Posted 17 November 2022

How to plan the perfect trip to Ooty, the queen of hill stations

Tourist destinations in India are endless, and most of them have their own list of admirers who like to visit these places multiple times. When it comes to the most alluring places in India, Ooty is one of them. It comes in the top 10 list of must-go in India for many new and re-visiting travellers. Ooty was predominantly the hub of movie shoots for almost all the films in the early 90s and 2000s, and the city has still not lost its charm even a bit.

A lot can be explored in Ooty as it has a huge list of places to be visited, which have something for every type of traveller. A person can walk among the unique plants and vegetation of the beautiful greenery of Ooty. There is a train in the hill valley itself, called the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which gives a person the feeling of being in an actual movie because the train takes us through the most mesmerising views of the valley. There are the most amazing lakes to go to, giving that sense of peace and calmness to the tourists.

A guide to planning a tour to Ooty

Some of the most peaceful temples and churches are there for the people who look for serenity in their lives as well.

1. Nilgiri Mountain Railways

A train ride through a picturesque background itself is a treat, but the Nilgiri Mountains Railways shows the true beauty that lies in the natural environment of Ooty.

  • The train passes throughmany beautiful places in Ooty where one can witness wildlife, vegetation, and beautiful rock formations, all in an 80-minute ride.
  • The journey is about 46 km long,and all the tunnels, bridges, and scenic routes are covered by the train.
  • This train has been used in many of the earlier movies and is a centrepiece for many of the songs that tried to show India's beauty.
  • This railway line has been recognised by the World Heritage Centreof UNESCO and was made available to the general public even before the country’s independence.
  • A journey through the Nilgiri Mountains Railwayis not dependent on the season; it is an all year round tour that can be enjoyed at any time.

2. Avalanche Lake

This beauty of Ooty has garnered a lot of attention lately because of its scenic beauty, which stays the same throughout the whole year. It is the favourite camping site for all the campers.

  • It is located somewhat far from the city's centre, which makes it a later place to be visited in the itinerary.
  • It is a must-go lake for all nature explorers as the view from the lakeside is something that no one has ever experienced in their lives.
  • Apart from this luscious beauty, this lake has unique flowers and vegetation like rhododendrons, magnolias,and different orchids, which are not found in many spots in the country.
  • The most reasonable time to visit the lake is during a hotter season so as to view the beauty of the lake without any natural fog, but for winter lovers, it is advised to wait for the comparatively foggy season to visit the lake.

3. St. Stephens Church

This 19th century architectural wonder is a crown to Ooty’s amazing history. This was built by the British people in celebration of the birthday of King George the IV.

  • The church is a place of worship for not just Christians but also for people from all religions.
  • Many tourists who visit here want to experience the beautiful depiction of "The last supper" which is still preserved in this church and has not changed even a bit to date.
  • Travelling to the church can be done easily through the local travel routes as it is pretty close to the city’s centre.

4. Ketty Valley

This mesmerising place is often referred to as the Switzerland of South India and gives a view of a foreign country that we have watched in movies growing up.

  • Located at a vertically accessible location, this valley directly views the Coimbatore plains and the Mysore Valleys.
  • There are only a few houses built inthe mountain valley. All the people are friendly, and easy accommodation is also available in its surroundings.
  • The view itself here is so mesmerising that it is very difficult for aperson to leave without taking hundreds of photos when a tourist comes here.
  • It is advisable to visit the valley in winterto experience it in its full glory and not miss the chance of getting an experience of a lifetime.

5. Rose Garden and Botanical Garden

Ooty does not only have all man made beauty but many amazing species of flora and fauna are found in Ooty that attract all nature lovers.

  • The Rose Garden is known to have the highest varietyof roses in the country. Many of these species have been imported from different countries such as Australia and Switzerland.
  • Rose Garden is spread overabout 10 acres of land, making it the biggest rose garden in the country, and many unique types of roses like ramblers, hybrid tea roses and miniature roses are available here.
  • The Botanical Garden is a similar tourist attraction that has almost 200+ types of flora and fauna preserved in its 22 acres wide area.
  • The amazing part about this place is because of its positioning. It isalready situated on the Doddabetta peak, which gives that surreal view to the eyes, and at the same time has so many colourful trees and plants that wherever a person turns his/her eyes, there is natural beauty all around.
  • If a traveller is coming from the southwestern side of India viaa flight, then he/she can see the Botanical Garden from there while the plane comes down near the landing site.

