Picture perfect bonds: IndiGo's #nofilter crafts a close-knit photography community with National Geographic

National, February 02, 2024: IndiGo, India's preferred airline, recently collaborated with National Geographic India to bring forth #nofilter by IndiGo, an inspiring platform that seamlessly blends the realms of travel and photography. The culmination of this initiative witnessed a staggering success, leaving an unforgettable mark on the nation's creative landscape.

In a country bursting with photographic talent, the response to #nofilter was nothing short of extraordinary. Over 90,000 impassioned photographers, hailing from diverse backgrounds and corners of the country, participated in this unique community-building venture. This surge of creativity set the stage for an exciting reality TV showdown, where the lens met reality in a four-episode showcase. This platform helped passionate photographers across the category to showcase their talent.

Amidst the sea of talent, 27-year-old Harsh Kharwar emerged as the winner, capturing the hearts of judges Imtiaz Ali and the renowned photographer Raghu Rai. The impact, however, extended beyond the competition, resonating with a wider audience through its reach on National Geographic and Hotstar.

Unveiling the Impact:

  • The reality TV show gathered over 600K views on National Geographic and Hotstar.
  • The campaign reached an impressive 11.8 million people on Meta, showcasing its widespread influence.
  • Meta impressions soared to 37 million, with a noteworthy click-through rate of 0.18%.
  • YouTube witnessed the visual spectacle, with an impressive view rate of 21.14%.

Being part of the #nofilter community isn't just about winning a competition; it's a gateway to becoming the next photography luminary. IndiGo's commitment to fostering talent and providing opportunities for aspiring photographers is evident in the success of #nofilter.

Neetan Chopra, Chief Digital, and Information Officer of IndiGo, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled with the success of #nofilter by IndiGo. This remarkable initiative has not only celebrated the unbridled beauty of India, seen through the unique lenses of talented photographers hailing from every nook and cranny of our vibrant nation, but it has also been an exhilarating journey. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all those who participated and supported this extraordinary campaign. It goes beyond simply showcasing India's diversity and opulence; it has harnessed the captivating power of photography to inspire, educate, and forge connections across the tapestry of life. Our hope is that this incredible voyage will continue to shine a spotlight on India, a land of unparalleled depth and allure, beckoning both domestic and international travellers to explore its wonders.”

Gaurav Banerjee, Head - Content, Disney+ Hotstar & HSM Entertainment Network, Disney Star, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, saying, "National Geographic has always held a very distinctive and revered position in photography, inspiring audiences with iconic imagery since 1888. Through #nofilter, IndiGo and National Geographic have not only captured the breathtaking beauty of India but have also harnessed the transformative power of photography to create a visual narrative that transcends boundaries. The 9 finalists have brought forth stories that resonate with the heart of India. This journey, chronicled across the National Geographic platforms, is a celebration of the unfiltered essence of our culture, landscapes, wildlife, and people. As we close this chapter, we congratulate all participants for contributing to this extraordinary journey, inviting the world to witness India's boundless allure through the unfiltered lens of passion and creativity.”  

Imtiaz Ali, the renowned filmmaker, shared his thoughts saying, “As a filmmaker, I share a deep passion for the camera, and I believe that photography is a powerful means of storytelling. I'm thrilled to witness these talented photographers come together and compete with unfiltered creativity. Serving as a judge alongside the prolific Raghu Rai, we shoulder the responsibility of handpicking the most exceptional shots. My gratitude goes out to National Geographic and IndiGo for providing a platform that not only celebrates the art of photography but also fosters the growth of emerging talent.”

IndiGo's #nofilter initiative broke records in terms of participation while also casting a spotlight on the countless stories captured by photographers from every corner of India. The campaign's far-reaching influence in the photography community and beyond speaks volumes about its success.

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