgiri Hills from one point, Lamb’s Rock is the place to be. There is trekking activity in this region wherein professional trekkers come from many places and work their way up to the top. There are many small plants on the way to the top which makes the journey much more enjoyable as well.

5. Law’s Fall

For people who want to relax underwater, Law’s Fall is the perfect place. The waterfall is situated within the Mettupalayam Ghat region. This is named after a famous military person—Colonel Law. The waterfall is situated at a distance of 7 km from the city of Coonoor.

6. Wellington Golf Course

This is a 69-acre land that has 18-hole explorations for gold lovers. The price for one day is ₹1,500 for a 7-hole game. There is an inside restaurant that serves all good cuisine and has a game centre as well. If you want to explore the beautiful city of Coonoor, you should visit this place on your final day as it provides a spa and a hot room as well. This will help the tourists relax before travelling back to their homes.

7. St. Georges Church

This is also known as Garrison Church, and was built during the early 19th century in British architecture. The church has a mass which is attended by people from many places, and the church also provides a free lunch on Sunday, which is quite delicious and free as well. It has a white marble floor, which makes the temperature of the church quite low. On National Martyrs' Day, a special service is held and is celebrated with fireworks as well.

8. Ketti Valley

The true beauty of Coonoor can be witnessed at Ketti Valley, which is also the largest gorge in the world. There are many tea plantations in this region that you can explore and taste different kinds of tea as well. There is a toy train that encircles the Ketti Valley and takes almost 30 minutes to cover the entire region. The view during the winter season is quite good as the fog settles over the plantation and gives a good feeling for tourists. The air in this region is quite fresh as there are many tall trees encircling the plantation.

Travel tips for Coonoor

  • Tourists who want to explore Coonoor should always carry enough cash as there are limited ATM machines inthis hill station.
  • Tourists can also take their own private vehicles to explore the beautiful city of Coonoor as there is cell coverage; they won’t get lost and can follow GPS or seek help from the local people in finding their way. The local people of Coonoor are quite helpful as well.
  • There is no load shedding in this area, and if there are any maintenance activities, then prior notice is given to the residents, which also helps the tourists plan their journey.
  • There are afew lounges in the city of Coonoor that are open till late at You can get autos or taxis at any time of the day from the city.
  • If you are visiting Coonoor during the winter season, then it is advised to carry your winter gear as it would be too cold atthe hill Alternatively, many of the clothing stores at the hill station provide winter wear on rent as well at cheap prices.
  • Many of the day to day items can be bought from the local departmental stores and one need not travel long for the same.
  • Since this is a famous tourist spot, there is 24*7 police patrolling which makes it safe to roam at night time as well.
  • Tourists should create their itinerary beforehand as there are many things to see in Coonoor. On the other hand, they also hire a local guide to get them from one spot to another to save time and energy.
  • Coonoor is overbooked during the winter holidays, and hence, it is advised to pre-book your hotel or resort room so that you don’t face last-minute surge pricing.

How to reach Coonoor?

If you want to explore the beautiful city of Coonoor, then you must first know how to get there. For people who want to travel by air, Coimbatore International Airport is quite near to this city. Tourists can easily get plenty of government buses or private and shared taxis from Coimbatore Airport to Coonoor.

Flight guides for Coimbatore from major cities are listed below:

  • Flights from Mumbai to Coimbatore Airport take around 2 hours and 20 minutes by IndiGo.
  • Flights from Delhi to Coimbatore Airport take approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes by IndiGo.

For those who want to travel by train, Coonoor has its own railway station, and many trains are available from South India, which halt at this station. The railway station is situated very close to the city, making it easy for tourists.

Accommodation in Coonoor

To truly explore the beautiful city of Coonoor, one must have a good place to stay so as to make the trip much more enjoyable.

  • The Misty MeadowsFor people who love flowers and greenery, this is the perfect place in Coonoor. The whole resort is surrounded by a forest area, and the resort has maintained a good flower The resort is situated in Yedapalli and is quite close to Coonoor. The resort offers many services, like hiring a car to explore the beautiful city of Coonoor, a mini-golf course, a free buffet breakfast, and free Wi-Fi. The price range for this resort is from ₹2,800 to ₹5,600 for a deluxe room.
  • Great Windows ResortThe resort is situated in between the tea plantations, which provides a good ambience. The resort has luxury rooms as well as normal rooms. The facilities offered by the resort are free breakfast, a fitness centre, and a spa room. Pets are also allowed in this resort. The price range of rooms in the Great Windows Resort starts from ₹2,500 and goes all the way up to ₹7,000.
  • Sun Valley HomestayFor people who like to stay in a small home with all the luxurious amenities, Sun Valley Homestay is the right place. The resort has a swimming pool, a game centre, and a dance floor as well, which can be accessed during the night time. One can also enjoy the local cuisine, which is prepared exclusively by the chef for the guests. The price range of rooms in Sun Valley Resort starts from ₹1,800 up to ₹4,800.

Best time to visit Coonoor

The best time to visit this region would be in the winter season, from November to March. The temperature is quite bearable during this time, making it easy for tourists to explore the city. During summer, the temperature is high, and many might find it hard to trek and visit various places. There are a few waterfalls as well, which originate in the monsoon season. However, the tourism activities are low during this time period.

It is also known that fog settles during the winter season, providing a serene view of the whole city of Coonoor from most of the resort rooms.

Climate of Coonoor

Coonoor, being situated on top of the hill, doesn’t experience much humidity even during the summer season. The maximum temperature during this time is 32°C while in the winter season, the temperature goes as low as 10°C. The city of Coonoor receives moderate rainfall; hence, travelling during this period is hard as there are chances of landslides, which could cause delays for tourists. Coonoor never sees water-logging issues as the drainage system in this region is very well built.


Coonoor is a very good place, which can be equally enjoyed with friends and family, and a 4-day trip is more than enough to explore all the natural wonders of this city. The city of Coonoor is very hospitable to tourists and is open on all days of the year. A trip to South India is incomplete without visiting Coonoor, as this will help you relax and be refreshed for all the other ventures here.

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