6. Pykara Falls

Only a few places are left in the world where human intervention has not been possible to make changes to the natural condition of the area, and Pykara Falls is one of them. The waterfall is still a high-pressure stream of water that flows down on its own terms and is not stopped by any natural or man made dams.

  • Visiting Ooty is incomplete without visiting this falls, the view from the sidelines is so surreal that a person gets lost in the view of its flowing water and takes a minute to breathe and take the feeling in.
  • The waterfall is full of rocky beds and is situated between the forest line, which has so many natural noises that people forget about their devices and anything else; they close their eyes and feel the water flowing through their ears.

7. Toy Train

Almost every kid from the 90s has heard about the toy train, and many have had the fortune of visiting it at least once. This is another tourist spot that has been recognised as a world heritage centre by UNESCO.

  • Many of the movies have been shot around the toy train because of its picturesque locations,and the train itself is so colourful that it brings out the joy in anyone’s eyes.
  • The train route is spread between Coonoor to Mettupalayamand back, which makes it one of the most scenic train routes in South India.

8. Ooty Lake

The lakes have always been a highlight of Ooty tourism. This specific lake is famous for the many boat rides that are offered here, and any tourist coming to Ooty has to experience it at least once in its full glory.

  • This lake isspread around about 65 acres of land and has been a centre of attraction for the city of Ooty.
  • It is a family-friendly place with larger boats that can bring a whole family together for a ride with some amazing views.
  • The area surrounding the lake is so naturally enhanced by the trees and flowers that the visitors get a bang for their buck from this boat ride.

9. Thunder Park

The unique spots in Ooty never cease to surprise. Thunder Park is one of those places. The technology used to depict the mechanical creatures gives chills to the younger tourists and makes a fun stop for the adults.

  • The park has a lot of mechanical dinosaurs that have their ownvoices and movements which give travellers a realistic feel.
  • Many kids, who come with their guardians, love this part of the city the most as they get to experience something that is not available in their own hometown.
  • It is a visual delight to the young children and a fun place for the adults after completing the whole journey through the adventurous places of the city.

10. Pykara Lake

If someone is a peaceful traveller who just wants to enjoy some time away from the city's noises and hassles and wants to stay at a peaceful place for some time with a breathtaking view, then he/she should come to Pykara Lake.

  • The lake is covered with deep forests,which bring natural peace and are often preferred by travellers as a place to relax at the end of the whole trip.
  • There is a well-maintained guest house and restaurant at the boathouse itself where tourists can spend some quality time with their family and friends and cherish those memories throughout their lifetime.

11.Sanctuary Avalanche

This sanctuary is in the Nilgiri Mountain Range and is camping heaven for trek lovers.

  • The water in between the valleysis so clear that the lake surface is also visible from the top.
  • It has much unique flora and fauna to offer such as the rhododendrons, shoal trees and many species of orchids, which turns this spot into a must-visit for nature lovers.

Tips to plan a tour to Ooty

  • The government of India imposed some rules and regulations recently on almost all the tourist sites in the country, so it is better to go through them before visiting Ooty to avoid any last-minute surprises.
  • Many people forget to carry suitable trekking gear,thinking that the place will be easily accessible on foot which should not be done, and to enjoy the beautiful mountains of Ooty, it is always advised to carry a fully-fledged trekking kit.
  • To make sure that the trip is not postponed and the scheduleis on time for the whole trip, it is advised to book the flight tickets from IndiGo’s online portal well in advance and also get special discounts on early booking of the tickets.
  • Travel to Ooty by Air: Travelling to Ooty was a tedious task earlier due to its low connectivity, but now IndiGo provides direct flights to Coimbatore Airport from almost all of the country's major cities. Ooty is just a few hours away from Coimbatore Airport. One can have a picturesque 2.5-hour drive from the airport to reach Ooty.
  • Best time to visit Ooty: The preferable time to come to Ooty is between October and February so that visitors can make the most of their trips. During these months, all the spots in Ooty are at their peak in terms of scenic beauty, and it gives a sense of serenity.


It is a fact that Ooty is the most lusciously scenic place to be visited in India, and the ease of access nowadays has added a benefit to the trip to this place. People can choose from the places mentioned above to plan their trip to Ooty or can use them as a checklist for a longer tour with their loved ones. Overall, the city of Ooty is not a very expensive tourist spot, and that can also be beneficial for people who have a limited budget for their trip.

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