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10 reasons why Phuket is the perfect holiday destination

If you are looking for a place to spend your next vacation, how about a destination with sunny skies, delicious food, and a serene beach that is sure to make way to your camera lens? Phuket can be a new addition to your vacation list.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination with its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning beaches. And, one of the places you must visit in Thailand is Phuket. It is an island covered with picturesque views and lush greenery. It is where Chinese and Portuguese cultures merge to create a unique atmosphere. 

There are many beautiful beaches in Phuket, which offer some of the best sunset views. Phuket is known for its white sands and beautiful temples. Travelling alone, with friends, or family, Phuket offers the best you would want to see.

Things to do

1. Enjoy water sports

If you're seeking to go to beaches or lovely islands, Phuket is an area blessed with both. Most of these provide water sports activities like sailing, snorkelling, and diving. You can spend a lovely time and swim on the island of your choice. 

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2. Big Buddha

This 45 metre-high statue is one of the beautiful landmarks in Phuket. You can see it from many parts of the island. The temple can be visited free of charge. It houses an exhibition portraying the beautiful and historical stories of Lord Buddha. 

3. Laem Ka Beach

What would a trip to Phuket be if you don't get to see a beautiful beach? Incomplete, to say the least. And, Laem Ka Beach is one place you must visit. A beautiful beach, it is not crowded, making it a perfect getaway to enjoy some quiet time. Here, you can get a great view of some islands off the coast, swim, or just enjoy the atmosphere at the beach. 

4. Freedom Beach

An uncrowded area, Freedom beach gives a lovely seaside experience. You don't get a lot of tourists at this place, making it a favourite among those who want some quiet and peace.

5. Naka Weekend Market

One of the biggest weekend markets in Phuket, it takes place every Saturday and Sunday, a little outside of Phuket Town. It opens at about 4 p.m. and most of them close between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. This is a huge market with a lot to offer if you love to shop. You can also taste different dishes from the local cuisine here. Overall, visiting this market is a wholesome experience.

6. Phuket Old Town

The colourful houses in the old part of Phuket are unique in Thailand. This is a popular area to visit on a city tour. You can stroll around the streets and visit some of the beautiful Chinese temples, or Sirikit Park.

7. Phuket- Trick Eye Museum

If you want to see something great, then you can visit this museum in Phuket. An attractive museum with 3D images, it is one of the biggest in the city. You can click some amazing pictures here. 

8. Enjoy the Nightlife 

The nightlife in Phuket is amazing. International tourists travel to Phuket to enjoy the frenzy of nightlife where many music events are held, especially during the end of the year. With the best surround sound, one can let their hair down and party till wee hours. 

9. Kathu Waterfall

There are many waterfalls in Phuket - Kathu, Tonsai, and Bang Pae. However, Kathu waterfall is one of the most famous in Phuket. It consists of three levels; the first level is easy to reach and provides a great freshwater pool.

10. Wat Chalong

It's a famous temple in Phuket. It's a great place for day trips around Phuket, which has beautiful monuments. The temple is dedicated to the monks who lived during the times of King Rama V. 

Travelling Tips 

  • There are many attractions in Phuket, but most visitors only see the beach and nightlife. Take a tour of Phuket and experience beautiful scenery, markets, temples, and more. 
  • Travellers need to dress appropriately in temples. Cover the shoulders and legs till the knee. You have to remove your shoes and hat before entering the temples.
  • You are not allowed to buy alcohol on Buddha days. Buddha days are religious holidays in Thailand.
  • Tipping is not necessary but is appreciated.
  • Most of the market vendors will bargain if you are polite to them. It's not always possible in shopping malls and stores.
  • You have to drive on the left-hand side as in the UK, India, and Australia. 
  • You can get metered taxis here. Motorbike taxi drivers wear bright-coloured vests. 


The sea can be rough in the low season, especially in June to August, due to dangerous riptides. The currents can be strong in certain months. Avoid the months from December to March. 


Phuket is considered a great place for holidays. One can easily spend quality time with their loved ones. You can see many exciting places in Phuket. 

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