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The best hill stations to visit in Tamil Nadu 

Tamil Nadu is a significant state lying in the southern region of the country. An abundance of cultural diversity, scrumptious cuisine, and wonderful sights can be found here. Its heterogeneous landscape with mesmerising hills, glorious sea-side, and lush plains is a sight to behold. Tamil Nadu is also a historically relevant state. It has a rich history engraved in the form of temples like the Brihadisvara. 

If you are looking for a serene getaway from your strenuous schedule, then Tamil Nadu’s hill stations are the perfect places for you to rejuvenate.


Called the “Queen of the Hills,” Ooty is nestled among the Nilgiris. It is a magnificent hill station with vast waterfalls, surrounded by splendid tea gardens, picturesque lanes, and colonial architecture. Also known as Udagamandalam, it is considered among the top places for a romantic getaway. 

Places to visit in Ooty

  • Avalanche Lake: Located at a mere distance of 28 km from Ooty, this lake has a quiet and restful atmosphere. You can rent fishing equipment from a hatchery nearby to fish for Trout. You can also arrange for a picnic or explore the surrounding flora and fauna. Hiking and trekking are among the popular activities undertaken here. 
  • Ooty Lake: An artificially built lake for recreational purposes, it is a must-visit place. You can fish in the lake or rent a boat and observe the breathtaking scenery. You can also cycle by the side of the lake or shop from the local vendors who sell handmade goods. 
  • Kalhatty Waterfall: Located in the Ooty-Mysore intersection is the stupendous waterfall that is said to be the home of Saint Agastya. It is a 2-mile trek from the Kalahatti village. It is a favourite among birdwatchers and photographers. 
  • Doddabetta Peak: It is the highest peak in Ooty, located amidst the Western and Eastern Ghats. The view from the top is astounding, and it is a great place to spend time among the flora and fauna of Ooty. There are two telescopes on the peak to provide a better view. 
  • Mukurthi National Park: A mesmerising national park spanning a large area, you can observe the various animals and birds found here. There are several lakes and streams that are a good place to rest in. It is also a favourite spot for trekking.
  • Ooty Toy Train: This charming toy train runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty. It makes for a great experience with its beautiful view of the green gardens and the landscapes of the Nilgiri Hills. 

There are several other places in Ooty like Pykara Waterfalls, St. Stephens Church, and Toda Houses that make for a wonderful visit.

How to reach?

  • By air: The nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport. You can take IndiGo flights that connect this airport from major metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. 
  • By rail: The nearest railway station to Ooty is the Metupalaiyam Railway Station. 
  • By road: You can book tickets for state buses from Mysuru, Bengaluru, and Chennai. If you want to travel via car, the city is well-connected with highways, and roads that pass through various reserves and sanctuaries. 


  • The climate in Ooty is usually cool throughout the year because of its high altitude. The temperature in winters range from 5°C to 23°C. The winters are from November to January. The summer months from March to May have a pleasant temperature, ranging from 12°C to 30°C. The monsoon months from July to September receive incessant rainfall. 

Best time to travel

  • The best time to travel is from October to February. The weather is suitable for daytime activities but it gets chilly at night. You can also choose to travel from March to June. The days are warmer, and nights are cool.

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Situated only a short distance from Ooty, Coonoor is also known as the tea estate of Tamil Nadu. It has a subtle charm, with deep valleys, houses from colonial times, and an appealing view. It is comparatively more quiet and peaceful, with lesser tourists. It is also home to the indigenous Toda tribes. 

Places to visit in Coonoor

  • Droog Fort: Built by Tipu Sultan as an outpost to guard his region, you can visit some of the historical remains. You can trek from Nonsuch Tea Estate to the watch tower.
  • Dolphin’s Nose View Point: It is built on a giant protruding rock that is surrounded by wondrous ravines, hills, valleys, and canyons. It is a famous tourist spot for watching sunrises and sunsets. 
  • Law’s Falls: This waterfall attracts many visitors for a luxurious picnic among the Coonoor Forest. The waterfall is formed out of the Coonoor River. 
  • Wellington Golf Course: It is a fancy spot to spend your afternoon. Dating back to the colonial era, this spot retains its reputation and amenities. You can find restaurants, tennis courts, golf courses, and a cricket pavilion to spend your time. 
  • Ketti Valley: It is a must-visit for all photographers, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. It is the second-largest gorge in the world. While here, enjoy the marvellous view, and witness the agricultural farming of the indigenous tribes of Todas and Badagas. There are several waterfalls nearby too. 
  • Highfield Tea Estate: A Coonoor tour is incomplete without visiting a tea estate. Get a guided tour of this 50-year-old tea estate to learn about the process of making tea, tea extraction, and more. Taste some of the samples and you can even buy flavoured tea packets from the souvenir shop. 

Other exciting places to visit are Lady Canning’s Seat and Katary Falls, among others. Shop for local handicrafts and savour the deserts found there.

How to reach? 

  • By air: The nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport. Multiple IndiGo flights arrive here from metropolitan cities across India. 
  • By rail: Mettupalayam and Coimbatore Junction are the nearest railway stations. 
  • By road: You can avail state buses from Ooty, Coimbatore, and other cities in Tamil Nadu. If you want to travel by car, then take the National 67 Highway that leads to Coonoor. 


  • Coonoor has a tropical climate. The average temperature is 24°C. The minimum temperature can drop to 15°C. The summers are rainy, while winters are cooler. 

