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Why Antalya in Turkey is the perfect honeymoon destination

When we think of a romantic getaway, destinations like the Maldives or the Bahamas come to mind immediately. But what if I tell you that Turkey has one of the most romantic cities just off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Welcome to Antalya, a resort city filled with luxury hotels, a yacht-filled harbour, colourful houses, and sandy beaches. It is not a secret that Antalya is one of those places on every traveller’s radar, it has a feel-good atmosphere.

There are plenty of things to do in Antalya. You can dose up on sightseeing places, amongst which the old town here is not to be missed. The labyrinthine neighbourhoods, and cafés along the pebble streets, are charming and ideal for photo sessions.

While the city may be a great base to stay in, there are plenty of day-trip places from Antalya that are scattered around. So, if you are planning an escape to Turkey’s romantic city of Antalya, here is how you can spend your time.

Head towards the old quarter at Kaleiçi

Nothing can defeat a casual stroll along the charming street of Antalya. A walk with an unending conversation may remind you of the movie, Before Sunset. (Except, it’s not Paris)

In the heart of the city is a beautifully restored quarter which is known as Kaleiçi. Chances are, you may uncover every historical landmark within this ancient neighbourhood.

Check out Hidirlik Tower which was built in the 2nd century CE. Hadrian's Gate which is a triple-arched structure is another attractive site to marvel at, and while here, don’t forget to take photographs for your gram.

Unwind at the many cafés around Antalya

While exploring Kaleiçi, you can chill at one of the popular cafés, Luna Garden. Their outdoor space has a romantic sitting arrangement with patio tables amidst lots of greenery.

Castle Café Bar, next to Hidirlik Tower, probably has one of the best views of the sea. I mean, what’s more fun than savouring Mediterranean cuisine while admiring the Mediterranean Sea, right?

For a rather intimate dinner, head to Du Bastion and experience fine dining. It has a jazzy vibe and a stone wall with wooden beams on the ceiling. The architecture almost makes it feel like you are inside a cave.

Spend a quiet time at the Karaalioglu Park

Away from the cacophony lies a quiet place where you will find peace. Visit Karaalioglu Park, a beautiful park amidst the city, that is ideal for picnics or simply watching the day go by.

Deniz Kenari Kafe is one of the best places to eat in Antalya and experience alfresco dining. The park also has a few sites from where you get a sweeping view of the coast and Aktur Park. One of the must-do things here is riding the Ferris wheel.

Relax at the beach and get a suntan

If you head towards the west, you will come across Konyaalti Beach. It is at least 3 km long, providing enough space to lay down your beach mat and get a good tan.

Along the beach, there are some of the country’s finest hotels with massive balconies overlooking the seafront.

To the east end of the beach, are tons of bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and cafés. Antalya Aquarium is another place to visit, located between Konyaalti Beach and Beach Park.

Savour delicious Turkish delicacies

Coming to a new country and not trying out its local cuisine feels like you have not experienced much at all. If you have done your homework, you must be familiar with Turkish delight and baklava right? But there is so much more than that. Once you open your soul to the food culture of Turkey, chances are you will never want to stop.

Turkey has a myriad of foods and drinks. It is a different food scene out on the street with many vendors selling delicious dishes. Try out the pilav (rice) or doner kebabs, it is a go-to lunch, as suggested by most of the locals.

Getting around Antalya

If you are visiting Antalya, you must be wondering how to get around the city. Well, that’s simple; you walk.

There is also public transportation that is economical and convenient. Trams wind around the major areas of the city centre, where you can hop in and off. But, if you want to travel a little further, buses are the best option.

You can also get a rental car to save time and have a rather fun experience exploring the city.

Best time to visit Antalya

To experience Turkey at its best, you need to visit during the most favourable season which is springtime. The months from March to May have a comfortable temperature between 16 to 25 degrees Celsius. Thus, making it the best time to visit Antalya. Since Antalya is a coastal city, the temperature may fluctuate when the sun is at its peak, during noon.

Short-trips from Antalya

Wait! You cannot come to Antalya and not explore nearby attractions, can you? To help you paint a picture, here are a few places to visit near Antalya that may take your breath away.

Duden Waterfalls

A stunning waterfall that cascades down the Mediterranean Sea. This scenic fall is inside a park, ideal to wander and enjoy nature. Grab your partner's hand and climb over the stones at the Cave of Wishes. From here you get an uninterrupted view of the waterfall.

To reach the Duden Waterfalls, you can take a bus from MarkAntalya.


To see crumbling ruins along with nature, you need to travel to Olympos. What is so fascinating about this place is the burning flame of Chimera. On a short hike from Olympos, you get to witness the country’s beautiful landscape, eventually arriving at the Chimera.

To reach Olympos, you can take a bus from Antalya Otogar.


By the end of the day, it all boils down to what you want to see or what you want to do in Antalya. Some romantic hotels cater luxury staycations for couples. If you crave an adventure, Antalya has no shortage of those as well.

Beyond the highly-rated romantic destinations in the world, you will not be disappointed by choosing Antalya as your getaway.

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