Best time to travel

  • The best time to travel is from October to March. The days are cool. Summer months are also a good time to visit, but rains and thunderstorms can disrupt your plans.

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An unexplored hill station nestled among the Nilgiris, Yelagiri is at an elevation of 3,645 feet. It is a striking place with misty mountains, beautiful fruit orchards, rustic villages, and winding valleys. It is a quaint and serene place, with numerous activities to execute. It seems like a place straight out of a Ruskin Bond book.

Places to visit in Yelagiri

  • Punganoor Lake Park: This area is popular among the locals for taking a boat ride or a leisurely stroll. You can stay in several hotels in this area because of its central location. 
  • Jalagamparai Waterfall: The Attaru River cascades into a beautiful waterfall. It is a reward to see the hills and the river flow into the magnificent waterfall. 
  • Jalagandeeswarar Temple: Located inside the Vellore Fort, this temple has been a place of worship and awe for centuries. The intricately carved sculptures and architecture display the talent of the local craftsmen. It is considered a sacred place among the locals, along with being a visual delight for tourists. 
  • Yelagiri Adventure Camp: It allows visitors to add a twist of adventure during their stay in Yelagiri. You can opt for activities like paragliding, trekking, archery, bungee jumping, and parallel zip lines. There are also entertainment and music nights, campfires, and stargazing opportunities. 
  • Fundera Park: This park houses over 300 species of exotic birds. You can observe them up close, feed them, and the staff assists you in petting them too. There are other animals like kittens, guinea pigs, and goats that you can pet and spend time with. Fundera Park offers pony rides, 7D cinema, and a fish spa for some more entertainment. 

Yelagiri has no shortage of places to tour. Some other places you must visit are the SRL Rose Garden and Waterfalls, and Yelagiri Forest Hill. 

How to reach?

  • By air: The nearest airport is Bangalore Airport. You can book IndiGo tickets for seamless travel from your city. 
  • By rail: Jolarpettai is the nearest railway station to Yelagiri. It is connected to all railway stations of Tamil Nadu, including Chennai.
  • By road: There are several state and private buses available that are directly connected to Chennai and Bengaluru. You can also opt for a fun road trip by car. 


  • The highest temperature in Yelagiri can go up to 34°C in May. The lowest temperature can drop to 15°C during the winter. The winter months from October to February are cool, and the hill station comes alive during this time. Yelagiri has a mainly tropical climate, with occasional rainfall. The summer months from May to June are relatively hot but the cold breeze makes for good weather. The monsoon months from July to September experience continuous rain and thunderstorms. 

Best time to travel

  • Summer months are the best time to travel as the weather is amicable and pleasant. The state government also organises several festivals to celebrate the local culture and traditions. The winters are also a suitable time to visit. However, it is not recommended to travel during the monsoon. 


Yercaud is amongst the unexplored destinations in Tamil Nadu. Located on the Eastern Ghats, it is a paradise with its fruit orchids, spice and coffee plantations, dull grey skies, and oakwood and sandalwood forests. This hill station is worth a visit for all nature lovers. 

Places to visit in Yercaud

  • 32-km Loop Road - The road begins at Yercaud Lake and winds into an excellent pathway for a drive through the gorgeous plantations. The loop road is a great way to experience the traditional culture in Tamil Nadu, heritage, and livelihood of the locals. You will pass through various villages like Semmantham and Nagalur. Stop at these places to explore and interact with the natives. 
  • Pagoda Point: Due to its idyllic vantage point, this tourist destination makes for a heavenly experience. The view of the mist-covered hills and the sound of chirping birds, along with the cool breeze, makes for an enchanting experience. 
  • Silk Farm and Rose Garden: A captivating trip to the silk farm can teach you how silk is made with silkworms and is harvested. The Rose Garden has flowers of different colours and grandeur. Enjoy a fascinating day here with experts. 
  • Bears Cave: It is a mesmerising relic of the past. This cave was said to be the secret hideout and escape route of Tipu Sultan. 
  • Teak Forest: This forest is a reminiscence of a time when people lived without modern equipment and technology. It boasts of resplendent flora, and endangered species of animals like ant-eater, bison and paradise flycatchers. 

Other places to visit in Yercaud include Kiliyur Waterfalls, Montfort School, and Tipperary Viewpoint. 

How to reach?

  • By air: The nearest airport is Salem Airport or Tiruchirapalli Airport
  • By rail: The nearest railway station is the Salem Railway Station which is connected to nearby local cities like Chennai and Mysore. 
  • By road: Yercaud is only a short trip from Salem town. You can also visit Yercaud from Coimbatore and Chennai via state buses or car. 


  • The highest temperatures can reach up to 28°C during April. The lowest temperature can drop to 17°C in January. The summers are hot and humid, while the weather cools down during the winters. 
Best time to travel
  • The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to June. The weather is calm and serene. It gets a little colder during January. You can also visit during the summer months, but they tend to be humid. 

Travel tips to visit hill stations in Tamil Nadu: 

  • Book your accommodation at least in advance since the rooms get booked quickly. 
  • Check the weather and pack your clothes accordingly. 
  • Avoid visiting the hill stations during the monsoon season. You might be unable to visit many places because of the constant rains. 
  • Hire a local guide to visit all the unknown native attractions. 


We hope this guide helps you plan your trip to the top hill stations in Tamil Nadu. So, what are you waiting for? Book your IndiGo flight ticket to any of these hill stations and have a memory of a lifetime.

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